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If you give hunter a football,then he will want to go play football.

If he wants to play football, then he will have to go get football pads.

If he gets some football pads, then he will want to go get a helmet.

Once he gets his helmet, then he will want to get some accessories.

After he gets his accessories, he will have all of his gear.

if he has all of his gear, then he will tryout for a team.

After he tried out for the team, then the coach will let him know that he plays WR.

Now that he plays WR, he can start practicing.

If he starts practicing,then he will play good in the game.

If he plays good in the game, the he will get a reward.

Once he gets his reward, then he will show all of his friends.

If he shows all of his friends, then we will be excited.

If you give hunter a football, then he will be happy.