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Natalie Gerst Wins

Grooms  are  the  rst  to  arrive  and  the  last  to  leave.
Without the groom’s commitment and dedication
none of us would be able to participate in the sport
we love. The Groom’s Class at Menlo  Charity Horse
Show,  Sponsored  by  FarmVet  gives  the  grooms  the
opportunity to shine in the show ring themselves, and
to be recognized for their hard work day in and day out.
After close inspection of Lolo Godoy and Nacho
Mata’s immaculately presented horses (Mystere, owned
by Amy Hilmer and Charming 25 owned by Payton
Freeman), tack, scrim sheets and grooming boxes, the
grooms  were  judged  on  overall  turnout  of  the  horse,
Northern Run Grooms Are A Class Act
contents of their grooming box, their understanding
of their role and knowledge and capabilities in
presenting a horse ready for the show ring. After much
deliberation, the judges determined that a tie for the
blue was in order.
The pride that these gentlemen take in their work and
the love they have for  the  horse  is  undeniable. It was
wonderful to see their excitement in winning and both
gentlemen relayed how much they enjoyed their work
and that they presented their favorite horses. Lolo and
Nacho are both highly respected members of Cindy
Brooks’ Northern Run team.
Northern Run’s Lolo (L) & Nacho (R) Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media

Northern Run’s Lolo (L) & Nacho (R) Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media
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Photo Credit ©Alden Corrigan Media
Northern Run Grooms Are A Class Act
Keeping It In
The Family
Natalie Gerst
Wins The
Windy Hill
Larry Mayeld
1.20m Horse and
Hound Jumper
Natalie Gerst, Granddaughter of the late Larry Mayeld
showed the continuation of the family passion for equestrian
competition in winning the Windy Hill Larry Mayeld
1.20m Horse and Hound Jumper Classic. The event
that Laura Gerst, Natalie’s mother, and family members
established in the memory of her father Larry Mayeld.
Three generations have now consistently participated in
and attended Menlo Charity Horse Show.
The Horse & Hound is set at 1.20m for the show jumpers
and is open to Professionals, Juniors and Amateurs alike.
The horse and rider are required to team up with another
family member or a friend and a willing dog who will jump
the ‘Hound’ leg of the relay. First the horse and rider jump
seven jumps on course, they then quickly dismount and
race to touch the hand of the hound handler who then races
off with their dog to nish the course on foot over a set
of smaller dog sized jumps. This is a hugely entertaining
event and fun to watch. Especially when the riders launch
themselves from their horses to tag the dog handler. The
overall result is driven by the fastest team against the clock,
time penalties given for fences knocked down. Big dogs,
little dogs, children and adults; all have a great time, as do
the cheering audience.
Winning horse & rider combination Natalie Gerst & Philadelphia ©Alden Corrigan Media
Natalie has had many years of experience in this class.
However, she had only competed as the dog handler
(on foot) until last year, when she came in second to
her trainer Dakoda Mower. This year she rode her own
horse Philadelphia, recruited Michelle Louis to run and
they then borrowed Bilbo Baggins (aka Billy) a 6-year-
old Kerry Blue Terrier to complete their successful
“It was really fun, winning this class is really exciting.
I have been saving my horse, and gave him a week off
before the show. He was so excited in the warm up ring,
but he was so good. I have done this class for several
years, and it is in the memory of my Grandpa, so it was
very special to me and for my mom.”
Left: Natalie Gerst’s teammates Michelle Louie & Bilbo Baggins.
Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media
Below: Winners of the Windy Hill Larry Mayeld 1.20m Horse & Hound
Natalie Gerst on Philadelphia with teammate Michelle Louie &
Bilbo Baggins Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media