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It is my Law of Syllogism project.

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If you give a mouse some cheese while in a zoo, then the mouse will go crazy.
If the mouse goes crazy, then it will run into the elephant's cage.
If the mouse runs into the elephant's cage, then the elephant will panic.
If the elephant panics, then it will break out of its cage.
If the elephant breaks out of its cage, then it will run past the tiger's enclosure.
If it runs past the tiger's enclosure, then the tiger will jump over the wall. 
If the tiger jumps over the wall, then it will find a moose to eat.
If the it finds a moose to eat, then the other moose will attack it.
If the other moose attack it, then the tiger will slink away.
If the tiger slinks away, then it will hide in the zoo. 
If it hides in the zoo, then the other animals will be nervous.
If the other animals are nervous, then they will run away.
If they run away, then the town will panic.
If the town panics, then the animals will escape.
If the animals escape, then Charis will not get to go to the zoo.
If Charis does not get to go to the zoo, then she will be sad.
Applying Law of Syllogism:
If you give a mouse some cheese while in a zoo, then Charis will be sad.