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Section 1:  Are You Ready?

What are some tips?

Know if you like kids




Section 2: Get Prepared
Getting to Know You Meeting
Expectations parents are gone for a bit keep out of trouble if gone for long time help with homework make meal put in bed
Style see if strict or not strict with rules and bed time
Get the Digits get phone numbers in case of emergency
Diet see what they should eat and if they can't eat something
Medicine is the kid on medication if so should you give them it
Routines eat brush teeth shower get ready for bed and bet time
Toys, Games, and Activities what does he or she like and what to do to keep them happy
Personality-shy outgoing fussy easy
Siblings see if they get along


Section 3: Safety First
Household Safety appliances windows stairs
The Child’s Safety food water falling sharp objects
Your Own Safety door phone
Emergencies numbers 911 parents numbers

Section 4: House Rules
Know the Do’s and Don’ts tv limits outside play and what to eat and not
Understand and Respect Cultural Differences worship clothes

Universal Rules


Section 5: Keeping Kids Happy
Have Fun with the Children play games movie
When the Kids are Fussy see what's wrong and how to fix it
When the Kids Misbehave show who is boss and deal with it quickly


Section 6: The Business
HOW Will You Charge for a day if after night $2 extra
How MUCH Will You Charge $20
How You Get Paid from hand
Advertising and Promotion cards

Section 7: Tips for Doing a Great Job
What are some tips?
Give reports
tidy up
Be honest
Don’t complain

Section 8: From the Mentors
From Stormy be ready for problems
From Joel get comfortable
From Lauren pay attention to the kids