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Different ways to prevent discrimination and the different types of the same theme

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The perfect form to avoid this problem.

Equality, love, generosity and tolerance

Don't feel bad about discrimination.


All the things that you do will be right in any case because you're unique and every person is original. You must aprecciate your work and don't reproach another elaboration in your school, work or some place.

                      Homework N. 11                  

Name: Tatiana Núñez.  

Course: 11th. "A"    

Date: Monday 27th, 2017

  • Respect.


Same opportunities

The gender of different people doesn't mean that they won't have the same oportunities than another. All person need to have a job, an study or a plan for their life.

If you're a young girl or a young boy, you can show your special habilites in any place.

  • Apreciate any person without see their difficulties