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O.k here we go again this is for those people who believe they can control us and says

 We will not let you control us we're owners of our own freedom. We decided our future 

 freedom exists only if you fight for it and believe in it because without sacrifice there is no

 glory fight and do not let yourself win.

The poem is about how sometimes we let ourselves be controlled by the people when we decide our future what happens around us no one can decide that you will do only you can do it.

O.k this says,you have a goal that no one has cause you can do it even if they tell you not cause you have everything you can do anything cause you have everything to do it and you're great even if you tell the opposite cause you bring strength intelligence clever get up and meet your goals.

This is about how sometimes we do not believe in ourselves even doubting our talent and what we can do because we let ourselves be carried away by what other people think or say about us but we can do it if we believe in ourselves.

The latter is dedicated to all women, don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem 

baby girls respect is just a minimum girl you're beautiful and that nobody change

you do not give your dignity for a few dollars cause you are worth more than that.

The latter is about how women should begin to respect themselves because we live in a society where women are treated as an object and even sometimes they are the ones who give themselves that place but they have to start to respect themselves because God made The woman to respect and love her.