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Congratulations! After reviewing your resume, you have been chosen to represent our
company for the upcoming race season. When you accept our offer you will be able to
order products with your discount immediately. To place an order, please call 507-951-
7015 or email Support riders will also be able to make
orders through our brand new website starting March 1
2017. We have worked
hard at bringing you an easier way to shop for graphics by completely revamping our
website for 2017. The level that you have been accepted into (
) will entitle you
to receive a discount of 40% off RETAIL PRICING. ORDER CODE (40off )
All graphics are now $200 for semi custom and custom designed.
graphics by emailing us directly to set up an order. Your sponsorship level will work for
both. We also offer jersey lettering for you at $30/Jersey.
Riders are also responsible and required to run BDMX GRAPHICS
on all bikes that rider
races or practices with (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL). Rider running other graphics brands
while under contract aggrement will result in termination of rider support. If using a
borrowed bike, will be the only acceptable circumstance.
Please go to our website at to view
our products starting March 1st 2017.
Your sponsorship will be valid until 12/31/2017. Please return this signed contract to us.
Rider can print and mail contract or print, sign, and email them back to:
Name Printed First and
* Any duplication or discussion of this contract or your order code will result in immediate
termination of rider support. Black Diamond MX is the only authorized issuer of contracts.
Good luck with your race season. Sincerely,
Black Diamond MX Nick Jackson (owner)
29741 670
street Phone: 507-951-7015
Lake City, MN 55041 Email: