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My Not So Famous Poem Book



By: Eliza Vincent


Found Poem-3

Blackout Poem-4

ABC Poem-5

Cinquain Poem-6

Haiku Poem-7

Bio Poem-8

Shape Poem-9

Acrostic Poem-10

Elegy Poem-11

Tanka Poem-12

List Poem-13

Limerick Poem-14

Senryu Poem-15

Epitaph Poem-16

Diamante Poem-17




Although you can not see


Before you, you will feel


Comfort in someone's arms


Don’t be scared


Even though you can not see


For they are there with you





Ocean, Sand

Waves, sea shells, soft

Fun times with family




The water on the hot shore

The beach is tropical fun place

The beautiful soft breeze


Talented, smart, humble

Son of Pattie Mallette

Who loved music and singing

Who felt out of place, but knew what he wanted to do

Who feared failure, no fame, no outcome

Released his first album

Who wanted to make people happy, and help people out

Born in Canada



he yummy cake at the party so fun the indulgent flavor is heavenly so sweet and blissful this is cake at its best, the comfort it brings me when it is near is something that everyone should hear. The frosting so sweet I can only dream 


She is happy


Keeping herself


In line


Time is going by


To slow


Leave her there


Eventually she will


Start a new beginning





Fear is in everything

Wherever you go

You may not see it

But it is near


Fear is a big thing

It can be a dream

You can overcome it

But it is near


Fear like you’re living on the edge

Doing everything you ever wanted

It all passes you by

But it is near

Sweet Summertime

I love the summertime

There is so many things to do

From swimming in the pool

To going tubing on the lake

This is why I love the summertime


My mom goes in the store to get some milk

An hour later she comes out with this.

A case of cookie dough.

A box of ice cream.

Some chips. A thing of corn.

Some pineapple and some coke.

Hershey bar. Lollipop.

Gummy worms and some dots.

Yogurt, cheese, and bread.

Lemonade, tea and chocolate.

When she goes to the store

She never only gets one thing.

Young Girl

There was a young girl with a dog

Who sang, is it just me that I see

The dog and a cat

A bee and a bat

Have all came and lived by me

The love of the world

Will one day near your heart love

It will make your life

“A wise girl

Kisses but

Doesn’t love,

Listens but

Doesn’t believe,

And leaves

Before she

Is left”

-Marilyn Monroe



Scary, fun

Steering, brake, gas

Going fast, going exploring

Adventures, climbing, watching

Rough, tough



The author of this poem book is Eliza Vincent. She is 15 years old and does volleyball and cheer. In her free time she enjoys doing things with her friends and hiking. Her favorite book is any book out of the Pretty Little Liars series. She has one sibling.