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The chances you will survive the crash

You shouldn't be afraid to fly because the odds of your plane crashing are one in every 1.2 million flights, and your odds of dying is one in 11 million. You are more likely to die in a car crash which is one in 5,000. In the article “How to survive a plane crash: 10 tips that could save your life” it says “in a report analyzing accidents from 1983 to 200, the National Transportation Safety Board found that the survival rate of crashes was 95.7%.”  So i assure you, you don't need to worry about a plane crash. But if you hear where to sit.

Studies show if a crash was to happen you are safer to sit in the back with a 69% of living where if you sit in the front you have a 49%. If you sit on either side of the plane near the exits you have a 56% of living.  You only have 90 seconds to do everything in your to try and save yourself. If you survived the crash landing, you have a pretty good chance of getting out the airplane alive. But you only have 90 seconds to do so.

Remember the 5 row rule. If you are about to crash on water make sure you are within 5 rows from the exits. Make sure you throw something out before you so your impact on the water isn't as hard as it would be if you didn't. 

I know the view is pretty from the window seat on a plane. But just remember you have  a 58% chance at surviving with a window seat and a 64% surviving with an aisle seat

                                                                 HOW TO PREPARE FOR A PLANE CRASH

When you’re on a plane and the captain that flies the plane says “ we are having a little terbalance ” Then the flight attendants say” please take your seats and buckle your seat belts.”Then they check and tell the captain that everybody is safely seated and has their seat belt buckle on. They also make sure that there’s nobody in the bathroom and standing up in the isles.Then they tell the captain that there isn’t anybody there and then the flight attendants take their seats and buckle up and sit down and relax.

How to survive on a deserted island

First you need to see if any other people are still alive and if so you tend to there need.

when you tend to there need you want to check if there still breathing and see if they can still hear you.

Then if they are bruised up  you want to take a first safety kit and tend there wounds.Secondly you want 

to find a place to camp out at until you get rescued. you want to get the materials like foods thats includes 

fruits, meat. water. stones, and tree branches for the fire you going to make. you also want to get things to sleep on 

like leaves, jackets, or anything that you find that you could sleep on.

How does this compare to Darwin because of the amount of crashes 

per year and the amount of people that survived the plane crash