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The Underground Railroad

                                       Mikalee Stephens

The underground railroad was a route slaves used to escape from the south.

How The Underground Railroad Works

How slaves escaped?

Slaves would have to run away from their masters and make their way to the north so they could find someone working with the underground railroad.  This was very dangerous because if a slave was caught he would be in big trouble.  

What happened when they met a conductor?

Once an escaped slave met a conductor, the conductor would help them travel farther north using safehouses. Slaves usually traveled all the way to Canada along the railroad.

What happened after the underground railroad?

After a slave made it to canada they would have to start over. Here they were free and would have to find somewhere to work and get money.

Signals and Signs

Flying geese

This meant to escape in the spring with the birds migrating north.

North Star

This meant to prepare to escape.

Monkey Wrench

This meant to gather all supplies needed to escape


This meant to move to the water.

Drunkards Path

This meant to move in a zig zag pattern to avoid getting caught.

Signals were used to tell escaping slaves and the people who were helping them escape what to expect.  People involved in the underground railroad would hang these quilts from their porches.  

Conductors of the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who returned to the south to help others escape.  She put herself in danger to help upwards of 300 slaves escape.

William Still

William Still was born a free man in Pennsylvania. He started working with the Pennsylvania society for the abolition of slavery.  He soon started helping fugitive slaves, he worked beside Harriet Tubman.

Isaac Hopper

Isaac Hopper let fugitive slaves stay in his own home.  He also helped slaves win their freedom in court by finding loopholes. 

Thomas Garrett 

Thomas Garrett worked with Harriett Tubman. He was said to have helped over 2500 slaves, he provided them with clothes, food, money, and a place to stay

How slaves hid themselves on the railroad?

Some slaves didnt even hide, they disguised themselves as someone who nobody would think was out of place.  

Some slaves pretended to be running errands for their masters and just kept traveling. 

Some slaves hid themselves in things like boxes and shipped themselves to the north.

Others met conductors and the conductors pretended to be their masters