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Food labels

Making a healthier choice





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 PURPOSE:why do we have food labels 

the purpose of a food label is to help people read what there eating if they are trying to lose weight can read what there eating.the seconed purpose of a  food label is  to make a healthier choice in your meal 




old food label

 (the old label to much small writing)

(they don't have mg to show they only have grams)

(it has sorter writing)

   new food label

   ( it shows  added sugar)

  (bolder type serving size so people can see it better)

  (actual amout declared so no more percent just in mg)

  (calories are larger soi people can see it better)

  (updated adily values so today this centeury)




 these are the benifits of reading a food label. the benifits of reading  a food label is if you are hungary but you don't want  to turn fat you look at a food label for the fat,iron,protine.those are the benifits of reading a food label.the seconed reason is because if you are trying to buy a healthy cereal and you pick up fruit loops and thinck its made of real fruits you always check the food label.


 Benifits of reading a food label



Serving sizes- a serving sizes is when your eating your food and its how much is in it

calories-something you need to have energy

sugar-sugar is somthing that makes you fall asleep or run aroud all lot sugar is not good for you so dont have a lot of sugar 

ingredients-alot of parts of something to make something  

 This is why my brochure teaches people how to read a food label better with more infomaiton.


 My brochure teaches people how to read my food label by the things I added these are the thinds I added. the first point that helps people read a food lable is that our brochure is simple. it is simple because it dosent have any big words. It also hel