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Magazine cover conventions
Generic cover conventions
The function of a cover is to grab the attention of a
reader and persuade them to purchase the magazine. In
order to be deliberately eye catching, there are a few
generic conventions that a magazine must follow. This
includes having a masthead - headline- which is most
commonly placed at the top of the cover and is usually a
recognisable brand to the audience. A central image is
also vital to include, it dominates the font cover and often
gives a direct address.
What I will include
In order to create a professional magazine cover, I will
attempt to include the majority of the generic
conventions so that my magazine appeals to my target
audience. I will include a masthead across the top of
the cover, with the intention of informing the audience
of the brand of the magazine. I will also include a focal
image of my protagonist giving a direct address which
will create a connection between the reader and the
magazine. In addition, quotes from interviews
and critic's of Project ELEVEN will be displayed in the
bylines in order to give the audience a taste of what's
to come if they continue to buy the magazine.
Masthead - across the top
to inform the audience of
the brand - across the
central image
Central image - giving
direct address,
protagonist of the film -
Johnny Depp from
Sweeney Todd.
Positioning- stern
looking implying the film
is a thriller/ horror
Bylines - '39 new films' -
giving the audience a
taste of what's inside the
magazine, telling them
why they should buy it.
Date - Informing
the audience when
the magazine was
Buzzword's - preview
and plus
Colour - Stuck to the
conventional rule of
3 - white, blue, red -
looks professional.
central image - joker,
direct address, looking
booked - genre of film
crime thriller
Buzzword -
world exclusive
date informant the
audience when the
magazine was printed
Mentions of other
films in coverlines
Pull quote from
interview 'he's a
cold blooded,
mass murdering
clown' -
tagline to get the
attention 'one-on-
one with batman's
new nemesis'