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Laura F, Bryce M, Emma B, and Ebony M create another great children's book for ages 1-3.

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The Adventures of Daisy & Joe

One day, Daisy and her brother Joe went on a walk in the park with their dog Toto. 

Their mother told them to make sure they stay on the pathway so they don’t get lost.

Daisy and her brother were very careful to stay on the pathway. On the walk, they met another little boy named Timmy. Timmy went on the rest of the walk with them.

Daisy and her brother and Timmy were singing and walking Toto when they met a little girl named Samantha. Now all four little boys and girls were walking Toto, while being careful to stay on the path.

Since they had all just met, they decided to tell each other about themselves. 

Timmy told them that he wished he was nicer to people; Samantha said that she wished she was smarter.

And Daisy’s brother said he wished he had more courage.


Daisy suggested that they could work on those things while on the walk and so they did.

They decided after a couple minutes of walking to stop and have lunch. But Samantha and Timmy didn’t have a lunch. So Daisy and her brother had to share.

Daisy’s brother didn’t want to share because he was really hungry. But Daisy said that it takes courage to share, and so her brother finally got enough courage to share his lunch.

After lunch they continued walking and Daisy said it was time to go home. So all four of them, and Toto went home to see their mother.

When they got home, they all told Daisy’s mother what they had all wished for. Her mother was very excited and wanted to help them.

 So her mother taught her brother how to have courage. She taught Samantha how to be smarter and to learn more. She taught Timmy how to be nice to people and how to be loving and they all lived happily ever after.