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TCE Jan/Feb 2019

Indoor Finals Highlights
From Coast to Coast
NRHA Futurity
Life in the Doghouse
The Making of a Legacy for
Danny and Ron’s Rescue
The World of Horses
Lens Envy
Kathy Russell
November/December 2018 Issue 19

2 TCE January / February 2019
The Competitive Equestrian
January / February
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January 2019, Vol. XXVIII No.1
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56 Club News
Club News
6 Life in the Doghouse: The Making of a Legacy for Danny and Ron’s Rescue
By Emma Miller
8 How Sport Horses Reap The Benets of Genetic Testing
By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
10 The National Horse Show Commemorates 135
Anniversary with
Standout 2018 Event
By Caroline Nickolaus
14 The Past Met the Present and Future at the 60
Anniversary of the
Washington International Horse Show
By Molly Sorge / Jump Media
22 The Las Vegas National Horse Show
Wrapping Up The Season
28 Vanlandingham Slides A Vintage Smoke to the Open Futurity Championship
By Simona Diale, International Horse Press
38 A Celebration of Horses. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
By Lindsay Brock / Jump Media
42 Wellington World of Horses
By Holly Peterson
44 Lens Envy
Kathy Russell
52 Index
68 Calendar
69 Trainer Directory
76 Services Directory
On the Cover
Kathy Russell Photography
for CM Hadeld's Saddlery
Lucy Davis & Caracho at WIHS Photo Alden Corrigan Media
Lucy Davis & Caracho at WIHS Photo Alden Corrigan Media
80 ACRES Rancho Santa Lisa, a landmark riverfront estate near town.
Four homes, new commercial quality built 100 x 208 covered arena with top-of-the-line footing.
17+ ACRES Pumpkin Farm oers world class horse facilities
within easy reach of Seattle & Eastside. Turn-key from start to finish.
12+ ACRES Equestrian estate with mountain and pastoral vistas as far the eye can see.
Three barns, covered and enclosed round pen, covered 64 x 168 arena plus a 66 x 198 outdoor arena.
20 ACRES Exciting opportunity to own an “all-in-one” horse property and experience
the ease of equestrian living with this luxury custom barn/residence combination.
SHY 10 ACRES Equestrian property in excellent location with custom home, gorgeous
level grounds, barn, covered and outdoor arenas, Equiciser, multiple fenced pastures!
unrivaled expertise
January / February 2019 TCE 5
Taylor, Harris Insurances Services
Worldwide Equine Insurance Specialists
Photo Alden Corrigan Media
6 TCE January / February 2019
Life in the Doghouse:
The Making of a Legacy for
Danny and Ron’s Rescue
By Emma Miller
January / February 2019 TCE 7
overs of all creatures great and small, Danny
Robertshaw and Ron Danta have spent their lives
surrounded by animals. As respected lifelong
horsemen and partners of nearly 30 years, the couple has
always positively contributed to the equestrian industry that
they lived and worked in, but they were inspired to make
an even greater impact on something they were deeply
passionate about: dog rescue.
2018 National Show Hunter Hall of Fame inductee Danny
Robertshaw, and well-known Hunter trainer Ron Danta, dove
headrst into canine rescue when Hurricane Katrina hit the
southern United States in 2005. Since establishing Danny
and Ron’s Rescue, a unique operation they run out of their
South Carolina home, the pair has rescued and rehomed
over 11,000 dogs — and they’re just getting started.
Earlier in 2018, FilmRise and director of Harry and Snowman,
Left: Danny And Ron photo by Julie J Prickett
its impact continues to grow. The inspiring tale of Danny
and Ron’s Rescue captures hearts wherever it is told, quickly
turning it into a national sensation. The story of Life in the
Doghouse has been featured on media networks such as the
Today Show, Fox News, CBS News, and the Chicago Tribune.
It even received high accolades at the Tryon International
Film Festival this year, being named Best Documentary.
“Being able to help share Danny and Ron’s story through
this lm has been an incredible honor,” Filmmaker Ron
Davis said. “They are creating a long-lasting legacy through
Danny and Ron’s Rescue, and it is so amazing to see their
message reach across the nation while putting smiles on
peoples faces.”
The couple’s long-term goal has not only been to promote
rescue efforts, but also to increase awareness about the
importance of spaying and neutering. Encouraging others
Ron Davis, announced the release of Life in the Doghouse,
a feature documentary that follows the daily trials and
triumphs of the duo as they approached their 10,000th
adoption. Life in the Doghouse gives viewers the unique
opportunity to walk in the couple’s shoes, see the living
space they share with up to 75 dogs at any given time, and
witness the love they pour into their rescues. To maximize
the reach of their message, the lmmakers partnered with
Gathr® Films’ Theatrical-on-Demand® platform, allowing
the lm to come to a theater in any town as a much-needed
fundraising opportunity for local dog rescue.
Life in the Doghouse has been screened at numerous lm
festivals and in theaters nationwide since its release, and to
Danny, Ron and the Rescue Bus photo by Julie J Prickett
be responsible pet owners is just as vital to Danny and Ron
as urging them to adopt rather than shop.
Danny and Ron’s heartwarming lm is now accessible to
even more viewers just in time for the holidays. Find Life in
the Doghouse on iTunes (link), and leave a review to help
it reach more people. If you would like to host a screening
of the lm in your hometown, you can learn more at www. and raise money for a dog
rescue of your choice.
In the spirit of giving and further promoting the mission of
Life in the Doghouse, Davis and Distributor FilmRise are
donating all of the lm’s proceeds to dog rescue charities
around the country.
8    TCE  January / February 2019
enetic testing in certain breeds, such as the well-known
3- and 5-panel tests for Arabians and Quarter Horses, may
seem routine and a little ho-hum; however, recent advances
in technology means this is no longer the case! Now, owners of
any breed can submit a small hair pull and simultaneously test
for dozens of genetic traits. Available tests include those for coat
colors and patterns, abilities and performance, as well as genes
contributing to health and disease. This makes genetic testing
important and informative for all horses, regardless of whether
they are performance, service, or companion animals, to help
optimize career, breeding, and management choices.
Years ago, genetic tests were challenging to develop, time-
consuming and labor-intensive to perform, and could only analyze
a single condition at a time. Now, geneticists have the ability to
scan entire genomes looking for multiple anomalies simultaneously
in a fraction of the time it used to take.
Specic to  Sport  Horses, this  novel  “couture”  style  of genetic
testing extends far beyond coat color (which is still fun!) while
addressing important health and welfare issues. Examples of such
medical conditions specic to this unique group of horses include
the following:
 Equine metabolic syndrome. This metabolic disease
characterized by obesity, abnormal insulin regulation, and life-
threatening laminitis is common in W
armblood horses. Early
identication  of  at-risk  horses could  allow owners  to  make
appropriate dietary changes to either avoid disease onset or
minimize progression.
 Roaring (recurrent laryngeal neuropathy, RLN). This
condition occurs commonly in Sport Horses, with an increased
occurrence in taller horses. The equine recurrent laryngeal
nerve controls the arytenoid cartilages’ motion. If it does not
work properly, the cartilages droop into the airway, impeding
air ow to the lungs and causing a roaring sound as the horse
breathes. Research shows that roaring does appear to have
a  genetic  inuence, with  more  than one  gene likely  to  be
involved, potentially involving equine chromosome 3.
By: Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
Beyond the Basics: Advances in genetic testing help Sport Horses
 Cerebellar abiotrophy. This devastating congenital,
neurological condition in horses has no cure. Although
predominant in Arabians, cerebellar abiotrophy also occurs
in many other breeds, including Sport Horses. Like roaring,
cerebellar abiotrophy appears to be a polygenetic trait involving
multiple genes, including MUTYH.
 Fragile foal syndrome. This potentially fatal condition carried
in approximately 7-10% of Sport Horses results in the formation
of abnormal skin and connective tissues. A recessive mutation in
the PLOD1 gene appears to play a key role in this disease.
 West Nile virus. Does your horse have an increased
susceptibility to contracting this mosquito-borne cause of
encephalitis (inammation of the brain and spinal cord)? Let’s nd
out! In the meantime, make sure your horse is fully vaccinated.
One of the most exciting developments being introduced exclusively
by Etalon is “ancestry testing.” This form of genetic analysis gives an
owner a breakdown of the “type” of horse they actually own (often
referred to  as  “%  Blood”.) Sport Horses are complicated mixes
of coalescing breeds. Ancestry testing literally shows you with a
pictogram what your horse is made of, and it might not be what you
expect! To be clear, ancestry testing is not a breed test, but instead
shows  your  specic  horse’s  genetic  composition,  which  is  actually
more accurate than a pedigree calculation.
The results of ancestry testing can be used to reect back on your
horse’s overall health, as there may be more or less of a particular
lineage  in  your  horse  than  you  might  have  imagined.  Knowing
your  horse’s  “genetic  breakdown”  impacts  health  and  breeding
considerations (i.e., more Arabian, more chance of Arabian-related
health conditions), as well as choice of sport. For example, you may
have your heart set on show jumping but your horse’s temperament
(e.g., vigilance vs. curiosity, which can be tested for), ancestry, and
genetic performance markers may ultimately point you in another
As the power of genetic testing grows, horse owners gain a very
valuable asset. Not only is it fascinating and affordable but also
contributes to improved health, disease prevention, and competitive
edge. Learn more at

The ultimate
partner in sourcing,
acquiring & delivering (510) 866-3361
Your Ideal Horse
Totem Photography
 TCE 
s the oldest indoor horse show in America, the National Horse
Show is rmly established as a major xture on national and
international sports and social event calendars. This year’s event
ran from Oct. 27–Nov. 4 and celebrated its 135th anniversary
showcasing professional, amateur and junior competition of the
highest caliber in the spacious Alltech Arena. In addition to drawing
more exhibitors than ever before with new hunter and equitation
classes and championships, the National Horse Show was thrilled to
once again be designated by the FEI as a CSI4*-W event.
This year’s event debuted new equitation championships, including
the Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) NHS 3’ Adult Equitation
Championship and the Boggs Hill NHS KHJA Equitation Championship,
as well as a day dedicated to age-group equitation classes. Back by
popular request was also the Hamel Foundation NHS 3’3” Equitation
Championship, which has been lauded as the perfect stepping stone
for future ASPCA Maclay Equitation Championship competitors.
Throughout the event, attendees were welcomed with rst-rate
hospitality at the exclusive Taylor Harris Club and Maxwell Place.
The National Horse Show
Commemorates 135
Anniversary with
Standout 2018 Event
By Caroline Nickolaus
Sam Walker during his victory gallop after winning the ASPCA Maclay Championship Photo Shawn McMIllen
Conveniently situated overlooking the Alltech Arena, the lavish Taylor
Harris Club offered trainers, riders, owners, families and business
professionals a chance to enjoy the world-class competition in VIP
style. Furthermore, Maxwell Place, presented by the Lindsay Maxwell
Charitable Fund, , was open to the public and boasted numerous
cuisine options as well as a number of premier boutique vendors.
The inaugural $50,000 National Horse Show Hunter Classic delighted
hunter riders and fans as junior, amateur and professional riders were
able to qualify for the new class after earning the championship or
reserve championship in their respective hunter divisions during the
week. Riders competed over the same course at the respective height
(3’6”, 3’9” or 4’) of the section from which they qualied.
The exciting Friday night class saw Scott Stewart and Dr. Betsee
Parker’s Lucador earn the coveted prize, while Stewart was also gifted
a one-year lease of an Audi Q5 from Audi of Lexington, presented
by Samuel A. B. Boone and Audi of Lexington, as well as a Leading
Professional Hunter Rider Bonus.
 TCE 
Saturday evening hosted the week’s main event: the thrilling $250,000
Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Lexington CSI4*-W, which was won by
crowd favorite and American equestrian icon Beezie Madden aboard Abigail
Wexner’s Chic Hin D Hyrencourt in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd.
In total, the evening attracted athletes hailing from eight countries and four
continents to battle it out in the premier show jumping contest of the event,
which is the eighth part of 14 in the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™
North American League schedule. Equally as impressive was the attendance
by all four of the recently-crowned gold medalists of the NetJets® U.S.
Show Jumping Team from the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games™: McLain
Ward, Laura Kraut, Devin Ryan and Adrienne Sternlicht.
The ever-popular ASPCA Maclay National Championship, which has
been hosted by the National Horse Show for 85 years, was presented by
Chansonette Farm on Sunday, the nal day of competition, to close out the
2018 event. Sam Walker of Ontario, Canada, made history after he earned
the top spot in the championship aboard Waldo. Walker’s name now joins
the ranks of past winners that include some of the sport’s most legendary
athletes such as the late Bill Steinkraus, the late Frank Chapot and George
Morris as well as recent superstars Lillie Keenan, Victoria Colvin and Madison
The team behind the National Horse Show has mastered staying true to the
show’s origins and traditions, while evolving alongside the sport and offering
more classes and championships to add to the show’s prestige. Next year’s
National Horse Show will take place from Oct. 26–Nov. 3, 2019 and promises
to be an action-packed week lled with top-notch equestrian competition,
generous prize money, VIP hospitality, gourmet cuisine, endless shopping
and family-friendly activities. For more information, visit or follow the
National Horse Show on facebook and instagram.
Beezie Madden and Chic Hin D Hyrencourt Photo Shawn McMIllen
Molly Ashe-Cawley (left) with Beezie Madden, Alex Boone, and Mason Phelps.
Madden won a year lease on an Audi after being named Leading Jumper rider
at the National Horse Show Photo Shawn McMIllen
Dominic Gibbs, winner of the Hamel Foundation National Horse Show
3’3” Equitation Championship, on Limitless with the Hamel Family,
National Horse Show President Jennifer Burger and Mason Phelps
Photo Shawn McMIllen
Lindsay Maxwell competing High Society Photo Shawn McMIllen
Scott Stewart accepting his Leading Hunter Rider prize,a year lease on
an Audi courtsey of Audi of Lexington Photo Shawn McMIllen
 TCE 
3100 Bickford Ave. • Snohomish, WA 98290 1-800-242-5367
 TCE 
THE  COMPETITIVE EQUESTRIAN  November December 2018 Issue 19  Indoor Finals Highlights From Coast to Coast NRHA Futurity L...
2019 C O N T E N T S  The Competitive Equestrian January   February  FLYING CHANGES  January 2019, Vol. XXVIII No.1  Contr...
Photos by Alden Corrigan Media
Beezie Madden on Breitling LS
& Longines’ Jennifer Dilz
4. Devin Ryan & Florida assessing the situation
5. Guy McLean
1. Cookie Monster Mattias Tromp & Eyecatcher 2. Winner of the Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship presented by Charles Owen Mariah SMith & WInchester (L)
3. Laura Wasserman & Skyhawk
2. Incognito & Kirsten Pollin
3. Farnley Corsair
& Amira Kettaneh
1. Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Final Top Three (L-R)
Coco Fath, Elli Yeager & Brian Moggre
2. Farnley Corsair & Amira Kettaneh
3. John French & Boss
4. Incognito & Kirsten Pollin
5. Winner of the Lisa AH Cudahy Perpetual Trophy Daniel Geitner & Time
Stands Still
John French & Boss
Right: Winner of the Lisa AH
Cudahy Perpetual Trophy Daniel
Geitner & Time Stands Still
 TCE 
2. Grand Hunter Champion. Bastogne & Hunt Tosh 3. Newhaven’s Magnum & Caroline Signorino 4. Up the Ramp
1. Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Final Top Three (L-R)
Coco Fath, Elli Yeager & Brian Moggre
2. Farnley Corsair & Amira Kettaneh
3. John French & Boss
4. Incognito & Kirsten Pollin
5. Winner of the Lisa AH Cudahy Perpetual Trophy Daniel Geitner & Time
Stands Still
1. Carma & Virginia Fout
3 4
 TCE 
Nayel Nassar and Lordan are both smiling after their victory in the $135,000 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Las Vegas,
presented by Walter Oil & Gas
ach year as we begin to
wrap our presents for
the upcoming holidays,
we are also wrapping up
another show season. For Blenheim
EquiSports that entails moving the
operations from Rancho Mission
Viejo Riding Park in San Juan
Capistrano to The South Point
Equestrian Center & Arena in Las
Vegas, Nevada. For that one week
period in November, the South
Point facility and all of the hotel’s
amenities, of which there are many,
are filled with equestrians. It’s a
unique experience that can only
be found in a city like Las Vegas.
Where else can you wake up in
your hotel room, grab a coffee and
a scone downstairs, go to the barn
down the hall, ride a horse or two
in the ample size warm-up area,
bowl a few strikes in the bowling
alley, compete in a class in the show
arena, shop for horsey stuff in the
vendor area, go to the spa, see a
movie, fine dine, gamble and do
night check without ever leaving the
property? Nowhere!
The fun may never stop but that
does not make the competition any
less fierce. From regional West
Coast championships in show
jumping and equitation to this year’s inaugural AON USHJA National
Championships in all disciplines as well as an FEI 4* event, both the
South Point Main Arena and the Priefert Pavilion were buzzing with
excitement. For some it would be the first time at an indoor show
whereas for others it was an opportunity to gain valuable FEI points
towards qualifying for an invite to the 2019 Longines FEI Jumping
World Cup™ Finals in Gothenburg, Sweden next April.
Pieces of The Pathway
Blenheim EquiSports recognizes that horse shows play a key role for
competitive equestrians who are paving their own path to achieving
goals and accolades. By offering opportunities to travel down the path
successfully through programs and one-of-a-kind events, like The Las
Vegas National, Blenheim actively supports the pathway to National
and International success.
Medal Finals are the ultimate goal for equitation riders, with each
West Coast season beginning indoors in August with the CPHA Medal
Finals, and culminating in November with the West Coast Equestrian
Jr/Am Medal Final. Aer 30 competitors completed three rounds,
fourteen-year-old Augusta Iwasaki, whose natural feel has earned her a
long list of accomplishments at a young age, earned the 2018 title.
Gaining miles in the grand prix arena, whether for the horse or the
rider, is the goal of the Markel Insurance 1.45m Series and Final. With
a strong outdoor qualifying season on the grass fields in San Juan
Capistrano and Del Mar, the series final brings the top scoring riders
and their mounts to an indoor setting. Noticing the challenge set by
course designer Anthony D’Ambrosio gave competitor Kyle King pause
as he walked the track in Las Vegas. A veteran himself, King decided
to see how his nine-year-old mount Christian, owned by Joyce Pedigo,
 TCE 
Jennifer Gates and Monaco were rst to go and
rst clean in the Longines FEI Jumping World
Cup™ Las Vegas on Saturday night
would do indoors. The answer is excellent, as the pair were the only
double clean of the class, and took the win!
Competing at the FEI level in show jumping is a goal for many North
American riders, as the chances to do so are far less on this continent
than in Europe. Over the last five years many horse show organizers
have stepped up to offer more internationally-ranked classes, including
Blenheim EquiSports. With four FEI shows on the 2018 schedule, the
season closer is The Las Vegas National CSI 4*-W. Offering six FEI
classes during the week, the Saturday evening event is the highlight.
Kicking off the evening with entertainment on the concourse,
including a juggler, face-painting and more, the Opening Ceremonies
host a Parade of Nations, Celebration of Champions, a course walk
and a singing performance, all to welcome the Longines FEI Jumping
World Cup Las Vegas, presented by Walter Oil & Gas. With a class of
thirty riders, representing six countries, Egypt’s Nayel Nassar rode his
trusted partner Lordan to victory in a thrilling six horse jump-off.
Blenheim EquiSports is already making plans for the 2019 season. We
can’t wait to see you in the Spring!
Augusta Iwasaki and Vanderpump with
Jamie Taylor, Lexie Looker, Paul Bennett and Dawn Miller
West Coast Equestrian Jr-Am Medal Final Awards
Augusta Iwasaki rides Vanderpump
to the win in the WCE Jr-Am Medal Final
USEF Young Rider Chef d’Equipe DiAnn Langer. recognizes
the Gold Medal Pony Jumper Team and NAYC Silver
Medalists Natalie Dean and Hannah Loly
Kyle King and Chirstian with Ringmaster John Franzreb, III, ‘
Chris Norden from Markel Insurance, Melissa Brandes of
Blenheim EquiSports, Josh Mullins of LSI Insurance and
Brandon Seger of Markel Insurance
Kyle King and Christian looking like champs in the
Markel Insurance 1.45m Series Final
Richard Spooner and Arthos R
Win the FEI 1.45m Welcome on Wednesday
 TCE 
Nayel Nassar
Ella Heineking
Winner of the $135,000 Longines FEI Jumping World
Cup™ Las Vegas Presented by Walter Oil & Gas
Corporation Nayel Nassar & Lordan
High Point Amateur Owner Hunter Rider Emily Goldberg
(L-R) Richard Spooner, Harley Brown, Nayel Nassar, Wilhelm Genn, Melissa Brandes & Robert Ridland
Karrie Rufer & Clapton
 TCE 
High Point Amateur Owner Hunter Rider Emily Goldberg
(L-R) Richard Spooner, Harley Brown, Nayel Nassar, Wilhelm Genn, Melissa Brandes & Robert Ridland
Grand A/O Hunter Ch. Verdict & Lindsey Schiefelbein
Akex Granato & Carlchen W
Marie Langer
Kaitlin Campbell & Rocky W
Boys just wanna have fun
Georgina Bloomberg &.Jimmy Doyle
 TCE 
Ashlee Bond & Colour Your Life
Grand Remo & Emmerson Busch
Eugenio Garza
John Franzreb III & Alex Zulia
AON/USHJA trophy & ribbon
Caricature Artist
Claire Archer & Rimpoche
 TCE 
Karl Cook & Tembla
Kristen Vanderveen & Bull Run’s Divine Fortune
FEI Rider Autograph Signing
Erin Davis-Heineking & Leonie
Jennifer Gates & MonacoCharlie Jayne & Amice ZCaricature Artist
W W W . Q U I E T R E I N . C O M
 TCE 
he 2018 NRHA Open
Futurity witnessed the
second largest purse in
the event’s history with nearly
$1.5 million awarded on nals
night. An 8% increase in horses
entered and 14% increase in
total entries (1,124) along with
NRHA Million Dollar Jason
Vanlandingham’s win riding A
Vintage Smoke made the ‘Big
Futurity’ one to be remembered.
In a eld 70 horses deep across
the four levels and prime time
division, Vanlandingham and
A Vintage Smoke, draw 13 in
the Level (L)4 Open nals, laid
down a smoking run paid back
by the judges with a 225.5 score
which remained unbeaten until
the last draw securing him
the 2018 NRHA Open Futurity
Championship. “There were
so many great runs tonight; I
didn’t watch any of them, but
the scores were scaring me. I
probably put about 20 miles on
my boots walking around back
there after we’d shown— it was
an exceptional class of horses
out there,” said an enthused
Vanlandingham. “Coming in
here my horse did not feel good
but it was my fault; I messed up
my turns, I was overdoing it, so
in the end I tried to back off a
little. When I ran in and nailed
the rst stop, the crowd went
nuts. The spins were there … I
knew he had them but I hadn’t
had them all week. In the rest of
the run he was as spot on as he could possibly be; he gave me
his heart and didn’t weaken at all, up until the last stop. There
are some horses that feed on a big moment and he seems to
be one of those.”
Vanlandingham Slides A Vintage Smoke
to the Open Futurity Championship
By Simona Diale, International Horse Press
Photos Waltenberry, courtesy NRHA Futurity Press Ofce
A Vintage Smoke, nominated by Karl Hapcic, is by NRHA
Million Dollar Sire A Sparkling Vintage out of Lady Smoke
Peppy and is owned by Diane Mesmer, a newcomer to the
sport. “Diane bought two horses as weanlings, they were
Jason Vanlandingham A & Vintage Smoke L4 Open Champions
 TCE 
Kole Price & Isnt She Perfect L4 Open Reserve
Mike McEntire & Pale Face Whiz L3 Open Champions
her rst reining horses and A
Vintage Smoke was one of
them. She picked them out
as babies, raised them, and
decided where she wanted
them to go. I had them both
then we decided to send one
went to Jordan [Larson] who
was top 10 on him tonight — I
felt that he didn’t t me as well
as this one did. To have her
rst horse go out and win the
Futurity is crazy … that doesn’t
happen every day!” added
Vanlandingham. The talented
stallion earned $142,500 for
his owner and $7,500 for his
Isnt She Perfect and rider Kole
Price took home the L4 Open
Reserve Championship. Isnt
She Perfect is by NRHA Two
Million Dollar Sire Walla Walla Whiz and out of Miss Silver
Gun. She is owned by Amy Meadows and nominated by
Tamarack Ranch LLC. The owner’s and nominator’s share of
the purse was $130,352 and $6,518, respectively.
Taking home the win in the L3 Open division and Prime Time
Open was NRHA Million Dollar Rider Mike McEntire aboard
Pale Face Whiz. The duo slid to a score of 222.5 earning over
$87,000 in owner and nominator earnings. The sorrel stallion
by NRHA Million Dollar Sire Pale Face Dunnit and out of
Lady Naskiia Whiz was nominated by Everett Wiggins and is
owned by Everett and Karen Wiggins. “This horse has been
so good all week and I knew I could trust him. He is such
Austin Lee Roush & Gunna Stop L2 & L1 Open Champions
a show horse,” said McEntire when asked about his run.
“Craig [Schmersal] trained him and his horses are always so
broke and that’s why I felt comfortable. This was actually a
catch ride; I only rode him a week before the Futurity started
and he’s really nice.” McEntire also took reserve honors on
Pale Faced Whiz (Pale Face Dunnit x Ms Maggie Whiz) for
owners A4L-Equine with a 218.5 score.
Riding to the L2 and L1 Open Futurity Championships with
a 220.5 was Austin Lee Roush and Gunna Stop (NRHA Two
Million Dollar Sire Gunnatrashya x Stop Little Sister) owned
by Alexandria Gokey and nominated by Toyon Ranch LLC.
“It was a lot of fun; he’s been good for me ever since I got
 TCE 
him two years ago. He’s a special horse and
I was ready to show,” said the L1 rider who
qualied his mount in all four levels. “I’ve
dreamed about this all my life — showing
with all these great professionals — and am
so thankful for this opportunity.”
The NRHA CINCH Non Pro Futurity
Tish Fappani and Icecube are Champions
In the 2018 National Reining Horse
Association (NRHA) Cinch Non Pro Futurity,
Fappani claimed her third Level (L)4 Non
Pro Championship riding Icecube, a red dun
stallion by SG Frozen Enterprize and out of
Taris Designer Genes, nominated by Andrea
Fappani and owned by Andrea and Tish
Draw second to last in the second section
of the nals, Samantha Smith riding
Neverthoughtiwould and Madison Steed
aboard Into The Nite were in a two-way tie
with a 222.5. Fappani and Icecube laid down
a cool 222.5 making it a three-way-tie. They
came back three horses, and 30 minutes
later, and slid into the rst spot with a 223.5
Icecube & Tish Fappani L4 Non Pro Champions Neverthoughtiwould & Samantha Smith L3 Non Pro Champions
Into The Nite & Madison Steed L2 Non Pro Champions
 TCE 
to clinch the win. “I’ve never
had to do a run off at a major
aged event but he [Icecube]
went back in there and tried
even harder. I knew he could
do it and he hung right in
there!” said Fappani. “I knew
I needed to be clean and
make sure I got myself rolled
back better. My focus was to
stay relaxed and it worked.”
Earning the title of 2018
NRHA Cinch Non Pro L4
Reserve Co-Champion and
L3 Champion was
Samantha Smith and
Neverthoughtiwould (NRHA
Million Dollar Sire Pale Face
Dunnit x Shine Tini). The
cremello gelding is owned by
NRHA Million Dollar Owner
Lance Grifn and nominated
by Ginger Schmersal. “Going
in the rst time I knew there
was a pretty big score to
beat, but I just wanted to be
good. My plan was to show
smart because he is a fun
horse; I also wanted to put the hammer down and show
him clean and correct and it worked. I have to give credit
to my trainer, Martin Larcombe, for how he prepared
my horse for me tonight,” she said.Madison Steed and
Into The Nite claimed the Cinch Non Pro L4 Reserve
Co-Championship and L2 Championship. Into The Nite,
nominated by Turnabout Farms, Inc. and owned by Steed,
is by NRHA Two Million Dollar Sire Gunners Special Nite
and out of Chexy Dun It. “In my rst run he was awesome
and I was so thrilled. He turned better in there than I think
he has ever done in his entire life. He gave me all he could
in the run off and this experience will live on in my heart
for all my life,” said Steed. “I’ve been in love with him
since I rst got him, he’s a big happy puppy dog and I
really couldn’t have asked for a better horse.”
Wining the Cinch Non Pro L1 and Youth Championship
as well as the L2 Reserve Championship was Sam Flarida
riding Hollywooddirtysecret (NRHA Million Dollar Sire
Hollywoodstinseltown x Maximum Rpm), a red dun
gelding nominated by Patricia Duque and owned by his
father, NRHAs only Six Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida.
“My horse ran in, stopped really well, had amazing spins
and was awesome all the way,” said the young rider about
his mount aka ‘Big Mac’. “We bought him as a 2 year old
and he’s been at our barn since. We’re not real sure who
will be showing him next year, it maybe my dad, we’ll see,
all I know is that I am thrilled with this win!”
Daniele Whitney and Absolute Gunner slide their way
to the Cinch Non Pro L1 Reserve Champion. Absolute
Hollywooddirtysecret & Samuel Flarida L1 Non Pro Champions
Gunner, nominated by Turnabout Farm, Inc, is by NRHA
and APHA Hall of Fame Inductee and NRHA Ten Million
Dollar Sire Gunner and out of Taris Modern Design. Cade
McCutcheon and Alpha Brave Hard (nominated by Alpha
Quarter Horses, Inc.) clinched the Non Pro Youth Reserve
Championship. Alpha Brave Hard is by NRHA Two Million
Dollar Sire Gunners Special Nite and out of Miss Brim
The Non Pro Prime Time Championship ended with a two-
way tie between Think Im Gunna Shine ridden by Chad
Clark and Whata Special Nite ridden by Stoney Russell.
Think Im Gunna Shine, nominated by Rick Sassella, is by
NRHA Two Million Dollar Sire Gunnatrashya and out of
Shiny Wrangler. “It was super fun and I love a horse that will
let you show them like that. She is super sweet,” said Clark.
Whata Special Nite, owned and shown by Stoney Russell,
is by Gunners Special Nite and out of SLJ Sweet N Juicy
and was nominated by Lindy Longfellow. We asked Russell
about his run tonight, and this what he had to say: “I came
across the middle on my right circle and drug a lead and
had an overturn on my spins, but other than that he was
there for me. I pushed him, and he never said no. I was very
happy with him.”
In the CINCH
Non Pro Futurity were also up entries were
up 8% (629) in comparison to last year (582). This year’s
edition had the largest purse in history with $617,166. The
second largest was held in 2012 with $605,111. Additionally,
the purse for each level was at a record high.
Day 1 Topics (Jan. 26th): Planning the Perfect Horse Camping
Adventure & When the Sh@t Hits the Fan
Day 2 Topics (Jan. 27th): Plan it like a Pro: Strengthening your
Back-country Brain & ABC's of Trail Riding
26th & 27th
11:00 AM
(both days)
Robert Eversole will be at The Grange for a two-day seminar!
Pick a day, or come to both! Both seminars start at 11:00 am.
Washington’s Feed Store.
A private paradise with a classic, luxury home in a
stunningly picturesque setting and an ideal horse
facility. The thoughtful lay out of the barn, arena
and turn outs makes it easy to enjoy your equine
passion. A huge, recently built shop with 6 bays
gives ample room for expansion of horse plans
or other interests. With an enormous gourmet
kitchen, formal dining room and expansive multi
level decking entertaining can be enjoyed indoors
or outdoors all year round. Easy access to Hwy 26
makes your commute a breeze.
Kim McKie-Nosen
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Licensed in Oregon
M: 971-235-2702
O: 503-266-7333
F: 503-698-5563
It is an h to be usted to sve my clients. My
goal is to make the jrney of buying  selling yr
he as seamless as possible. I value cmunicati
and accntability. He, hse, and family e r
eatest eases, and it is my respsibility to help
y find the pfect place to enj them.
Kim McKie-Nosen
Real Estate Broker, Licensed in Oregon
M: 971-235-2702
O: 503-266-7333
F: 503-698-5563
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all OHJA 2018 Awd
It’s your way of life
It’s our business to protect it!
(800) 526-1711 • (908) 735-6362
Mortality Major Medical Surgical Colic Farmowners
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Care, Custody or Control
Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, Inc., P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867
By Stacey Sikorski
A Professional Groom for 25+ Years
Trusted On-site Equine Clipping
Serving the Greater Puget Sound Area
To schedule:
View Stacey’s work and learn more:
•  Body Clipping
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 TCE 
 TCE 
tepping into the Coca-Cola
Coliseum at Toronto’s Royal
Agricultural Winter Fair
feels more like strolling into
a rock concert than a horse show
with red carpets, lights, and music.
Celebrating 96 successful years, the
Royal Horse Show embraces the
pomp and circumstance that once
dened equine events when royalty
and spectators alike donned tuxedos
and ball gowns.
With a storied history within both the
North American horse show
scene and Toronto culture, the Royal
Horse Show continues to get
better with age.
Champions Collide
With ornate six-horse hitches,
high-stepping Hackney ponies, and
athletic sport horses dominating the
pony ranks to the international
level, The Royal is a true celebration of the horse as well as a
coveted event that Canadians mark on their calendars with
the goal of qualifying each and every year.
“It’s great to win, but it’s even better when you win at The
Royal!” said Toronto’s own Jordan Macpherson, who claimed
the 2018 Canadian Junior/Amateur Jumper Championship
title riding Fiestamunde.
A Celebration
of Horses:
The Royal
Winter Fair
By Lindsay Brock/Jump Media
Jacqueline Brooks and D Niro by Ben Radvanyi Photography
Hunter competition was highlighted by the $15,000 Braeburn
Farms and the $25,000 Knightwood Hunter Derbies with
Quebec’s Isabelle Lapierre riding Carrera S to both titles.
The Royal Horse Show hosts the Jump Canada Medal
National Final as well as the Running Fox CET Medal Final,
the two most prestigious honours for up-an-coming athletes
in Canada. Hot off his win in the ASPCA Maclay National
 TCE 
Final south of the border, Sam Walker claimed his rst CET
Medal title while Miranda Burruano, based in Orchard Park,
NY, won the Jump Canada Medal.
Delighting thrill-seekers in the crowd, the $20,000 Horseware
Indoor Eventing Challenge saw a win for Virginia’s Lauren
Kieffer riding Glendening Avis in her Royal Horse Show
debut while fellow U.S. Olympian Adrienne Lyle topped the
newly-introduced Royal Dressage Derby. Lyle bested Tom
Dvorak and Jaimey Irwin of Canada as well as Guatemalan
rider, Esther Mortimer, in a knock-out format riding borrowed
horses. “Dressage Night” also included an emotional
farewell to Jacqueline Brooks’ 2012 London Olympic Games
mount, D Niro, who retired from competition in front of an
appreciative home audience.
Stars Align
The 96th Royal Horse Show kicked off with the $125,000
Canadian Show Jumping Championship, held over two
nights during opening weekend.Nicole Walker of Aurora,
ON, earned her rst Canadian Championship title riding
Falco van Spieveld.
McLain Ward and HH Gigi’s Girl by Ben Radvanyi Photography
Nicole Walker and Falco van de Spieveld by Ben Radvanyi Photography
Adrienne Lyle and Ribot by Ben Radvanyi Photography
“I will never forget this!” said Walker, who claimed the
title one day before her 25th birthday. “The atmosphere
is incredible here. The Royal has so much tradition, and I
would recommend that every rider come visit at some point,
even if they’re not riding.”
International riders representing seven nations, including
Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand,
and the United States, descended on Toronto and echoed
Walker’s praise.
“I’ve come here almost every year since Eric Lamaze rst got
me an invitation back in 2011,” said Israel’s Daniel Bluman,
who topped the fan-favourite $85,000 GroupBy “Big Ben”
Challenge riding Ladriano Z. “I really, really love it. It’s a
fantastic city, and it’s a fantastic crowd. When you jump in
a place that has a crowd and has an atmosphere, the whole
energy changes and your desire to win also changes. Forget
about the prize money, forget about the world ranking
points, forget about anything else; you just want to be the
best that you can be for the crowd.”
Visiting riders from the U.S. included three of the four
members of the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG)
Daniel Bluman and Ladriano Z by Ben Radvanyi Photography
 TCE 
gold medal team - Devin Ryan, Adrienne Sternlicht, and
McLain Ward.
Moving the $205,000 Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM
Toronto, presented by GroupBy, to the nal evening of the
Royal Horse Show from its traditional Wednesday night time
slot proved to be a big hit with competitors and spectators
alike. In front of more than 7,000 fans in the sold-out Coca-
Cola Coliseum, Ward claimed his fth win in the World Cup
class riding Double H Farm’s HH Gigi’s Girl over tracks set by
2018 WEG course designer Alan Wade of Ireland.
Ward, 43, estimates that he has been competing at the
Royal Horse Show for almost a quarter of a century, saying,
“I love it here. Obviously, I’m not Canadian, but I think of this
as a second home. The show is being run beautifully and the
organization is phenomenal. As you saw, we had a sold-out
crowd, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”
Having also won the $50,000 Weston Canadian Open on
Friday night riding Tradition de la Roque, Ward earned the
Leading International Rider title.
“It’s like an ‘Eloise’ moment for me to be here in the big
city,” said the two-time Olympic team gold medalist of
competing in Toronto. “I was being a little melancholy on
the drive over for the last day and thought, ‘I wonder how
many more years I’m going to get to experience it?’ and I
decided to look up Ian Millar’s age. I read 71, and I was like
‘I still have 29 more years! That’s good!’ I love being here.”
Ward’s 2018 WEG teammate, Devin Ryan of Long Valley, NJ,
jumped double clear aboard Eddie Blue to nish second and
pick up valuable World Cup qualifying points while Canada’s
own Ali Ramsay, 26, of Victoria, BC, nished third with a fault-
free performance riding Hermelien vd Hooghoeve.
Looking to the Future
An all-encompassing celebration of Canadian agriculture –
from giant pumpkins to butter sculptures to beef cows – the
illustrious Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is fast approaching
its centennial celebration.
“The Royal is about the best of the best and we are thrilled
with the experience that the customers had this year, the
show that the riders put on, and to be part of the Longines
FEI World CupTM,” said Charlie Johnstone, CEO of the
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. “There were folks I was
speaking to tonight who had never been to a major horse
show and they were in awe of what was happening. They
knew they were walking into something that was going to
be very exciting, and it exceeded their expectations.
“We’re in a good place and I think the future is very bright
for The Royal,” concluded Johnstone.
The Royal Horse Show will return to Toronto with more than
1,000 horses from around the globe competing for over
$980,000 in prize money during 10 days from November
1-10, 2019.
Lauren, Lilly, and McLain Ward by Ben
Radvanyi Photography
Isabelle Lapierre and Carrera S Presentation
by Ben Radvanyi Photography
Lauren Kieffer and Glendening Avis by Ben Radvanyi
Dixson Retirement Ceremony by Ben Radvanyi
Jordan Macpherson and Fiestamunde by Ben Radvanyi
Mary and Harvey Waller Old Times Coach
by Ben Radvanyi Photography
7359 Highway 219 NE, Woodburn, OR 97071
Contact: Joe Regan (503) 981 1978
16.2 hh Irish Gelding
15.2 hh Oldenburg Mare
17.2 hh Irish Gelding
Large Pony - William
Large Pony - Barney
Medium Pony - Reggie
7359 Highway 219 NE, Woodburn, OR 97071
Contact: Joe Regan (503) 981 1978
horses looking for riders
in-barn full & partial lease
for sale
contact us for further information
or to arrange an equine introduction
16.2 hh 5 Year Old Gelding (Sire - LaMarque) - Eligible Green Hunter
16.2 hh Imported 8 Year Old Mare (Sire - Jack of Diamonds) - Ideal for Junior / Three Ring (Sale or Lease)
16.2hh Gelding (Sale or Lease)
16.2 hh Irish Gelding
15.2 hh Oldenburg Mare
17.2 hh Irish Gelding
Large Pony - William
Large Pony - Barney
Medium Pony - Reggie
hose inside the sport understand it all comes down to
the battle for synchronicity between human and animal.
Any slight tug of rein, even a snippet of hesitation is the
difference between victory and defeat. I watch on the
sidelines, a mother, journalist, and author, wanting to
document the grit of the highest competition equine sport Wellington
delivers. Inherent in this, a more important quest to dene that
connection, that pull, that draw we have to the majesty of horses. Yes,
show-jumping, dressage, and polo are all a game, but they fuel us
with our base human needs of comfort, condence, and camaraderie.
That fuel, the drive, that reason we all come here is documented a
stunning, new, large scale book from Assouline, called Wellington:
The World of Horses.
It takes us inside the sport from dawn to dusk. You’ll see our battles,
our victories, the consolation that we tried our best against the
greatest champions in the world. It shows the honor and humility
required to be at the in-gate at any of the 20 rings across the 500 acres
of the Wellington Equestrian Festival, the Adequan
Global Dressage
Festival adjacent, or the International Polo Clubs all comprising the
Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.
By Holly Peterson
Photos by Elena Lusenti
Published by Assouline
Gracing every page, you’ll nd the award winning photographs by
Wellington’s own Italian beauty and competitor, Elena Lusenti who
lives and breathes the life. She has ridden here, socialized here, and,
lucky for us, used her talent with the lens to seize those moments that
bring us here. When I met Elena, interviewing photographers for this
desire to dene Wellington, both the emotional draw and physical
landscape, she jumped into the project with that same verve needed
to capture blue in center ring.
From morning ‘til night, Elena and I followed the competitors, the
caretakers, the dust, the mud, the glare of midday sun on the rings,
that sideways slant of the sun that creates a rainbow over a horse
being washed at the end of the day. We also shot the glamor, the
social life, the culture and even couture.
American show jumper Reed Kessler
Italian amateur jumper Lucrezia Buccellati
By Holly Peterson
Photos by Elena Lusenti
Published by Assouline
Right: British show jumper Ben Maher
Left: Rider Brianne Goutal-Marteau with her daughter, Clea
Rider Kent Farrington and his horse, Blue Angel, galloping away from the jump.
In the end, our quest to explain this for ourselves and
outsiders was cemented when we talked to people: the
greatest champions Kent Farrington or Margie Engle or
Ashley Holzer, the juniors Daisy Farish or Augusta Iwasaki,
or trainers Ken Smith and Don Stewart, and the vets and
grooms as well: they tried their best to speak about the
most basic reasons they come here, what horses do for
them, how the sport has changed their lives.
In the same way you don’t pick up a racket and walk into
center court at Wimbledon, it takes years of dedication
to compete at WEF. And so, Wellington: The World of
Horses provides something insiders needed: a yearbook
of sorts, a product they could hold that shows the
tightening of muscles, the clenched teeth and jaws as they
soar, the muddy boots and golf carts ringside, but also
the barns, the homes, even Loopy and Dan’s crepes or
that homemade lemonade stand we all ock to between
That searing intensity, that devotion we all feel pulsates
from every page in this book. The dedication and love
from riders, from the beasts beneath them, from the
grooms who care for them, from the trainers and families
who support them – all of this a focal point of Elena’s
camera. We hope you enjoy the book, the photographs,
and the rst-hand accounts from the devoted participants,
and treasure it always.
 TCE 
Kathy has always used her hands for creative pursuits. As an
equestrian, she used her hands to weave intricate braids in
horsetails and manes. As a photographer, she uses her hands to
adjust her camera and subjects, as she photographs and edits her
Her journey behind the lens started when she was just a young
girl. Kathy was always around horses, grew up riding and would
photograph her four-legged friends. As she grew up and attended
university at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, she studied
photojournalism. As her studies—and, along with them, her
work—progressed, she realized that she could combine both of
her passions to form a career.
After a decade working with other photographers honing her skills,
Kathy branched out on her own in 2014, forming Kathy Russell
Photography. She focuses on the relationship between humans
and their animals and has photographed a variety of disciplines,
while specializing in show jumping.
“Being able to combine the two things I care most about is
amazing,” Kathy says. “This industry has taken me throughout
North America, where I have met others who are just as passionate
about their animals. My philosophy is to convey what your individual
relationship is with your animal and do it in a way that has a heart
and has feel.”
Kathy takes her cues from her non-human subjects, allowing them
to help direct the photo shoot. Thus, her photographs have a truly
natural, intimate, and magical quality to them. Kathy adds a more
artistic quality to traditional event photography, and, using her
horsemanship to always put the animal rst, she has photographed
some unique relationships—not just between horse and rider, but
also between equines, dogs, and even some exotic animals.
A Canadian native, Kathy now calls Fort Lauderdale, FL her
home, but she spends a great deal of time traveling, especially
to Wellington, Florida, where many of her clients – some of the
nation’s top show jumpers - spend the winter.
Just last year, Kathy was recognized for her ne art talent and
was named the ofcial photographer for the 2018 Palm Beach
Open, Deeridge Derby and Palm Beach Masters, which she will be
returning to photograph in 2019.
Her attention to detail and expression offers a unique glimpse
into the intimate relationship between horse and rider. Her images
have been used in custom-published coffee table books, can be
found framed in barns and homes alike and have been published
in many media outlets.
 TCE 
he world’s best horses and riders will be returning to
Deeridge Farms in Wellington, Florida, this winter
for the expanded 2019 Palm Beach Masters Series®,
featuring three of show jumping’s biggest events!
The highly anticipated world-class competitions include
the Palm Beach Masters CSI4*-W featuring the Longines
FEI Jumping World Cup™ Wellington; the Longines FEI
Jumping Nations Cup™ of the United States; and the
Deeridge Derby.
The Palm Beach Masters Series® hosts top international
equestrian competitors from across the U.S. and abroad.
Beginning with one elite competition in 2016, the series
has grown into one of the sport’s most reputable events.
The show grounds are located at the magnicent Deeridge
Farms, situated in the heart of North American equestrian
Show Jumping’s Biggest Events and
Brightest Stars Coming to Palm Beach
Masters Series® at Deeridge Farms in 2019
Three Spectacular Events to Highlight Wellington Winter Season
sport in Wellington, Florida. The events’ picturesque
location, unrivaled hospitality, custom-built jumping rings
and world-class facilities guarantee a unique experience for
riders and spectators.
Lou Jacobs, who co-founded the series along with siblings
Charlie Jacobs and Katie Robinson, said, “We are thrilled
to kick off another Palm Beach Masters Series season.
From the outset, our goal was to ensure that Wellington is
a favorite destination for the highest levels of horse sport.
With the World Cup-qualifying Masters, the Derby, and
now the added honor of hosting the Longines FEI Jumping
Nations Cup™ of the United States, we remain steadfast in
our commitment. Above all else, we hope to engage and
inspire future generations of riders and equestrian fans.”
 TCE 
talented horses and riders. The Nations Cup™ at Deeridge
Farms will be the only qualier in the U.S. for the 2019
Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Final that matches
the top qualifying teams from around the world. It will also
include FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth competitions
(Young Rider, Junior, and Children’s) to showcase the next
generation of jumpers.
Deeridge Derby
February 28–March 3
Returning for its third year is the Deeridge Derby, a USEF
nationally-rated show where the nation’s most elegant
hunter horses take center stage to compete in prestigious
hunter classes highlighted by the highly competitive $50,000
USHJA International Hunter Derby. Victoria Colvin, winner
of last year’s USHJA International Hunter Derby, raved
about the experience of riding at Deeridge Farms. “It’s so
beautiful here,” she said. “It’s really great to be able to jump
on grass. The footing is excellent and it’s a blast to be in a
big galloping eld that feels like the old-style hunters. What
a wonderful opportunity to be able to show at a venue like
The Showgrounds at Deeridge Farms
Events are hosted at the spectacular Deeridge Farms,
situated in the heart of North American equestrian sport in
Palm Beach Masters CSI4*-W featuring the
Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Wellington
January 30–February 3
The Palm Beach Masters CSI4*-W will showcase exhilarating
competition from start to nish. The week’s featured event
is the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Wellington, one
of the nal two East Coast qualiers in the Longines FEI
Jumping World Cup™ North American League (NAL) where
the top names in the sport will vie for top prize money and a
chance to qualify for the 2019 Longines FEI Jumping World
Cup™ Final in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Daniel Coyle of Ireland, who won last year’s Longines FEI
Jumping World Cup™ competition at Deeridge Farms
aboard Cita, remarked, “This is an amazing event. The
conditions could not be any better; the footing is perfect
and being here is just a fantastic experience.”
Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™
of the United States
February 14–17
The Palm Beach Masters Series has been selected to host
the 2019 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of the United
States, a CSIO5* competition which will be hosted annually
at Deeridge Farms through the year 2021. The Longines
FEI Jumping Nations Cup™, celebrating its 110th year in
2019, features international teams made up the world’s most
 TCE 
Wellington, Florida. Award-winning landscaping surrounds
the custom-built show grounds and the facilities that host
the series, which include masterfully-created competition
arenas – a Grand Prix turf arena and the other an all-
weather sand arena. Additionally, there are two Bermuda
grass schooling arenas, one designated for FEI and the
other for non-FEI competitors. There is an all-weather
schooling arena adjacent to the competition arena as well
as an all-weather schooling arena located near the stables.
VIP Experience
The VIP Club at the Palm Beach Masters Series offers a
distinctive, two-story venue for watching the classes in
either competition arena. Spectators are treated to special
amenities and a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.
Further information on the Palm Beach Masters Series is
available at
Bts & Bling
Gd Evening and Welce to the
Oreg Hunt Jump Associati
2018 Ye End Banquet
Schship Fundrais
As you know, the organization strives to ensure quality horsemanship and sportsmanship, to provide high levels of
communication and responsibility to the general membership, and bring national recognition to Oregon and its
many ne riders and trainers. On behalf of the entire board, I want you to know how pleased we are that you have
chosen to be a member of this amazing organization. We are also delighted that you are here this evening as we
celebrate OHJA, recognize your individual pursuits of excellence, your many equestrian achievements, and raise
money for the scholarship and JEF programs.
During this year of triumphs and challenges, I was extremely gratied that we were able to work together to
ensure the continued success of OHJA and our horse show community. Thank you for your dedication, your
loyalty, and your commitment to OHJA.
Personally and professionally, I believe passionately in our organization and all it has to offer our equestrian
community. OHJA provides amazing educational opportunities including education seminars throughout the
summer. It strives to bring the junior members together through fundraising events like the Equitation Challenge.
This year OHJA introduced several new fun events, like the Portlandia Cup and the Hunt Team class, to ensure
that all members nd activities that keep them interested and involved in OHJA and horse showing.
It has been an honor to serve as the OHJA President for 2018. Thank you so much to the out going board
members whose hard work and dedication helped make this last year a success. Welcome 2019 board members!
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make tonight an evening to remember! It would not be possible
without your commitment and seless service.
A very special thank you to the riders, trainers, businesses, and parents whose hard work, nancial contributions,
and dedication to our sport enriches all our lives. We look forward to your continued support during 2019!
Thank you to all of you for being here to celebrate OHJA and the many successes of 2018. Congratulations to all
the awardees. I hope you enjoy this evening and the 2019 show season.
Rebekah Swan
OHJA President | 61
5:00 PM Cocktail Hour (no host bar), Silent Auction Begins
6:30 PM Dinner
7:10 PM Awards Presentation
9:30 PM Silent Auction Ends
Regional System Awards
Open System Awards
Sunday, January 6, 2019
10:00 AM
Association General Meeting
Special Awards
USHJA Championships
Zone 9 Horse of the Year Awards
Local System Awards
Congratulations 2018 Winners
Good Luck in
capturing memories,
one round at a time
Phone: (503) 701 6424
Package rates available.
Affordable High Denition Video
from McDonald’s
Canby, Clackamas, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Molalla,
Sandy, Silverton, West Linn, Wilsonville and Woodburn | 63
Every year, the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association celebrates the accomplishments of its riders and their
horses at The Annual Awards Gala. Sponsorship is an important funding source for this event.
This year’s gala was made possible due to our generous sponsors, our exceptional and determined
volunteers, and the leadership of our Board of Directors.
Gallops Saddlery
Wild Turkey Farm
Swan Training
Stellar Sport Horses
Ellen Brown
Flying Changes and The Competitive Equestrian
Team NW Equestrian Sports
Imagination Lane
JR Swan Enterprises
Janie Belozer
Pax Diem Equestrian Center
Julie Ward Photography
Oz Incorporated
Tucci Riding Boots
Davis Wright Tremaine
Dynamic Video
Kathryn A. Hall PC
Triple Rise Equestrian Center
Impulsion Images
Some Day Farm LLC
Professional Signs and Graphics
Maison Inc.
CWD Sellier
Korina Winkler
Dina Schnitzer
Maison Inc.
Quiet Rein Riding School
Savin Hill
Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
Rocking RMB Equine Services
64 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018
Special Awds
Cynthia Hoyt
Dibbins Trophy
Father of the Year /
Mother of the Year
Winning Hand
Perpetual Trophy
The Kubicek Cup
Smooth Jazz
Perpetual Trophy
Volunteer of the Year
The Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins Trophy is awarded to the High Point Certicate of Merit Rider in memory
of Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins, who was a lifetime equestrian, teacher, and student. This special award will be
presented with the Certicate of Merit.
Each year, the Board of Directors selects Mother and Father of the Year winners from the members’
nominations to honor their continued support and dedication throughout the year and helping each their
goals in the sport. A parents’ commitment is truly impressive and inspiring.
The Winning Hand Perpetual Trophy, sponsored by Mary Reid, is awarded to the high point horse in the
Open System’s High Performance Hunter, 4’ – 4’6” division. Also known as Mac, Winning Hand was a
wonderful horse who shared his kindness, talent, and unconditional love with everyone and we give this
award tonight in his memory.
The Kubicek Cup originated with the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association in 1990. With Julia
Kubicek’s move to the North West, the award started anew with the OHJA in 2003. The Kubicek Cup is
awarded to the high point equitation rider, regardless of age.
The horse, what a marvelous creature! We are lucky to enjoy our wonderful relationship with these animals.
Over the years, horses have become increasingly dependent upon humans for their well-being. Awareness
of and concern for our horses’ welfare has grown out of this relationship. Thanks to Jeff and Shelley Campf’s
generous donation of the Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy, Oregon Hunter Jumper Association now recognizes
one of its members annually for their demonstrated commitment to horse welfare.
The Senior Sportsmanship Award, originally sponsored by Portland Outdoor Store, is awarded to an
outstanding senior member each year as selected from the nominations submitted to the Board of Directors.
The Junior Sportsmanship Award, originally sponsored by Durham & Bates Agencies, Inc., is awarded to an
outstanding junior member each year as selected from the nominations submitted to the Board of Directors.
Flying Changes Correspondent Dustin Goodwin
2018 Bod Membs
President Beka Swan
Vice President Kathy Hall
Treasurer Joe Regan
Secretary Martha Brooks
Jumper Representative Robin Rothe
Hunter Representative Dustin Goodwin
Leah Lively
Member at Large Akiko Hamada
Member at Large Elise Conlee
Member at Large Sam Shahbazi
Member at Large Trish Helmer
 Isabelle Lively
 Serin Von Marenholtz | 65
OHJA Ctificate of Mit
Swan Training, Pax Diem, JEF Representatives (Junior Equestrian Fund)
Trish Helmer, Kathy Hall, OHJA
Stellar Sport Horses, Arbor Grove Equestrian
Lorna Lowrie, Flying Changes and The Competitive Equestrian
Kris Waters, Dynamic Video and Julie Ward Photographer
Akiko Hamada
Gala Vuntes
Program Presentation & Design
Video Slide Show
Silent Auction Chair
Iris Hickey
Adelaide Hess
Caroline Woodcock
Kate Byrnes
Oona Brennan
Amy Spence
Amelie Roy
Patrice Verbeek
Vivienne Bishop
Katrina Gillette
Avery Dunn
Hannah Sievert
Vicky Carman
Avery Winston
Catherine Alleman
Ayla Notowitz
Kim Stout
Madeline Bailey
Member at Large Akiko Hamada
Member at Large Elise Conlee
Member at Large Sam Shahbazi
Member at Large Trish Helmer
 Isabelle Lively
 Serin Von Marenholtz
USHJA Zone 9/10 Adult Amateur Jumper Team Championships
Silver medal - Leslie Cox and Cassius
USHJA Zone 9/10 Adult Amateur Hunter Team Championships
Gold medal - Kathleen Waldorf & Cara Mia
2018 USHJA Hunt& Jump Team Champiships
Ethan Grasty
Jordan Graeme
Marianis Guy
Sophia Brown
Mollie Butler
Aaron Bankel
Alexis Bruemmer
Piper Bloom
Barrett Koerv
Joelle Tavan
Kyra Lang
Emily Holmes
2018 USHJA Affiliate Equitati Awds
Amateur Equitation
Champion Hannah Scheuer
Reserve Champion Briteney Mercer
3rd Sonya Maxwell
4th Laura Piccard
5th Colleen MacMillan
6th Kristina Runas
Equitation, 17 & Under
Champion Emily Perkins
Reserve Champion Zoe Stascausky
3rd Ella Kate Duke
4th Helen Lind
5th Campbell Ray
6th Sophie Lang
Amateur Equitation, 18 & Over
Champion Ellen Brown
Reserve Champion Ronna McHugh-Lemasters
3rd Cate Morse
4th Jasmine Browning
5th Isabelle Lively
6th Rachel Dalfonsi
20 Locations throughout Oregon & Washington
Find A Store Near You:
OHJA-2018_Horse-Show-ad_one.indd 1 12/9/18 12:12 PM
20 Locations throughout Oregon & Washington
Livestock Feeds
& Supplements
Equine Nutrition
Show Feed
Fding Your Paion
OHJA-2018_Horse-Show-ad_one.indd 2 12/9/18 12:19 PM
20 Locations throughout Oregon & Washington
Find A Store Near You:
OHJA-2018_Horse-Show-ad_one.indd 1 12/9/18 12:12 PM
Congratulations to all OHJA Year End Award winners.
We wish you the best of luck during the 2019 show season.
Congratulations to all OHJA Year End Award winners.
We wish you the best of luck during the 2019 show season.
AON/USHJA National Affiliate 2’6 Champion
My thanks to Akiko Hamada for Training Taj, and Amy Gau for Showing Taj, both of whom have been instrumental
in helping Taj to this accomplishment! He would not be here today without their training and guidance.
Taj Capri
70 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018 | 71
72 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018
2018 USHJA Ze 9 Hse of the Ye Champis
PERFORMANCE WORKING HUNTER 3’6 Editorial, Dina Schnitzer
GREEN HUNTER 3’3” Purview, Helen Lind
YOUNG HUNTER 3’ Testify, Briteney Mercer
YOUNG HUNTER 3’3 Podium, Korina Winkler
AMATEUR OWNER HUNTER 36 & OVER Sinatra, Laura Piccard
JUNIOR HUNTER- SMALL 16-17 New England, Emily Perkins
JUNIOR HUNTER 3’3”- LARGE 15 & UNDER- Valencia, Zoe Stascausky
GREEN PONY HUNTER- MEDIUM Rosecroft Lucky Girl, Isabelle Lively
ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER 56 & OVER Cara Mia, Kathleen Waldorf
1.20M/1.25M JUNIOR JUMPER Dutch Treat, Elois Farnsworth
1.30M/1.35M AMATEUR OWNER JUMPER Cerana, Jessica Gleason
1.40M/1.45M JUNIOR JUMPER Dauphin, Andrea Snyder
1.40M/1.45M AMATEUR JUMPER Dauphin, Andrea Snyder
ELITE JUMPER Steelbi, Kathleen Waldorf
2018 Medal Finals Winns
JUNIOR MINI MEDAL Katrina Gillette
ADULT MEDAL Rachel Geringer
NICOLE, KENDALL and the IMAGINATION LANE TEAM would like to congratulate everyone
on an incredibly successful year. We are so proud of you all and look forward to 2019!
To learn more about IMAGINATION LANE, which is located just outside of Wilsonville, Oregon,
visit our website at: or contact us at 503.310.9982.
on a FUN & SUCCESSFUL 2018!!
Here’s to many more!
Horse sales, leases, and breeding • Boarding, training, and riding instruction • Risk assessment and management
• Ownership and registration • Business entity formation, governance, taxation, and employment
Veterinary malpractice and negligence Horse and rider injuries Debt collection and creditors’ rights
oregon and Washington
Ren Bannerman
Rocking RMB Equine Services
(503) 931-0901
Colt Starting
Tune Ups
Hunt Seat
Stock Horse
From business transactions,
to estate planning, to litigation,
our lawyers help clients set the
course for success.
Davis Wright Tremaine is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association
Anchorage | Bellevue | Los Angeles | New York | Portland
San Francisco | Seattle | Shanghai | Washington, D.C. | DW T.COM
“Innovative Law Firm of the Year”
From business transactions,
to estate planning, to litigation,
our lawyers help clients set the
course for success.
Davis Wright Tremaine is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association
Anchorage | Bellevue | Los Angeles | New York | Portland
San Francisco | Seattle | Shanghai | Washington, D.C. | DWT.COM
“Innovative Law Firm of the Year”
From business transactions,
to estate planning, to litigation,
our lawyers help clients set the
course for success.
Davis Wright Tremaine is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association
Anchorage | Bellevue | Los Angeles | New York | Portland
San Francisco | Seattle | Shanghai | Washington, D.C. | DWT.COM
“Innovative Law Firm of the Year”
(503)-830-9580 Wilsonville, Oregon
Ph. Tiziano
Katie Nubel
Ph: 503. 457. 7560
212x262-katieNubelDEF.indd 5 14/12/17 11:14
Ph. Tiziano
Katie Nubel
Ph: 503. 457. 7560
212x262-katieNubelDEF.indd 5 14/12/17 11:14
Open System - Hunts
Baby Green Hunt
Champion Testify Briteney Mercer
Reserve C hampion Dragon Swan & Berg Investments
Lge Wking Hunt
Champion Lassalle Ella Cate Duke
Reserve C hampion Bohemio Z Lauren O’Toole
2nd Reserve Champion Hershey’s Special Lisa Westarp
4th Macallan 25 Hilary Sosne
5th Princeton Avery Farley
6th Churchill Ellen Brown
Small Wking Hunt
Champion Kilkenny Esquire Patricia L. H. Trunzo
Reserve C hampion Ozone Eliza Grant
2nd Reserve Champion Taj Capri David Hopkins
4th Belvedere Ellen Brown
5th New England Emily Perkins
Thghbred Hunt
Champion Cause I Said Kate Glauner
Reserve C hampion Ozone Eliza Grant
USHJA Hunt - 2’6”
Champion Lucky Number 3 Isabelle Lively
Reserve C hampion Churchill Ellen Brown
2nd Reserve Champion Taj Capri David Hopkins
4th Malbec Ashlyn Cornelius
5th Poplar Place Pied Piper Isabella Mullan
6th Kolibrie V Leah Lively
USHJA Hunt - 2’9
Champion Taj Capri David Hopkins
Reserve C hampion Iron Man Alexandra Scates
2nd Reserve Champion Willow Jill Brooks
4th Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
USHJA Hunt - 3
Champion Malbec Ashlyn Cornelius
Reserve C hampion Valencia Zoe Stascausky
2nd Reserve Champion Fleur Alyssa Marchington
4th Capria Carissa Macdonald
5th Kilkenny Esquire Patricia L. H. Trunzo
6th Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
Yng Hunt, 3’ - 3’6”
Champion Podium Korina Winkler
Reserve C hampion Testify Briteney Mercer
2nd Reserve Champion Décollage Regan Szambelan
4th Grace of Hearts Dina Schnitzer
5th WT Cacao Grace Salmon
Green Hunt, 3’
Champion Per Se Emily Hutson
Reserve C hampion Card Trick Patti Laird
2nd Reserve Champion Golden Rule Tamara Gonzalez
4th Podium Korina Winkler
5th Iron Man Alexandra Scates
6th Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
Green Hunt, 3’3”
Champion Purview Helen Lind
Reserve C hampion Card Trick Patti Laird
2nd Reserve Champion High Tide Zoe Stascausky
4th Kolibrie V Leah Lively
5th Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
6th Flanagan Katie Eros
Green Hunt, 3’6” - 3’9
Champion Dicaprio Mindy Mayer
Reserve C hampion New Look Grace Spiegel
2nd Reserve Champion New England Emily Perkins
4th Galan Kennedy Duke
5th High Tide Zoe Stascausky
Cfmati Hunt
Champion New Look Grace Spiegel
Reserve C hampion New England Emily Perkins
2nd Reserve Champion Dicaprio Mindy Mayer
4th Commonwealth Emily Hutson
Pfmance Hunt 3’3”
Champion Valencia Zoe Stascausky
Reserve C hampion Macallan 25 Hilary Sosne
2nd Reserve Champion New England Emily Perkins
4th Cause I Said Kate Glauner
5th Paradigm Sophie Lang
6th Astrid Natalia Pantuso
Pfmance Hunt 3’6”
Champion Editorial Dina Schnitzer
Reserve C hampion Dicaprio Mindy Mayer
2nd Reserve Champion Primo Anna Byrnes
4th Belvedere Ellen Brown
5th Cartiano Z Erica Smedley
6th Galan Kennedy Duke
High Pfmance Hunt
Champion Commonwealth Emily Hutson
Reserve C hampion Carinyo Christine Loper
2nd Reserve Champion Easy Company Grace Duffy
4th Sinatra Laura Piccard
5th High Tide Zoe Stascausky
6th Moves Like Jagger Anna Byrnes
Sht Stup Hunt
Champion I’m Lovin It Mila Anderson
Reserve C hampion Malbec Ashlyn Cornelius
2nd Reserve Champion Fancy That Isabel Baker
4th Fandango Solana Hickey
5th Scooby Doo Valeska Bruce
6th Lucky Number 3 Isabelle Lively
Lg Stup Hunt
Champion Kenny Chestnut Emily Mottern
Reserve C hampion Cocotal LS Annika Jensen Lamka
2nd Reserve Champion Churchill Ellen Brown
4th Kolibrie V Leah Lively
5th Belvedere Ellen Brown
6th Hershey’s Special Lisa Westarp
Pre-Childrens Wking Hunt
Champion Iron Man Alexandra Scates
Reserve C hampion Cill Dara Silver Paige Preece
2nd Reserve Champion Lucky Number 3 Isabelle Lively
4th Décollage Regan Szambelan
5th Bohemio Z Lauren O’Toole
6th El Capitan Nancy Jubitz
Open System - Equitati
Sht Stup Equitati
Champion Valeska Bruce
Reserve C hampion Solana Hickey
2nd Reserve Champion Mila Anderson
4th Rachel Dalfonsi
5th Sebastian Erhan
6th Isabelle Lively
Lg Stup Equitati
Champion Ellen Brown
Reserve C hampion Emily Mottern
2nd Reserve Champion Leah Lively
4th Patricia L. H. Trunzo
Pre-Childrens Equitati
Champion Isabelle Lively
Reserve C hampion Rachel Dalfonsi
2nd Reserve Champion Regan Szambelan
4th Alexandra Scates
5th Madeline Capps
6th Ella Delgado
Open System - Hunts
Modified Juni/Amate Hunt
Champion Carinyo Christine Loper
Reserve C hampion Beau Zephyr Makenzie Brooks
2nd Reserve Champion October Road Cameron Brown
4th Anka Amanda Rosch
5th Clemenza Cameron Brown
6th Know-How Karson Parry
Juni Wking Hunt 3’3
Champion Valencia Zoe Stacausky
Reserve C hampion Cartiano Z Erica Smedley
2nd Reserve Champion Purview Helen Lind
4th Galan Kennedy Duke
5th Astrid Natalia Pantuso
6th Know-How Karson Parry
Amate Own Wking Hunt 33”
Champion Macallan 25 Hilary Sosne
Reserve C hampion Anka Amanda Rosch
2nd Reserve Champion Princeton Avery Farley
4th Per Se Emily Hutson
5th Andros Ineke van Waardenburg
6th Conviction Briteney Mercer
Juni Wking Hunt, 15 & Und
Champion Dicaprio Mindy Mayer
Reserve C hampion October Road Cameron Brown
2nd Reserve Champion Galan Kennedy Duke
4th Clemenza Cameron Brown
Juni Wking Hunt, 16 - 17
Champion New England Emily Perkins
Reserve C hampion Paradigm Sophie B. Lang
2nd Reserve Champion New Look Grace Spiegel
4th Editorial Dina Schnitzer
5th Pollux Alena Horowitz
Amate Own Wking Hunt
Champion Commonwealth Emily Hutson
Reserve C hampion Sinatra Laura Piccard
2nd Reserve Champion Old Fashioned Hannah Scheuer
4th Per Se Emily Hutson
5th Beau Zephyr Makenzie Brooks
6th Princeton Avery Farley
Pre-Adult Equitati
Champion Ellen Brown
Reserve C hampion Tamara Gonzalez
2nd Reserve Champion Leah Lively
4th Lisa Westarp
5th Briteney Mercer
6th Jill Brooks
Pre-Adult Wking Hunt
Champion Churchill Ellen Brown
Reserve C hampion Golden Rule Tamara Gonzalez
2nd Reserve Champion Belvedere Ellen Brown
4th Testify Briteney Mercer
5th Kolibrie V Leah Lively
6th Hershey’s Special Lisa Westarp
Green Py Wking Hunt
Champion Rosecroft Lucky Girl Isabelle Lively
Childrens Wking Hunt Py
Champion I’m Lovin It Mila Anderson
Reserve C hampion Fancy That Isabel Baker
2nd Reserve Champion To The Moon & Back Brooklyn Cornelius
4th Caramel Kiss Marielle Ruder
Py Wking Hunt
Champion Poplar Place Pied Piper Isabella Mullan
Reserve C hampion C.E. Providence Elle Delgado
2nd Reserve Champion Rosecroft Lucky Girl Isabelle Lively
4th I’m Lovin It Mila Anderson
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Hunt
Champion Capria Carissa Macdonald
Reserve C hampion Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
2nd Reserve Champion Bohemio Z Lauren O’Toole
4th Primo Anna Byrnes
5th Iron Man Alexandra Scates
6th Winterfell Sonya Maxwell
Childrens Wking Hunt, 17 & Und
Champion Lassalle Ella Cate Duke
Reserve C hampion Ozone Eliza Grant
2nd Reserve Champion Easy Company Grace Duffy
4th Lantanet Lindsay Knight
5th Purview Helen Lind
6th Carvill VA Joshua Caine-Welch
Adult Amate Wking Hunt, 18 & Ov
Champion Winterfell Sonya Maxwell
Reserve C hampion Editorial Dina Schnitzer
2nd Reserve Champion Testify Briteney Mercer
4th Fleur Alyssa Marchington
5th Anka Amanda Rosch
6th Luigi Coleen MacMillan
Py Equitati
Champion Isabella Mullan
Reserve C hampion Ella Delgado
2nd Reserve Champion Mila Anderson
4th Brooklyn Cornelius
5th Isabelle Lively
6th Isabel Baker
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Equitati
Champion Carissa Macdonald
Reserve C hampion Briteney Mercer
2nd Reserve Champion Rachel Dalfonsi
4th Madeline Capps
4th Joshua Caine-Welch
6th Alexandra Scates | 79
Open System - Jumps
0.70 m. - 0.80 m. Jump
Champion Sriracha Sarah Savin
Reserve C hampion Gideon Gemma Haney
2nd Reserve Champion Yukon Callie Preece
4th Dragon Swan & Berg Invests.
5th To The Moon & Back Brooklyn Cornelius
6th Indoctro sylt van de Eijkho Zoe Conlee
6th Phenom Michelle Tonkin
0.85 m. - 0.90 m. Jump
Champion Connor Jill Brooks
Reserve C hampion True North Victoria Bajtay
2nd Reserve Champion Caylixx Joshua Caine-Welch
4th High Priest Amanda DePaul
5th Flint Amanda Rosch
6th Legacy Zoey Buchanan
6th Epiphany Imagination Lane, LLC
0.95 m. - 1.00 m. Jump
Champion High Priest Amanda DePaul
Reserve C hampion WT Cacao Grace Salmon
2nd Reserve Champion Bally Graffan Elena Townsend
4th True North Victoria Bajtay
5th Avion Karen Robertson
6th Flint Amanda Rosch
1.05 m. - 1.10 m. Jump
Champion Loverboy Quinn Hoffman
Reserve C hampion Phenom Michelle Tonkin
2nd Reserve Champion Doretto Leslie Cox
4th Apache Joe Brooke McLeod
5th Irco Kimberly Bruce
6th Bally Graffan Elena Townsend
1.15 m. - 1.20 m. Jump
Champion Doretto Leslie Cox
Reserve C hampion Imnaha Sarah Asby
2nd Reserve Champion Quiz Imagination Lane, LLC
4th Irco Kimberly Bruce
5th Moves Like Jagger Anna Byrnes
6th Euphory Brooke McLeod
1.25 m. - 1.30 m. Jump
Champion D’Artagnan Zoe Conlee
Reserve C hampion Atlantis Megan Jordan
2nd Reserve Champion Trust Me HS Brooke McLeod
4th Dutch Treat Elois Farnsworth
5th Amaroso Brianna McKinney
6th Coradina Z Zoe Conlee
1.35 m. & Up Jump
Champion Atlantis Megan Jordan
Reserve C hampion Dauphin Double A LLC
2nd Reserve Champion D’Artagnan Zoe Conlee
4th Wordsworth II Kimberly Bruce
5th Ninou 2 Kimberly Bruce
6th Coradina Z Zoe Conlee
Thghbred Jump
Champion Crab Rangoon Kristen Whiteside
Reserve C hampion Flint Amanda Rosch
Yng Jump
Champion Quiz Imagination Lane, LLC
Reserve C hampion Coradina Z Zoe Conlee
Beginning Jump
Champion Yukon Callie Preece
Reserve C hampion Indoctro sylt van de Eijkhof Zoe Conlee
2nd Reserve Champion To The Moon & Back Brooklyn Cornelius
4th Lucky Number Three Isabelle Lively
L Childrens Jump
Champion Alstroemeria Kaela Lee
Reserve C hampion Legacy Zoey Buchanan
2nd Reserve Champion Second Chance Cece Roberts
4th Caylixx Joshua Caine-Welch
5th Dessa Taylor Jackson
6th Smooth Criminal Alyvia Smart
L Adult Amate Jump
Champion Connor Jill Brooks
Reserve C hampion High Priest Amanda DePaul
2nd Reserve Champion Rozlyn Alana Francis
4th Avion Karen Robertson
5th True North Victoria Bajtay
6th Tis So Alana Francis
High Childrens Jump
Champion Loverboy Quinn Hoffman
Reserve C hampion Funny Boy Lisa Pleasance
2nd Reserve Champion Armani SP Katherine Grundeman
4th Dessa Taylor Jackson
5th Conte S Ava Duke-Martin
6th Pollux Alena Horowitz
Open System - Equitati
Resicted Equitati, 17 & Und
Champion Lindsay Knight
Reserve C hampion Eliza Grant
2nd Reserve Champion Isabel Baker
Equitati, 12 & Und
Champion Zoe Stascausky
Reserve C hampion Ella Cate Duke
2nd Reserve Champion Helen Lind
4th Ella Delgado
5th Isabella Mullan
Equitati, 13 - 15
Champion Campbell Ray
Reserve C hampion Kennedy Duke
2nd Reserve Champion Erica Smedley
4th Cameron Brown
5th Grace Duffy
6th Natalia Pantuso
Equitati, 16 - 17
Champion Emily Perkins
Reserve C hampion Sophie B. Lang
2nd Reserve Champion Grace Spiegel
4th Rachel Waddell
5th Joshua Caine-Welch
Amate Equitati, 18 & Ov
Champion Hannah Scheuer
Reserve C hampion Briteney Mercer
2nd Reserve Champion Sonya Maxwell
4th Laura Piccard
5th Coleen MacMillan
6th Christine Loper
80 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018
High Adult Amate Jump
Champion Doretto Leslie Cox
Reserve C hampion Cassius Leslie Cox
2nd Reserve Champion Bally Graffan Elena Townsend
4th Irco Kimberly Bruce
5th Beckham Mel Tilkicioglu
6th Spark Jennifer Flanagan
Modified Juni/Amate Jump
Champion Twist De Belair Kristin McGettigan
Reserve C hampion Conte S Ava Duke-Martin
2nd Reserve Champion Spark Jennifer Flanagan
4th Dutch Treat Elois Farnsworth
5th Clemenza Cameron Brown
6th Flinton M Cameron Brown
Juni/Amate Own Jump
Champion Dutch Treat Elois Farnsworth
Reserve C hampion Dauphin Double A LLC
2nd Reserve Champion Conte S Ava Duke-Martin
4th Twist De Belair Kristin McGettigan
5th Spark Jennifer Flanagan
6th Clemenza Cameron Brown
Open System - Jumps
Regial System - Hunts
Baby Green Hunt
Champion Illimani Caitlin Cook
Reserve C hampion Hamburg Katie Erickson
2nd Reserve Champion Kilkenny Hamlet Keely Williams
4th Blush Balou Kirby Arkes
5th Finnomenon Lizabeth Dutton
Lge Wking Hunt
Champion Stetson Kelli Coelho
USHJA Hunt - 2’6”
Champion Crazy Top Model Katie Erickson
Reserve C hampion Chances Are Ronna McHugh-Lemasters
2nd Reserve Champion Angelo Marian Ehlers
4th Belvedere Cate Morse
5th Mostly All Too Good Tammy Tucker
6th Brooklyn Gail Taylor | 81
Regial System - Equitati
Sht Stup Equitati
Champion Brooke Hagerty
Reserve C hampion Catherine Gewecke
2nd Reserve Champion Hatte Hamilton
4th Moseley Maxwell
5th Marian Ehlers
Lg Stup Equitati
Champion Kathleen Erickson
Reserve Champion Tammy Tucker
2nd Reserve Champion Patty Glick
4th Lizabeth Dutton
5th Gail Taylor
Pre-Childrens Equitati
Champion Cate Morse
Reserve Champion Jasmine Browning
2nd Reserve Champion Mimi Bouldin
4th Kadin Bankel
5th Jordyn Tietz
6th Sophia Leonard
Pre-Adult Equitati
Champion Ronna McHugh-Lemasters
Reserve Champion Kimberly Flanagan
2nd Reserve Champion Gail Taylor
4th Maureen Lewis
5th Jaclyn Egan
6th Kelli Coelho
Py Equitati
Champion Avery Faye Smith
Reserve Champion Marian Ehlers
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Equitati
Champion Elise Knowles
Reserve Champion Bali Schock
2nd Reserve Champion Jasmine Browning
4th Kira Petrunin
5th Kaylyn McGrady
6th Andrea Beard
Resicted Equitati, 17 & Und
Champion Lily Sterling
Reserve Champion Kate Hagerty
2nd Reserve Champion Bali Schock
4th Isabelle Grant
5th Emily Jahn
6th Katherine Grundeman
Equitati, 17 & Und
Champion Kaylyn McGrady
Reserve Champion Alena Horowitz
2nd Reserve Champion Kate Lindfors
Amate Equitati, 18 & Ov
Champion Kristina Runas
Reserve Champion Alyssa Marchington
2nd Reserve Champion Kelli Coelho
4th Ineke van Waardenburg
USHJA Hunt - 2’9
Champion Jackie O Kimberly Flanagan
Reserve C hampion Hamburg Katie Erickson
2nd Reserve Champion La Reserve Mimi Bouldin
4th Ziel Elsa Brotz
5th Crazy Top Model Katie Erickson
6th Beam Me Up Scotty Isabel Baker
Pfmance Hunt 3’3”
Champion Aries Sophia Leonard
Sht Stup Hunt
Champion Magic Moments Courtney Reid
Reserve C hampion Belles Dancing Girl Brooke Hagerty
2nd Reserve Champion Spot On Moseley Maxwell
4th Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
5th TinTin Hattie Brotz
6th Illimani Caitlin Cook
Lg Stup Hunt
Champion Bling It On Katie Erickson
Reserve C hampion Crazy Top Model Katie Erickson
2nd Reserve Champion Mostly All Too Good Tammy Tucker
4th He Charmed Me Susan Babbitt
5th Finnomenon Lizabeth Dutton
6th Zeppelin Korina Winkler
Pre-Childrens Wking Hunt
Champion Belvedere Cate Morse
Reserve C hampion La Reserve Mimi Bouldin
2nd Reserve Champion Grazioso Jasmine Browning
4th Ma Cherie Kadin Bankel
5th He Charmed Me Susan Babbitt
6th Aries Sophia Leonard
Regial System - Hunts
Pre-Adult Wking Hunt
Champion Chances Are Ronna McHugh-Lemasters
Reserve C hampion Brooklyn Gail Taylor
2nd Reserve Champion Jackie O Kimberly Flanagan
4th Stetson Kelli Coelho
5th Cakewalk Kindy Pool
Childrens Wking Hunt Py
Champion Lottie Dah Avery Smith
Reserve C hampion Beam Me Up Scotty Isabel Baker
Py Wking Hunt
Champion Beam Me Up Scotty Isabel Baker
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Hunt
Champion Diplomat Elise Knowles
Reserve C hampion Cakewalk Kindy Pool
2nd Reserve Champion Soldier Boy Kira Petrunin
4th Sir Robert Randall Kemp
4th Night Song Shannon Strecker
6th Ziel Elsa Brotz
6th Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
Childrens Wking Hunt, 17 & Und
Champion Carlos Lily Sterling
Reserve C hampion Cappuccino Kate Hagerty
2nd Reserve Champion Nashira Andrea Beard
4th Sweetwater Emily Jahn
Adult Amate Wking Hunt, 18 & Ov
Champion Zen Kristina Runas
Reserve C hampion Stetson Kelli Coelho
Juni Wking Hunt, 17 & Und
Champion Le Cavalier Kaylyn McGrady
Swan Training
A Top Hunter Jumper Program
Contact us today for a tour!
A Premier Hunter Jumper Facility
Located in the Heart of Oregon Horse Country
Individual Grass Turnouts
90 x 220 Indoor Arena
100 x 200 Outdoor Arena
Grand Prix Jumping Field with Ditches, Grob and Natural Jumps
Access to 100s of Miles of Trails
Hot and Cold Wash Racks
Heated Viewing Room and Heated Bathroom
Industrial Washer and Dryer for All Your Horse Laundry Needs
Owners Live On Site
Proudly sponsored by 503-349-0314
Congratulation To All Our Riders And Their Horses On A Successful 2018 Show Season!
Swan Training Were Sportsmanship Meets Horsemanship
Accepting new clients in our family friendly, fun, and supportive riding community
From walk/trot to success in top level hunter, jumper, and equitation competitions
Individualized training for riders of all ages and abilities / Quality lesson and lease horses
Horse sales specialist - we have a proven success record of matching the right horse and rider team .
Proudly sponsored by
Proudly sponsored by
Swan Training
A Top Hunter Jumper Program
Contact us today for a tour!
A Premier Hunter Jumper Facility
Located in the Heart of Oregon Horse Country
Individual Grass Turnouts
90 x 220 Indoor Arena
100 x 200 Outdoor Arena
Grand Prix Jumping Field with Ditches, Grob and Natural Jumps
Access to 100s of Miles of Trails
Hot and Cold Wash Racks
Heated Viewing Room and Heated Bathroom
Industrial Washer and Dryer for All Your Horse Laundry Needs
Owners Live On Site
Proudly sponsored by
84 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018
Regial System - Jumps
0.70 m. - 0.80 m. Jump
Champion Ryleyspence Bridget Barton
Reserve Champion Blush Balou Kirby Arkes
2nd Reserve Champion Night Song Shannon Strecker
4th Jasminealaddin Hazel Hamilton
5th Bacchus Lovena Hutt
6th Saint Patrick Kimberly Curry
0.85 m. - 0.90 m. Jump
Champion Saint Patrick Kimberly Curry
Reserve Champion Hendrix Moriah Doyle
2nd Reserve Champion Constantin Jordan Pierson
4th Shakira Ayla Hoffman
5th Kilkenny Fiona Molly Tietz
6th Bossanova Nora Hille
0.95 m. - 1.00 m. Jump
Champion Bossanova Nora Hille
Reserve Champion Wyzard Arwen Clemens
2nd Reserve Champion Lancelot Du Lac Serin von Marenholtz
4th Creetious Gina Bailey
5th Coconut Lindsay Golden
6th Skyview’s Neptune Jennifer Mattson
1.05 m. - 1.10 m. Jump
Champion Oreal Makinley Asato
Reserve Champion Wyzard Arwen Clemens
2nd Reserve Champion Coconut Lindsay Golden
4th Always Meaghan Dunne
5th Alboretto Wonderland Kim McKie
6th Capistrano Cat Olive Trump
1.15 m. - 1.20 m. Jump
Champion Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
Reserve Champion Coconut Lindsay Golden
2nd Reserve Champion Always Meaghan Dunne
4th Capistrano Cat Olive Trump
5th Alboretto Wonderland Kim McKie
6th Golden Affair Kim Larson-Daiker
Beginning Jump
Champion Blush Balou Kirby Arkes
Reserve Champion Jasminealaddin Hazel Hamilton
2nd Reserve Champion Kilkenny Fiona Molly Tietz
4th Kilkenny Hamlet Keely Williams
5th Bacchus Lovena Hutt
6th Olympic Torch Rachel Edwards
L Childrens Jump
Champion Bossanova Nora Hille
Reserve Champion Constantin Jordan Pierson
2nd Reserve Champion Lancelot Du Lac Serin von Marenholtz
4th Wyzard Arwen Clemens
5th Shakira Ayla Hoffman
6th Lillian Makinley Asato
L Adult Amate Jump
Champion Capture the Flag Mike Gallaway
Reserve Champion Saint Patrick Kimberly Curry
2nd Reserve Champion Skyview’s Neptune Jennifer Mattson
4th Creetious Gina Bailey
5th Delilah Maureen Lewis
High Childrens Jump
Champion Wyzard Arwen Clemens
Reserve Champion Oreal Makinley Asato
2nd Reserve Champion Capistrano Cat Olive Trump
4th Joon Charlotte Swail
5th Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
High Adult Amate Jump
Champion Coconut Lindsay Golden
Reserve Champion Alboretto Wonderland Kim McKie
2nd Reserve Champion Batuki Simone Chaves
4th Golden Affair Kim Larson-Daiker
Modified Juni/Amate Jump
Champion Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
Reserve Champion Joon Charlotte Swail
2nd Reserve Champion Oreal Makinley Asato
Juni/Amate Own Jump
Champion Tribute Kaylyn McGrady
Joelle Tavan and
Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
are pleased to support the
Oregon Hunter Jumper
Portland, OR | Seattle, WA | Vancouver, WA | Long Beach, CA
Local System - Hunts
Baby Green Hunt
Champion Bergamo Mollie Butler
Reserve Champion Colando M Gerry Koonce
2nd Reserve Champion Paperback Writer Rebecca Simon
4th Curiosa Z Joelle Tavan
5th Katniss Kim McKie
Lge Wking Hunt
Champion Leonetti Annmarie Grant
Reserve Champion Renaissance Heidi Thornburgh
2nd Reserve Champion Capaccio Tressa Blankenship
4th Touch Of Clover Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
5th Rabelais Teal Shoop
USHJA Hunt - 2’
Champion Favored By Luck Macy Bishop
Reserve Champion Bakari Quiet Rein Riding School, LLC
2nd Reserve Champion Rockstar Kadin Bankel
4th Bergamo Mollie Butler
5th Johnny Cash Emily Holmes
USHJA Hunt - 2’3”
Champion Johnny Cash Emily Holmes
Reserve Champion Mindcraft Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
2nd Reserve Champion Gravity Kimberly Beveridge
4th Braveheart French Hill Farm, LLC
4th Honor Roll Natsha Kujovich
6th Connect the Dots Chelsea Sandbloom
USHJA Hunt - 2’6”
Champion Leonetti Annmarie Grant
Reserve Champion Rendezvous Kate Connors
2nd Reserve Champion Alliance Karen Sandrik
4th Touch Of Clover Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
5th Gravity Kimberly Beveridge
6th MHS Blue Danube Katrina Gillette
USHJA Hunt - 2’9” - 3’
Champion Rabelais Teal Shoop
Reserve Champion Casanova Kristen Bird
2nd Reserve Champion Leonetti Annmarie Grant
Sht Stup Hunt
Champion Johnny Cash Emily Holmes
Reserve Champion MHS Blue Danube Katrina Gillette
2nd Reserve Champion Touch Of Clover Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
4th Rockstar Kadin Bankel
5th Connect the Dots Chelsea Sandbloom
6th Bakari Quiet Rein R.S, LLC
Lg Stup Hunt
Champion Favored By Luck Macy Bishop
Reserve Champion Gravity Kimberly Beveridge
2nd Reserve Champion Peace of Mind Molly Basney
4th Bergamo Mollie Butler
5th VonRay Amanda Gango
6th Mindcraft Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
Pre-Childrens Wking Hunt
Champion Rendezvous Kate Connors
Reserve Champion Ripley’s Believe it or Not Chloe LaMonica
2nd Reserve Champion Ruby Jessica Heinauer
4th Kiss Me Pate Kelly Lindell
5th D’ Wizard Molly Blount
6th Simply Vintage Maggie Pibal
Pre-Adult Wking Hunt
Champion Ezekiel Kim Stout
Reserve Champion Leonetti Annmarie Grant
2nd Reserve Champion VonRay Amanda Gango
4th Gravity Kimberly Beveridge
5th Indigo Kimberly Anchell
6th Bakari Quiet Rein R.S, LLC
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Hunt
Champion Capaccio Tressa Blankenship
Reserve Champion Rendezvous Kate Connors
2nd Reserve Champion Meant To Be Bali Schock
4th Bergamo Mollie Butler
5th Ezekiel Kim Stout
Childrens Wking Hunt, 17 & Und
Champion Renaissance Heidi Thornburgh
Reserve Champion Ravel Anna Clark
2nd Reserve Champion Ripley’s Believe it or Not Chloe LaMonica
2nd Reserve Champion Casanova Kristen Bird
5th Mindcraft Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
6th Meant To Be Bali Schock
Local System - Equitati
Sht Stup Equitati
Champion Emily Holmes
Reserve Champion Katrina Gillette
2nd Reserve Champion Bailey Grasty
4th Sylvie Baures
5th Sophia Brown
6th Piper Bloom
Lg Stup Equitati
Champion Macy Bishop
Reserve Champion Kimberly Beveridge
2nd Reserve Champion Amanda Gango
4th Brenda Long
5th Molly Basney
Pre-Childrens Equitati
Champion Kate Connors
Reserve Champion Molly Blount
2nd Reserve Champion Jessica Heinauer
4th Maggie Pibal
5th Paige Ryder
5th Lauren Pfeffer
Pre-Adult Equitati
Champion Kimberly MacKay
Reserve Champion Jennie McDonald
2nd Reserve Champion Annmarie Grant
4th Ariel Hurst
5th Alecia DeRoo
6th Kimberly Anchell
6th Tyler Sims
Modified Childrens/Adult Amate Equitati
Champion Payton Shaffer
Reserve Champion James Cole
2nd Reserve Champion Kate Connors
4th Meizi Miller
4th Megan Erickson
4th Anna Clark
Resicted Equitati, 17 & Und
Champion Anna Clark
Reserve Champion Isabella Ierulli
2nd Reserve Champion Kendall Thornburgh
4th Kyra Lang
86 | OHJA Awards Gala 2018 | 541-848-8519
20361 Tumalo Road Bend, Oregon 97701
Some Day Farm
Catherine Cruger & Kendall Entler
Local System - Jumps
0.70 m. - 0.80 m. Jump
Champion Chin Chameur Kelly Lindell
Reserve Champion Just My Style Sophie Grube
2nd Reserve Champion Bergamo Mollie Butler
4th Ripley’s Believe It or Not Chloe LaMonica
5th Mindcraft Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
6th Indigo Kimberly Anchell
0.85 m. - 0.90 m. Jump
Champion Ravel Anna Clark
Reserve Champion Paperback Writer Rebecca Simon
2nd Reserve Champion Duet Jordan Graeme
4th National Geographic McKenna Bright
5th Pocket Rocket Ami Ericson
6th Mindcraft Bakers Ferry Equine, LLC
Beginning Jump
Champion Mischief Managed Laura Force
Reserve Champion Curiosa Z Joelle Tavan
2nd Reserve Champion Spotied Cheyenne O’Brien
4th Bakari Quiet Rein Riding School, LLC
5th Ezekiel Kim Stout
6th Ruby Jessica Heinauer
L Childrens/Adult Amate Jump
Champion Ravel Anna Clark
Reserve Champion Ripley’s Believe It or Not Chloe LaMonica
2nd Reserve Champion Pocket Rocket Ami Ericson
4th Locorada Alexis Bruemmer
5th Summer Star Emily Orman
6th Mischief Managed Laura Force
Pax Diem is now relocated in Eagle Point!
Pax Diem Equestrian Center features Indoor and Outdoor
arenas both with brand new footing thanks to Efficient
Arena, over 30 stalls with attached runs, and easy access.
A few training spots are available with our show oriented
program and we have fabulous sales, lease and school
horses available.
Trainer Brooke McLeod 541-821-3444
1767 Brownsboro-Meridian Rd Eagle Point OR 97524
Beginning Jump
Champion Mischief Managed Laura Force
Reserve Champion Curiosa Z Joelle Tavan
2nd Reserve Champion Spotied Cheyenne O’Brien
4th Bakari Quiet Rein Riding School, LLC
5th Ezekiel Kim Stout
6th Ruby Jessica Heinauer
L Childrens/Adult Amate Jump
Champion Ravel Anna Clark
Reserve Champion Ripley’s Believe It or Not Chloe LaMonica
2nd Reserve Champion Pocket Rocket Ami Ericson
4th Locorada Alexis Bruemmer
5th Summer Star Emily Orman
6th Mischief Managed Laura Force
Presidents Report
By Kathryn Lewis
Hello all. First, I want to say thanks on behalf
of the EI board and membership to Diana
Axness for her years of service as president
of EI. ank you for your leadership, time,
and commitment. We look forward to
continuing to work with you in your role
as the new head of the Driving Committee.
I just returned from the USDF annual
convention in Salt Lake, which was very
informational and energizing. One major
topic covered was the new USEF SafeSport
policy and training required of ALL USEF
members over 18, including horse owners.
e purpose of this policy is to keep our
equestrian community free from any
forms of emotional, physical, and sexual
misconduct, and to require mandatory
reporting of suspected sexual misconduct
to the U.S. Center for SafeSport. e policy
is mandated by Congress, and all Olympic
sport disciplines are required to comply.
Given some of the horric misconduct
that we have seen in the news about other
Olympic sports, this is a good opportunity
to educate ourselves. e training is free
for all USEF members, and takes about 90
minutes to complete the full training online.
You can do it in several sittings, and you
will receive a certicate upon completion of
each section. Once you have completed the
online certication, you should print out
your certicates as many show organizers
may require a copy along with your other
show entry materials. You can access the
training through your USEF member
dashboard at The
training is to be completed by January 1, 2019
for existing USEF members; new members
are to complete it within 30 days of joining.
Certication is now required for entry into
all USEF approved competitions.
One other topic that pertains to all our
disciplines is that brand inspections
are now required to enter Oregon from
Washington. Some shows have experienced
law enforcement showing up at shows to
enforce this. You can nd more information
Looking forward to a great 2019!
Board of Directors --
Diana Axness
Trish Camozzi-Ekberg
Gunn Cooper
Meika Decher
Penny Leggott
Kathryn Lewis
Sarah Johnson
Chris Bredeson
Laurie McLaughlin
Driving Events & Clinics --
Sarah Johnson
Diana Axness
Merridy Hance
Leslie McGinnis
Eventing Horse Trials & Clinics --
Meika Decher
Penny Leggott
Heidi Hansen
Dressage Shows & Clinics --
Gunn Cooper
Markay Kerr
Kathryn Lewis
Peter Rothschild
Kaye Phaneuf
Sport Horse Breeding Shows & Clinics
Chris Bredeson
Laurie McLaughlin
Regina Agren and Alison Moss with Jan Ebeling
Janet Grunbok with Anne Gribbons
Dressage Report
By Gunn Cooper
We have a full line up of dressage events
planned for 2019.
Learn to scribe clinic – date TBD
Dressage Schooling Shows – March 31 and
April 28, 2019
Chablis/Beaujolais – June 15-16, 2019
Champagne Classic – July 12-14, 2019
Dressage Clinic Series with Anne Gribbons
& Jan Ebeling – April 13-14, May 21-22,
Sept 14-15 & Oct 19-20, 2019
We are also planning a JR/YR clinic series
taught by the Open riders in the Gribbons/
Ebeling clinic with the help and supervision of
Anne and Jan. Stay tuned for more information
as this plan is further developed.
For the two recognized dressage shows we are
again planning to bring back the Trophies,
High Point as well as a chance to win $$. We
January 2019 91
Join the EI Community
Equestrians Institute (EI) is a not-for-profit organization supporting the interests of equestrians in the Pacific
Northwest. EI sponsors events and educational opportunities in Driving, Eventing, Dressage and
Sport Horse Breeding. EI’s membership calendar year is December 1st through November 30th each year.
EI Member Benefits
Periodic E-Flashes (email updates) to stay up-to-date on all EI news and events
Subscription to Flying Changes Magazine
Discount rate for EI sponsored clinics and seminars participants and auditors!
Discount rate for EI sponsored schooling shows and events
Eligibility for EI's members-only Year-End Awards & $500 Education Grants Voting rights in EI
governance issues
EI is a USDF Group Member Organization (GMO)
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Individual $60
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Lifetime $350
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Email _____________________________________________________________
Signature ___________________________________________ Date_________
Tell us your equestrian discipline interests!
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Eventing Eventing is my primary discipline
Driving Driving is my primary discipline
Sport Horse Breeding
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Other _____________________________
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Membership Fee $ ___________
Optional Donation $ ___________
Total Enclosed $ ___________
Equestrians Institute
P.O. Box 82114
Kenmore, WA 98028
Over 10 years of experience including work with
Dr. Mark Revenaugh, DVM
Apprenticed with Joe McKee
Dedicated to ongoing education
References available
(503) 830-9580 • Wilsonville, Oregon
are currently working with PNW High
Performance Foundation exploring how
we can continue working with them to
nd synergy and maximize the benet to
PNW riders.
Driving Report
By Dianna Axness
I’m happy to be returning to the role
of Driving Director. It’s going to be an
exciting year with our transition to hosting
our events at Donida Farm Equestrian
Center. Planning is well underway for the
events. I’m especially excited about our
combined driving clinic in June. is last
week we rmed up our two clinicians. I’m
pleased to announce that Stacey Giere will
be returning – back by popular demand.
Along with Stacey, Sterling Graburn will
be a featured clinician. It will be a great
opportunity to polish combined driving
skills and learn from experts.
e EI website will be updated soon and
will reect the opening dates for entries for
all of our events. Come join us and drive!
Sport Horse Breeding Report
By Laurie McLaughlin
e New Year 2019 is here and breeders
are deciding on which stallion to breed
with their mares. In the northwest we
have a number of recognized breeders, with
top national scores as breeders and many
top ranked young horses. Judges coming
to the breeder shows in the northwest
consistently comment on surprise of the
very high quality horses produced in this
region. ey said again at this past years
championships this is the best kept secret.
The success of our regional breeding
programs is the attention these breeder
give to matching their mares to not only
top stallions, but will balance the strengths
and weaknesses of each. Considerations
go beyond conformation and movement.
A confident and level temperament,
leads to ride ability of the o-spring. A
rideable horse is a saleable horse as the
predominate market to sell these young
horses is to the amateur rider. Results
from the stallion performance test or the
performance records of the stallion are
taken into consideration when making
breeding decisions.
Keep an eye open this year to see some of
these fabulous horses.
WE NEED YOUR HELP this year to join
us on the Show Committee. Please let us
know your interest to support our show
planning for next year by contacting
92 January 2019
Hosted by Oregon Dressage Society and
The Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club
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Donida Equestrian
Center, Auburn, WA
Anne Appleby “R”
Diane Royce “R”
Qualifying Show Year
November 1, 2017 -
September 30, 2018.
Score must be earned in
current show year
MAY 6 Kitsap Saddle Club
JUNE 10 Kitsap Saddle Club
JULY 7 Chalice Farm
AUGUST 18 & 19
Bainbridge Isl. Saddle Club
Kitsap Saddle Club
Green Hills Farm
Find us on Facebook
Oregon Dressage Society is a USDF
Group Member; ODS members are
automatically USDF Group Members.
2019 Executive Committee
President: Karen Cheeke | (541) 740-8837 |
Vice President: Valerie Hallberg - Stallings |
(541) 817-6386 |
Secretary: Sarah Diebert | (360) 574-3733 |
Treasurer: Dolores Morgan | (360) 703-7839 |
Directors at Large
Lisa Koch |
Anna Bigwood |
Lynette Hammon |
Emily Kenyon |
Keaton Hoy
Brett Stallings |
Sarah Diebert |
Karen Cheeke (see president)
Karen McCurdy
Regional Representatives
North Region (3): Jo Renn | (508) 335-6103 |, and Dolores Morgan
(see treasurer)
Central Region: Jamie Lewellyn
South Region: Valerie Hallberg-Stallings |
(541) 817-6386 |
East Region: Vacant
Committee Chairs
Adult Committee: Sam Clement |
Awards Committee: Valerie Hallberg-Stallings
(see vice president)
Championship Show: Vacant
Competitions Committee: Sarah Diebert | (360)
574-3733 |
Finance Committee: Dolores Morgan (see treasurer)
Para Committee: Karina Molatore | (503) 523-8084 |
Youth Committee: Lynette Hammon |
Additional State Positions
Asst. Treasurer: Jorine Rietman | (503) 849-8235 |
Horse/Rider Awards: Ed Miller | (541) 482-2902 |
Special Awards: Valerie Stallings |
Editor/Policies & Procedures: Mary Packard |
ODS Librarian: Amanda Wilgenburg | (360) 426-8939
4H Liaison: Joyce Stride | (503) 647-0168
Historian: Kim Hixson | (509) 698-6778
Chapter Ocers: Listed on ODS Website
General Information: Karen Cheeke (ODS email
and cell phone, (503) 681-2337 | (503) 681-3873 fax |
Membership: Jo Renn |
Mail, Financials: Dolores Morgan (see treasurer)
Webmaster: Mary Packard |
Website Calendar: Karen McCurdy |
Show Approvals, Test Booklet, Insurance: Sarah
Diebert |
Publications (instructor brochure & Flying Changes):
Anna Bigwood |
Oregon Dressage Society
e Volte
ODS President's Note:
By Karen Cheeke
Happy New Year to all. December was a busy
month for the new Executive Committee of
the ODS Board of Directors and other board
members and administrative volunteers. e
Executive Committee met to brainstorm and
plan. On another day we met to sort and clean
and move items in our storage unit to our new
location that is more convenient to I-5.
On December 10 the Website was handed over
to our Webmaster, Mary Packard. She has been
busy learning the ins and outs of the new site
and is working to bring things up to date. Jo
Renn has been working to get familiar with
our new Memberworks program and getting
the membership piece of the website up to date.
Several others are also involved in helping
with getting all in order on the website. Please
be patient while everyone is working to learn
and improve our process and the website. And
thank you once again to Mid Valley Chapter
for generously funding this project.
Emily Kenyon and I were the GMO delegates
representing ODS at the USDF Convention
in Salt Lake City, Utah November 28
through December 2. ere were nearly 30
representatives from Region 6. We had people
from Alaska, Idaho, and Washington. We were
the only 2 from Oregon. It was a great group
and we had lots of time to meet and share ideas
with each other. As a region we will strive to
work together to serve all our members well.
We elected a new Region 6 Director at the
Board of Governors meeting. Peter Rothchild
begins his term of three years on January 1,
2019. ank you to Carolyn Bunch for her past
years representing Region 6.
ere were a couple topics that were hot at
the convention this year. e new SafeSport
training for all USDF/USEF competitors
and owners of competing horses must be
completed or competing will be denied. ere
is some concern that this will eventually be
required even of those competing at schooling
shows. e BOG also approved a budget that
raises dues from GMOs paid to USDF by
$4.00 erefore, most GMOs will need to
consider raising membership dues to cover
the increased amount.
e hottest topic was the new freestyle rule
that was put forth as an Extraordinary
Rule by USEF. e new rule took eect on
December 1, 2018. is rule raises the score
required to be allowed to compete with a
freestyle from 60% to 63% at the highest test
of the level. It was a hot topic of discussion
at many committee meetings and of course
the BOG. Region 6 put forth a motion to
have the USDF Executive Board request
that USEF rescind this rule. is request
was based on the rule being passed fairly
quickly without opportunity for input from
the membership. e motion to rescind
passed 2 to 1. e rule is still in eect and
we will need to wait to hear what is decided
by the USEF Sport Horse Committee. And
while it was overwhelming to rescind the
rule based on the way it was passed, it is
still not clear how a vote would come out
regarding the rule itself.
USDF Convention - pre banquet socializing
January 2019 ww 93
had issues in the past with footing, but we are delighted with the
improvements made by the Fairground management who continue
to work with us to provide much better footing. Also, there is a new
wireless P.A. system which worked very well in 2018!
Our next show is February 23 and 24, 2019. It will provide a great
opportunity to try out the new USDF tests without emptying the
bank account! In addition, we are oering classes for Eventing
Dressage, and Freestyle. We have lovely ribbons, and our super
e ODS Board, ODS Committee members, Chapter Representatives,
and interested ODS members will join together for learning,
brainstorming, planning, and more at the annual ODS Retreat and
rst board meeting of the year. We will gather at Silver Falls Lodge
and Conference Center from 9 am Saturday, January 26 to about
3 pm Sunday, January 27, 2019. Please stay tuned for registration
details. ODS subsidizes this event every year to keep it aordable.
Chapters should consider sponsoring their representatives who attend
representing their chapter. We enjoy cozy lodging and delicious
food. We would love to see a big turnout to this fun event. Become
active with the ODS Board or your favorite committee and work to
see the changes you desire.
24th Annual Bears Above e Ground
ODS League Show
By Jane Baer
When it comes to dressage show names most will include the word
dressage”, and many the location where the
show will be held. However, the annual ODS
League show which the Chehalem Mountain
Chapter (CMC) holds gives no clue as to what
it is, or where it will be held – Bears Above
the Ground!
Long time Chapter member Sylvia Kantas
joined ODS in 1994, and believes the rst
show was held in 1995. Unfortunately, neither
ODS nor Yamhill County Fairground records
go back that far so we have been unable to
conrm that date.
e show is held in late February or early March
each year, and when I joined the Chapter I
thought the show name was just a play on
the fact that Bears come out of hibernation
at the end of winter, and are therefore, above
the ground! Not so, according to Sylvia the
story is this:
When Alaska was still the great unknown for
many, a dressage rider from that State was
at school back East. While she was chatting
with her class mates, they asked if there are
horses in Alaska. Her response was, “No, we
ride polar bears”, the class mates: “You ride
polar bears?”, she: “Sure, they do everything
horses do. ey even do BEARS ABOVE THE
GROUND” – and so the name of the show
was born!!!
CMC is proud to continue the tradition of
“Bears”. Our goals as an ODS League Show
are to make this a fun show, to provide a show
atmosphere to introduce new competitors and
green horses to the show ring, and provide a
venue for seasoned competitors and horses to
ride at the next level. Our venue, the Yamhill
County Fairground in McMinnville, is well
equipped for our show at this time of year.
Stabling is permanent, the warm up arena is
covered, with a roof over the short walkway to
the main arena. ere is heating in the stands,
and the oce is kept warm and welcoming. As
with many multi-use public venues we have
Last year's ODS Retreat at Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center
94 January 2019
mugs as prizes. ere will be High Point Awards based on the combined scores from both
days, including a breed high point for oroughbreds and half oroughbreds, i.e. you must
compete both days to win a High Point Award! Other “goodies” are being planned!
So, mark your calendars, and check the ODS calendar (
for the Prize List and Entry Form – come and join us for a great start to your showing year
Please visit our blog at:
On Facebook: Oregon Dressage Society: CMC
Jennie Lovell and 24 year old First Service
Michelle McMillen and Lancelot Dun Dino with proud dad
Elyse Evans on Singh with volunteer
Karina Molatore
Michelle McMillen on Debbie Cummings' Ivy
In memorium Century Ride JoAnne Cooke and Tong Shan
Jessica Crannell-Menard of Warwicke Hill Stud on Guinness
with Nick Menard and Shadow
January 2019 95
OHJA Board Members
Rebekah Swan (503) 349-0314
Vice President
Kathy Hall (971) 404-5296
Joe Regan (626) 644 6771
Martha Brooks (541) 944-1797
Jumper Representative: (520) 358-1079
Robin Rothe
Hunter Representative:
Dustin Goodwin (971) 219 8586
Equitation Representative:
Leah Lively (503) 442- 2624
Members at Large
Akiko Hamada
Elise Conlee
Sam Shahbazi
Trish Helmer
Junior Reps
Serin Von Marenholtz
Izzy Lively
2018 Awards Gala
e OHJA Awards Banquet
and Fundraiser is only days
away! It will be held at the
Portland Marriot Downtown
Waterfront on Saturday,
January 5th. Be sure to
purchase your tickets at so you don't
miss out on the Boots & Bling themed
evening. It promises to be a wonderful
event celebrating our community’s
accomplishments over the past season! If
you need accommodation, follow the link
on OHJAs website to book a room at the
Marriot at a discounted rate.
Annual Meeting
Don’t forget the annual meeting will be
held the day following the OHJA Awards
Banquet and Fundraiser! Please join us on
Sunday January 6th and oer your vote
on important rule changes, give feedback
and stay involved in your community. We
look forward to seeing you there!
Vote On Upcoming Rule Changes
For 2019
Be a part of the change we see in our
community! Follow the link on the
homepage of to
learn about the proposed bylaws and rule
changes for OHJA for 2019! Be ready to
cast your votes at the annual meeting on
January 5th.
Join OHJA today
Now is the perfect moment to visit to renew your
OHJA membership for 2019, or become
a new member. Don’t miss
out on accruing points for
year end awards, qualifying
for the OHJA Medal Finals
and beneting from all of the
wonderful programs oered by
the OHJA!
e membership sign-up issues
should be resolved. If you do nd an issue
with your membership or with point
tracking, please contact Kathy Hall at
For Family Membership, make sure that
all family members’ emails are included in
order for each member to vote in elections.
e OHJA is
a non-prot,
volunteer run
that relies on
and donations
to provide everything from ribbons at the
year-end awards banquet, to prizes for
medal nals, to educational scholarships. If
you are interested in supporting the OHJA
or know someone who might be, please
contact the OHJA fundraising chair at
Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer
A portion of what you already spend
at Fred Meyer and on Amazon can be
returned to the organization simply by
signing up the OHJA as your charity
of choice. e Oregon Hunter Jumper
Association is a non-prot organization
and therefore can receive back a portion of
your expenditures. If you signed OHJA up
on Fred Meyer rewards in the past, you will
have to reenlist it for the current year as
they start fresh on all accounts each year.
Social Media
Don’t forget to tag the OHJA in your
social media posts using
#oregonhunterjumper to share your
equine experiences. Keep track of the
news and events by following the ocial
OHJA Facebook page “Oregon Hunter
Jumper Association” or on
Instagram “@oregonhunterjumper.
Upcoming Shows and Events
January 5th
OHJA Annual Awards Banquet & Gala
January 6th
OHJA Annual
96 ww January 2019
Hunt Club
Lakewood, WA
e Babbler by Andy Lorig
Contact Information
Our website
is your greatest resource to learn more
about drag fox hunting with us, our
hounds, activities, and club history.
Like us on Facebook!
Questions and information requests are
best directed to:
Melody Fleckenstein, MFH
(425) 417-4003
Jennifer Hansen, Huntsman
(253) 377-4892
Michelle Hoedeman , Membership
(253) -273-6414
MFH - Melody Fleckenstein
Sr. Jt. MFH - Michael Wager
Jt. MFH - Tami Masters
MFH Emeritus - Jean Brooks
Sr. Ad. MFH - Joanna Herrigstad
Sr. Ad. MFH - RJ Argenzio-West
Huntsman - Jennifer Hansen
Kennelmadam - Sarah Glaser
Whips - Michael Wager, Tami
Masters, Sarah Glaser, Patty Stiemert
Fox Club - Eric Stiemert, Simon
Chapman, Tami Masters
Fieldmasters - Emily Rang, Margo
Forstrom, Debra Flynn, Melody
Fleckenstein, RJ West, Michelle
President - Kate Gormally
Vice-President - Michaela Hansen
Secretary - Michelle Hoedeman
Treasurer - Deborah Giddings
Past Pres. - Debra Flynn
Lorna Anderson
Jessica Bradley
Joan Burlingame
Missy McGan
Aubrey Roth
Patty Stiemert
But, they are only read (red) all over if you
happen to be a gentleman member of the
Hunt or, possibly, a table cloth. We aren’t
talking newspapers here though, although
one figured prominently in the black
and white theme for Woodbrooks Hunt
Ball next March 9th, 2019.
We who horse around are more literate than
you might think. As one guest remarked
when staring at our bookcases, “I didn’t
know you people read.. e inspiration for
our next Ball comes from none other than
the famous writer and bon vivant Truman
Capote, who burst on the literary scene in
1958 as the author of the delightful novel
Breakfast at Tiany's.
HOW YOU ASK? November 28th, 1966,
Capote was fresh from the success of that
cheerful true crime classic, IN COLD
BLOOD, which had become an international
bestseller and vowed to throw a party for all
the who’s who and what’s what of society
now that he could aord to. Not wishing
to be vulgar about it, he chose to do so in
honor Katharine Graham, editor of e
Washington Post. at’s where the “read all
over” comes in. Katharine claimed she felt
like something of a prop in the whole aair
but, gamely participated. And if you were
New York or LA "society" and did not receive
an invitation (see original below) you made
sure you had already made plans in advance
to be in Ibiza or Paris that week! And aer
that such masquerade balls popped up all
over the society agenda. Soon Masters of
hunts decided that the black and white dress
code allowed them to stand out in a ballroom
with their scarlet tailcoats, and a Black and
White Hunt Ball became a standard theme.
THE DRESS CODE: Men were to wear black
tie and black masks. Women were to wear
black and/or white gowns with white masks.
e event was scheduled for the Grand
Ballroom at the Plaza… and here we take the
road less traveled because, Woodbrooks Ball
will be held at the Tacoma Golf and Country
Club, scarlet is welcome if appropriate and
parking is free!
NOTE: Capote was always inspired by the
Ascot scene in “My Fair Lady” and that was
the theme for our last Ball. So… put down
your fascinators, pick up your masks and
let the fun begin!
Our annual hunt ball (we've had almost
90 years of these) is a fun-lled evening,
and it's NOT just for members! Trainer's
get a table for their barn clients, Mike
Akers bought the Olson's Tack Shop sta,
friends get a group together and some
just come for the dance party! Last year
the Sferra family used the hunt ball as
a birthday party for Gloria Sferra's 80th
birthday and it was a blast, complete with
aming birthday cake!
is year we are stepping it up a notch with a
live band, Soul Siren, the Northwest's premier
party band and a big dance oor! e food
is always fabulous at the beautiful Tacoma
Golf and Country Club in Lakewood, and
the Hunt Ball Committee, headed by Noreen
Roster, curate a fantastic silent auction full
of all kinds of goodies for equestrians, and
the live auction features items you can bid
on like a training session with local Olympic
eventing trainer Todd Trewin, a getaway
WHC hunting weekend with housing, livery
and lots of special activities, cruises, dinner
parties, so between the two auctions there
is something for everyone! And if you can
play a trumpet or other instrument, compete
against the members in the horn blowing
contest or crack a hunt whip with the best
of them for special prizes!
Invitations go out this month, contact
Noreen at, or to receive
an invitation! We'd love to see you there!
Sat 3
11:am Blessing of Hounds 7N
Sun 4
11:am Hunt (range pass) Gilpin, 8, 10
Tue 6
10:am Training Hunt TA 13
Fri 9
10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Tue 13
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 16
10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Tue 20
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 23
11:am Hunt TA 9, 10
Sat 24
11:am Hunt TA 7N, 8
Tue 27
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 30
10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Sat 1
11:am Hunt TA 13
Tue 4
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 7
10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Sat 8
11:am Hunt TA 9,10
Tue 11
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 14
10:pm Hound Exercise Kennels
Tue 18
2:pm Training Hunt TBA
Fri 21
10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Sat 22
11:am Hunt TA 7N, 8, 10
Sun 23
11:am Hunt TA 13
Wed 26
11:am Boxing Day Hunt TBA
Fri 28
10:00 Hound Exercise Kennels
Sun 30
11:am Hunt TA 7N, 8, 9, 10
*Schedule changes will be posted on Facebook and website
Jennifer J. Hansen, Hon. Huntsman (253) 377-4892
Melody Fleckenstein, MFH (425) 417-4003
Late Fall / Early Winter - 2018
January 2019 97
breakfast, juniors were invited to take part
in a clinic organized by Linda Hagerman.
During the clinic they learned about the
history of hunting and the safety rules behind
the etiquette. Running concurrently was
the Junior North American Field Hunter
Championships qualier. e JNAFHC is
a competition established in 2003 to bring
together junior riders with a passion for
fox hunting. Qualiers are held across the
country and the 2018 nals are hosted by Old
Dominion Hounds in Orlean, VA. Woodbrook
is the only hunt west of the Mississippi to host
a qualier.
Five Woodbrook juniors qualied for the
nals, quite a few pony clubbers earned
their fox hunting certificates, and six
of Woodbrook's junior members were
recognized with the MFHA's Fairly Hunted
Awards and they're on their way to receiving
their colors with WHC. Woodbrook Hunt
Junior Weekend
anks to Kathryn Craig and Linda Hagerman for taking the lead
on our Junior Weekend. From managing outreach at the Pony Club
Championships in August, to organizing our Junior North American
Field Hunter Championships qualier, they put together a weekend
with opportunities for junior riders to experience fox hunting at many
levels. e future of fox hunting, horsemanship, and land conservation
is in the hands of today's youth. Both USPC and the MFHA work hard
to provide programs for educated, engaged riders of the future.
Riders represented a number of local pony clubs. ree large elds went
out and enjoyed a day of good sport. Aer the hunt and traditional
Photo by Barbara St. Onge
Photo by Barbara St. Onge
Columbia Equine Hospital
Technology. Experience. Compassion.
Scott Hansen, DVM • Greg Schmid, DVM • Christy Sandquist, DVM • Paul Duff, DVM
David Klugh, DVM, FAVD
27841 SE Orient Dr • Gresham, OR 97080
We are excited to announce that Dr. Paul Duff has
joined the Columbia Equine team!
Call us today to book your 2019 January Dental Special
Columbia Equine Hospital offers a full range of ambulatory, hospital
and referral services. Our skilled and compassionate team looks forward
to offering your equine athlete the best in lameness and medicine
98 ww January 2019
Photo by Barbara St. Onge
Photo by Jennifer Hansen
Photo by Jennifer Hansen
Pony Club capped the weekend o with a
Sunday gymkhana and pancake breakfast.
e weather required that the festivities be
moved over to the indoor arena at Starre
Farm but fun was had by all, especially
the competitors in the costume contest!
Junior North American
Field Hunter Championships
Cora Swindale & Jester
Anna Williamson & Splash
Sienna Kitch & Roo
Callie Forrester & Mack
Avery Kachmarek & Kiwi
Alyssa Gress & Casper
Callie Forrester
Claire Kachmarek
Avery Kachmarek
Ethan McMurphy
Chiara Heimbeck
Where Your Equine
Athlete Comes First
January 2019 2019 EvEnt DatEs 99
January 2019
20-21 Dolly Hannon Dressage Clinic at the Lake
Oswego Hunt Club. Contact Jessica Strom,, 360-910-1612.
February 2019
2 HIlander Pony Club Open Hunter/Jumper/
Dressage Schooling Show, Cowlitz County
Expo, Longview, WA Info: Hilander Pony Club
on FB or
23-24 ODS League show.. Bears Above the Ground
@ Yamhill county Fairgrounds in McMinnville,
OR. Presented by the Chehalem Mountain
Chapter. Show secretary Jorinne Rietman 503-849-8235
March 2019
3 HIlander Pony Club Open Hunter/Jumper/
Dressage Schooling Show, Cowlitz County
Expo, Longview, WA Info: Hilander Pony Club
on FB or
9 Giddyuo Gala - At the Embassy Suites,
Washington Square, Columbia River
Ballroom, 9000 SW Washington Square Rd,
Tigard, OR 97223. Each year our community
comes together on this energetic night
for dinner, dancing, mechanical bull rides,
an auction, and a paddle raise. Contact:
Heather Sutherland, heather.sutherland@ . https://forwardstride.
April 2019
7 LOEC's Jump into Spring HJ Show at
LO Hunt. Contact Kristin Spurgeon at
3-7 Spring National Inaugural - Monroe, WA .
Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-2802
9-14 Spring National Hunter - Monroe, WA .
Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-2802
May 2019
4 Quarry Ridge Horse Shows. Contact: www., Facebook: Quarry
Ridge Horse Shows, Text: 360-909-8605
15-19 Pacic Northwest Hunter Jumper - Monroe,
WA. Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-
June 2019
1 Quarry Ridge Horse Shows. Contact: www., Facebook: Quarry
Ridge Horse Shows, Text: 360-909-8605
8 Rolling Rock Farm Hunter Jumper
Show Series #1, Sherwood, OR
Contact: Jan Hammond 503-702-4215
or www. 503-625-9550
Entries online at
12-16 Oregon Trail Contact: Mollie Gallaway
Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax 541-685-
9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ; triplerise@,
15-16 Bedrock 1- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
12-16 Swiftwater Invitational, ,Washington
State Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
19-23 Early Summer Classic Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
19-23 Alpine Preview, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
23 LOEC's Summer is Here! HJ Show at
LO Hunt. Contact Kristin Spurgeon at
29 HPC Three Rivers Derby & Combined Test,
Cowlitz County Expo, Longview, WA Info:
Hilander Pony Club on FB Or dglongacre@
July 2019
4-7 Country Classic Preview - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
6-7 Bedrock 2- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
10-14 Country Classic - Contact: Mollie Gallaway
Main - 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088;
Mollie - 541-914-0052 ; triplerise@,
11-14 Pacic Crest Open, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
13-14 Pacific Outreach, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
17-21 Oregon High Desert Classic #1 - Bend, OR
. Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-2802
20 Rolling Rock Farm Hunter Jumper
Show Series #2, Sherwood, OR
Contact: Jan Hammond 503-702-4215
or www. 503-625-9550
Entries online at
21 LOEC's Eventing Derby at LO Hunt. Contact
Kristin Spurgeon at showmanager@
24-28 Oregon High Desert Classic #2 - Bend, OR
. Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-2802
August 2019
11 LOEC's Summer Fun HJ Show at LO
Hunt. Contact Kristin Spurgeon at
17 Rolling Rock Farm Hunter Jumper
Show Series #3, Sherwood, OR
Contact: Jan Hammond 503-702-4215
or www. 503-625-9550
Entries online at
23-26 Oregon Summer Classic - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
24-25 Bedrock 3- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
28-1 NW Spectacular - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
September 2019
7 Rolling Rock Farm Hunter Jumper
Show Series #4, Sherwood, OR
Contact: Jan Hammond 503-702-4215
or www. 503-625-9550
Entries online at
11-15 Northwest Autumn Classic - Monroe, WA
. Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-2802
14 LOEC's 11th Annual Nancy Wild Medal
Finals at LO Hunt . Contac t Kristin Spurgeon
October 2019
5 Quarry Ridge Horse Shows. Contact: www., Facebook: Quarry
Ridge Horse Shows, Text: 360-909-8605
6 LOEC's Eventing Derby at LO Hunt. Contact
Kristin Spurgeon at showmanager@
10-14 October Classic - Monroe, WA - Monroe,
WA . Contact: Dianne Johnson - 425 -823-
Remember to send
in your show and
clinic dates to:
please send
show dates
101 January 2019
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, sales, clinics.
Complete indoor/outdoor facilities & grass paddocks.
Field jumps & 75 acres of elds & trails. Our Virginia roots
oer you a three generation business.
Brawley Farms
South Salem, OR
(503) 743-4414
Trainer:Judy Brawley
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, sales, clinics
& basic dressage. Quality school horses & lease program. Beginning to ad-
vanced—Pleasure to show ring; We have the experience to help you reach
your goals.
Brawley Farms North, LLC
Wilsonville Equestrian Center, Boeckman Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 932-9283 (Cell)
Trainers: Debbie & Judy Brawley
Premier training facility. Stalls w/runs, large grass turnouts, all weather no mud turn-
outs. Stableguard system, providing 24hr camera surveillance for individual monitor-
ing and control of your horse's health and safety.
Charlton Ridge Farm, LLC
Kaitlyn Eigner, Trainer
Hunters,Jumper, Equitation, Sales, Ponies.
The Pacic Northwest's Premier Equine Brokerage and
Marketing Company. Consignments, Guided Buying
Tours, Online Marketing.
Cascadia Sporthorses
Kelly Marriner-Smith
17528 Painter Loop Rd.
NE Hubbard,
OR 97032
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Training, Lessons and Clinics. Positive training
for both horse and rider. Located just minutes from Hunter Creek show
Echelon Training, LLC
34680 NE Kramien Rd
Newberg, Or 97132
(541) 420-9711
Trainer: Kathy Kerron. USEF "R" Hunter/Equitation Judge
Hunters, jumpers, equitation - training, lessons, sales,
clinics. School horses available. Large, beautiful barn 90x200 indoor, lovely
outdoor arena, turnout. Quality training, instruction & care for your horse.
Christus Farm, Inc.
PO Box 2261
Jasper, OR 97438
(541) 726-1505
Amy Gau, Linda Kienlen, Melissa Brotz
The Sherwood Forest
28303 SW Baker Rd.
Sherwood, OR 97140
Philippa Melski & Kristen Whiteside
(503) 516-4965
Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation, Young Horses and Investment Horses
Flip Side
Cornerstone is a beautiful, full-care hunter/jumper
facility specializing in the preparation of horse & rider for the show ring.
Quality school horses & lease horses.
Cornerstone Equestrian, LLC
8310 NW Kaiser Rd, Portland, OR 97231
(503) 351-3253 farm
(503) 351-1002 cell
Trainer: Linda Worley
Premiere Hunter/Jumper facility with emphasis on equitation & horsemanship.
Covered arena & grass derby eld. Two miles west of I-5 at exit 271.
Arbor Grove Equestrian, Inc.
7359 Highway 219 NE
Woodburn, OR 97071
(503) 981-1978
(626) 644-6771 (cell)
Rob Perkins - Owner/Trainer
Joe Regan - Owner/ Trainer
FallBrooks Farm is a beautiful dressage & vaulting training facility w/indoor & outdoor
arenas, round pens, pastures, trails & a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We teach in a
kind, enthusiastic & compassionate style. Top horse care in large, clean, matted stalls with
runs and 3x/day feeding.
FallBrooks Farm
North Plains, OR 97133
Barn: (503) 647-2755
Manager/Vaulting Trainer: Suzanne Detol
Dressage Trainer: Ashlyn Waggoner
Foxre Farms
Nancy Barnes, Owner/Operator/Instructor.
Kassi Morgan, Trainer
28880 SE Folsom Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
(503) 630-6951 home; (503) 860-0802 cell
Quiet, congenial complete-care boarding facility with many TLC extras.
Indoor arena - roundpen - trails & trail obstacles - jumps - 20 min. from I-205.
Horses go out to pasture every day, all day, all year. Dressage lessons using
biomechanical & natural horsemanship techniques to inspire confidence &
harmony between horse & rider.
Premier Facility 100x200, 60x120 Arenas, 60’ Round Pen, 12x12x42’
Stall/Paddock, Adult Hobby Riders, Quite Peaceful Setting, Year around
Pasture. Equitation Instruction, Professional Training, Horseback
Birthday Parties, Experienced Horse Rental/Leasing.
Herrold Stables & Farm
32900 SW Wohler St
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(971) 235-4529 call/text
French Hill Farm & Riding Academy
15770 NE Eilers Rd
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 678-6336;
Owners: Nancy & Al Jubitz
Premier riding academy for ages 6 & up. All abilities.
Excellent instructors.
Experienced lesson horses. Summer Camps. Horse Shows.
Beautiful facility.
Board and training with Stellar Sport Horses.
Crescendo Farms
Katie & Allan Twombly
Barn: 14245 SW Pleasant Valley Rd
Mail: 19809 SW Aten Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007
Cell: (503) 703-7950
Excellent full care boarding facility, includes daily turn out in large grass fields.
Specialized care & handling for young horses & lay up situations. Lessons & lease
horses also available. Hunters/Eq., Dressage, Centered Riding, Contemporary
Alexander Technique and Natural Horsemanship.
102 January 2019
Hunter, jumper, equitation. School horses available, lease
horses also available.
Rain Creek Farm
20833 S Redland Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 631-8000
(503) 819-7651 cell
Trainer: Vicki Zacharias
PO Box 925
25475 SW Baker Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 625-9550 (b); (503) 702-4215 (c)
Premier training facility for horse & rider. 2 covered arenas 80x200 for
hunters & 60x90 for young horses & riders. 100x200 all-weather outdoor
arena. Access to trails. Acres of turnout. Owners on-site
Rolling Rock Farm LLC
Lessons for all ages & skill levels.
Quality lesson horses in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment—whether
you are preparing for the A’ rated show program or simply want to get your
basics down.
Quiet Rein Riding School
9470 S Bakers Ferry Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
Trainer: Jill McGrady/
(503) 544-7999
Trainer: Robin Rothe/
(520) 358-1079 -
Martha Brooks and Brook McLeod
Banks OR
(541) 944-1797 or 541 821 3444
Personalized training program to meet your needs. School horses avail-
able. Small barn in private setting. Sales horses available.
Pax Diem Equestrian Center
2725 Iron Mountain Blvd
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Lovely historic LOH provides full service boarding, including 4 feedings per day and daily turnout
in all weather paddocks with grass option in summer. Our Riding Academy offers beginning
English lessons and wonderful summer camps and we offer advanced training programs in a
variety of disciplines. Our prime central location on 19 acres in the heart of Lake Oswego can't be
beat in terms of convenience and gas savings. Visit us today!
Lake Oswego Hunt Club
Libbi L. Peltz, DVM, Trainer
Located at Venture Farm
20130 South End Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
Mailing: PO Box 1168, Mulino, OR 97042
(503) 998-7319 cell
Hunters/Jumpers, Equitation. Lessons & Training for all ages, beginners to show
ring competitors. Lesson / Lease horses. Libbi L. Peltz DVM available for your
horse’s Veterinary care
Libbi Peltz Training
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, investment horses, sales, training, lessons &
Oz Incorporated
22665 S Central Point Road, Canby OR 97013
Barn: (503) 651-3418 / Shelly (503) 704 7985
Trainers: Je & Shelly Campf
Dustin Goodwin
Ingrid Thornquist & James Hook, Owners
Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 819-8519 (c);
Dressage & basic horsemanship lessons. School horses available. Private, quiet,
full-care facility. Rehabilitation & layup care available. 12x12 stalls w/runs,
70x144 covered/lighted arena, pasture turnout, individual or group. 15 min.
from I-5 Wilsonville exit, 15 min from 99w Sherwood.
Merlins Wood
Hunters. Jumpers. Equitation. Investment. Sales. Daily turnout with a
large indoor arena. NCEA riding help. All levels welcome.
Imagination Lane, LLC
36851 NE Wilsonville Rd
Newberg, OR 97132
Nicole Bourgeois (503) 310-9982
Kendall Bourgeois (503) 476-7862
Rosey Paulson B.H.S. P.I
18241 SW Mountain Home Rd. Sherwood, OR
Full care boarding, Lessons and training in Eventing, Dressage and show
jumping. Show coaching. School and Lease horses available. BHS certificat-
ed instructor. Supportive and fun environment, Lessons for all ages. Young
horse starts and sales programs available. Haul ins welcome.
In Tune Eventing
Lara Schleining, Owner
1313 E Nevada St, Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 601-9895
Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation & Dressage training • Sport Horse sales & leases
• Unparalleled equestrian facilities • 60 fully fenced acres • Spacious stables &
turn-out paddocks w/indoor & outdoor arenas • Nestled in the hills overlooking
Ashland • Minutes from I-5.
Silver Spring Farm
775 SW Advance Rd
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 682-8897
Quality full-care boarding, full-size indoor dressage & jumping arena,
turnout, clinics, instruction in basic equitation to CT in a friendly,
supportive atmosphere.
Sleepy Hollow Farm, Ltd
Shannon Vandermolen, Trainer
22262 SW Staord Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 927-7190
Full and Partial training packages for hunters, jumpers and eventers.
Limited school horse lessons. Quality show barn in relaxed family farm
setting. Sales and Leases available. Call Shannon.
Pete's Place LLC
Disciplined, compassionate, and methodical training to awaken a
horse’s love and eagerness for its work as well as lessons and training
for beginning through advanced riders of all ages. Full care board of
the highest quality.
Hawkins Equine, LLC
(503) 475-6236
Trainer: Ashley Hawkin
103 January 2019
Trainer: Nancy Stearns
Owners: Nancy and Mark Stearns
5553 SW Quarry Ave
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 923-6349;
Quality full care boarding w/individual grass turn-outs. Lighted covered arena w/
mirrors. Large outdoor dressage court. Dressage instruction. School horses available.
Dressage clinics w/Danica Yates & Sue Sherry.
Stonepony Dressage
Oregon City, OR 97045
((971) 285- 2144 (
503) 631-3289;
Dressage training 30 years experience. Relax & enjoy the journey with
your horse. Lessons designed individually for each horse & rider team.
Indoor/outdoor arenas w/excellent footing. For more information
contact Katie Gustafson (503) 631-3289 or
Strowbridge Stables
Swan Training
16091 SW Wilsonville Rd.
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 349-0314
Trainer: Rebekah Swan
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation. Whip ‘n Spur continues with a tradition of
the highest quality training & horse care in the Northwest. Home of Swan
Tom Murray Dressage
Viola Farm
28815 S. Needy Rd.
Canby, Oregon 97013
(626) 644 3008
Now accepting clients at this exciting new facility.Full-care boarding,
dressage training & sales.
Dressage training/lesson program & clinics. Full care, daily large turnouts year
round, large mirrored indoor arena, round pen, large matted stalls, & superb
amenities. Surrounded by over 3,000 acres of BLM land w/year round trails.
Trailer parking, fully fenced, gated, & video monitored. Conveniently located just
15 min. east of I-205. Owner lives on site for 24 hour care.
Templeton Equestrian Center
Dave and Shanna Templeton Owners
21285 S. Lower Highland Rd., Beavercreek, OR 97004
(503) 632.2433 Barn
(503) 388.1809 Megan Pugh – Trainer
Carrie Harnden – Clinician, Alfredo Hernandez - Clinician
Tracie Bjugan Dressage LLC
Located at West Side Stables
17265 SW Swank Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140
Tracie Bjugan (503) 705-2207
USDF Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist. Accomplished competitor with
multiple awards. Dedicated instructor, international horse shopping, using
technology enhancing instruction, starting horses, retraining difficult horses.
Available for clinics and travel.
Triple Rise Equestrian Center
85687 Pine Grove Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 954-5312
Owners: Mike & Mollie Gallaway
Trainer: Mike Gallaway
Trainer: Lauren Buck 541-543-1467
Hunters/jumpers, equitation, school horses boarding, training, indoor/
outdoor arenas.
11355 NW Valley Vista Road, Hillsboro, OR
(503) 647-0444 or
Self care boarding in Helvetia area. 10 minutes from Tanasbourne or
Bethany. Small, private, mud-free facility. 12’x12’ matted stalls with outdoor
covered 12’x12’ paddocks. Covered 80’x160’ arena with Equiloft footing, 60’
all-weather round arena. Summer pastures, winter all-weather turnouts.
Quiet country roads for hacks. Daily self care required.
Valley Vista Farm
PO Box 60
Lorane, OR 97451
(541) 359-8040
80 acres of pastures, woods, trails, cross-country course. Outdoor arena & big, mirrored
indoor arena w/viewing, tack & club rooms. Cross ties, 2 round pens, big holding pad-
docks. Birthing stalls w/insulated viewing room. Daily turnout, stall cleaning. Feeding
2x per day. Blanketing. Special needs horse care. Surveillance cameras, gated. Trainers
welcome. Standing pure Lusitano stallion, Disco Daydream.
Unicorn Ranch
Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation & Sales. Competitive show barn, catering to
beginners thru Grand Prix. Full service care w/daily turn-out, indoor arena &
all-weather outdoor. Full/Half Lease/School Horse Lessons available.
Venture Farm
20130 South End Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Owner/Trainer: Megan Jordan
(503) 539-2283 / meg@venturefarminc
Assistant Trainer: Heather Northup (541) 914-0407
Antonio Castellanos (503) 209-7109
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Leasing & Sales. Focusing on complete
horsemanship & preparation for the show ring.
Stellar Sport Horses
French Hill Farm
15770 NE Eilers Rd
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 678-2025
Trainer: Akiko Hamada
Eventing, Dressage and Vaulting.
Full care board, daily turn-out
Julie Hook, Trainer, USEA Level IV Instructor
Malcolm Hook, operations manager
Kayde Undraitis, Assistant
Talisman Farm
15988 NE Eilers Road
Aurora, OR 97002
Areas of focus include: equitation, hunter jumper training, horseback riding
lessons, professional horse training, horse boarding, and also has a variety
of horses for sale. We can accommodate your needs and help to shape you
into the kind of rider that ts your goals and objectives.
Some Day Farm
20361 Tumalo Rd
Bend, OR 97701
Trainer: Cathrine Cruger
(541) 848 8519
Only $170 per year
Call 503 317 4957
or email
Your Facility
Your Address
Your Contact Information
104 January 2019
Nancy Free, Trainer
26919 112th St. E.
Buckley, WA 98321
(360) 829-9181 farm; (253) 381-2533 cell
Hunters, Equitation, Investments, Leases, Sales & Clinics.
Brass Ring Farm, LLC
Premium Full Service Hunter/Jumper equestrian facility located above the
wine country in Woodinville, WA
Heidi Snider Kauman oers Training, Sales, Leases, and Showring Success
Hillcrest Training
Heidi Snider Kauman
International competitors Ann and Vinton Karrasch bring decades of
excellence in hunter/jumper training, clinics, showing and sales. Now
located in the Pacic Northwest.
At Shelburne Farms in Redmond, WA
Vinton Karrasch 949.795.1104
Ann Karrasch 949.291.1407
Outstanding facility, with excellent horse management in a nearly mud-free facility.
Indoor 60X120 arena with rubber and sand footing. Outdoor 200x75 arena which can
be used for dressage or jumping. Reasonable Board rates, with daily turnout and full
care services!
Chalice Farms - Performance Boarding Facility
- Focusing on Dressage and Eventing
9390 Orchard Ave. SE
Port Orchard, WA 98367
Contact: Lea Wilson, Owner
Jonnie Brooks Owner/Trainer
7014 180th St SE
Snohomish, Wa. 98296
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Lessons and Sales. Located just 5 minutes north of Woodinville, o of
Highway 9. Fully inclosed indoor arena, spacious outdoor arena and large grass pastures for daily
turnout. Training programs are individually tailored to each horse and rider.
23118 NE 37th Ave.
Ridgefield, WA
(360) 887-8087
Home of Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage & Rebecca Buehler \Dressage and Jump
Instruction. A full-service dressage & jump facility, located 2 mi. east of the I-5 exit
11, FarmHill features a 60x150 mirrored indoor dressage arena, full-court outdoor
dressage arena, 100x300 outdoor jump arena, covered round pen. We provide
superb care for our horses & their humans!
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Lessons, Leases & Sales. Training program
customized to meet your riding goals. Indoor & outdoor arenas, individual
paddocks for daily turnout, large stalls & heated viewing lounge.
Encanto Valley Farm
24246 275th Ave SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 766-1625
Trainer: Morgan Carr, USHJA Certied
Premier full-care facility w/excellent management. Daily turnout on mud-free surface.
International Dressage Training/Instruction, lesson programs. FEI - Hobby Rider. School
horse program. Top-quailty show venue. Two indoor arenas, sand/Nike footing & mirrors,
numerous outdoor arenas, sand/rubber footing. Race track, cross country jumps. Located
on 80+ manicured acres.
Donida Farm
David & Gwen Blake
(253) 833-4870
Auburn, WA
Farmhill Equestrian Center, LLC
Korina Winkler Owner/Manager
1613 NE 259th St
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(503) 730-7490 office
Equi-librium Equestrian, Jessica Wisdom 253-230-9764 features a “135x62 newly
remodeled, mirrored indoor arena & a newly renovated 235x121 outdoor arena
with all-weather footing over 25 newly renovated turnout paddocks. Located on
50 acres with trails.
Emerald Valley Stables
Internationally renowned, CSJ offers training for the serious athlete ranging from
beginners to the Grand Prix level.
Our state of the art facility is conveniently located just North of Bellevue.
Crooks Show Jumping
9390 Orchard Ave. SE
16530 Robinson Rd,
Snohomish WA 98296
Lauren Crooks 206-660-1992
At a gorgeous facility minutes from downtown Bellevue and close
to Seattle, owner-trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale and her sta oer
customized top-level training and quality care for horses and riders.
Aleron Training Stables
5800 125th Lane NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
(206) 295-4122
Trainer: Alexis Taylor Silvernale
Clare Warren / Corene Smith
22815 NE 200th Street
Woodinville, WA 98077
Oce: (425) 877-1715
Archway, established in 1991, is an exceptional hunter, jumper training facility. We prepare
horses and their riders for the competitive show circuit. USHJA Certied Trainers
Clare: 206-669-1287
Corey: 206-200-7101
Archway Equestrian, LLC
Derby Farms was established in 1980 by Pamela Pentz who has been a dressage
trainer/instructor and USEF “R” Dressage judge ever since. We provide excellent
boarding (full care with turn out), training and instruction in dressage at all levels
and we have a few excellent school horses for riders in need of mounts. We are also
an Oldenburg breeding farm and breed wonderful horses for the amateur market.
We stand the amazing Grand Prix stallion Rodioso.
Derby Farms
17720 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
105 January 2019
Shannon Morris
6504 44
Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98516
(360) 280-3191
Quality boarding, training, lessons. Incredible facility. 14x14 stalls,
individual tack lockers, huge indoor & outdoor rings. Miles of trails.
Dressage & jumping lessons offered. Haul-ins welcome.
Forest Park Equestrian Center
25722 SE Tiger Mountain Rd
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 246 6786
Conveniently located just 10 minutes off I-99 and Hwy18, our beautiful facility
includes a 90 x 200 covered arena with brand new footing, turn out 7 days a week
in our completely dry private paddocks, flexible training schedule, heated tack
room, meticulous care and plenty of other amenities for both horse and rider to
enjoy. Come be part of the Harmony Ridge team and family.
Harmony Ridge Equestrian Center
Hunters Run Equestrian Center LLC
Colleen Armstrong, Owner
Colleen Armstrong, Angie Chamberlin
& Meghann Armstrong, Trainers
22216 Sweeney Rd SE,
Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 432-8962,
Hunters. Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, school horses, boarding,
training, indoor/outdoor arenas, daily turnout on grass pastures.
Top-of-the-line establishment with full amenities. Small community but large facility, for
dressage, horsemanship progress, and fun. Over-sized stalls, indoor & outdoor arenas, round
pen, etc. Variety of turnout options. Beautiful elds, hills & woods, with direct access to trails.
Tucked away at the end of two lanes, 2.8 miles from Hwy 520 & downtown Redmond.
Lane’s End LLC
Nancy Thacher, owner/ trainer, USDF Gold Medalist,
retired dressage judge
(425) 868-1655;
20430 NE 108th St.
Redmond, WA 98053
Training with respect for the horse and his nature. Natural methods based on traditional
dressage. Improve contact, straightness, exibility .School horses, personalized attention. Six
years training in Philippe Karl's Ecole de Legerete, USDF 'L' Graduate with Distinction, Bronze
medalist 25 years experience. Training, lessons, clinics, judging.
Jane Judson Dressage
Jane Judson
Located @ Hilltop Haven Equestrian
Carnation,WA. 98014
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, training, clinics, lessons, sales, leases. Full care boarding facility
with state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor riding rings & Grand Prix eld. Adjacent to equestrian
park & extensive riding trails.
Potcreek Meadow Farm
18804 NE 106th St
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 882-3558
Trainer: Cara Anthony
Full service providing great care & education at an aordable price. Indoor
& outdoor arenas, round pen, locker room, wash rack. Lesson horse pro-
gram for all skill levels.
Phoenix Farm Hunters & Jumpers
8832 222nd St SE
Woodinville, WA 98077
(206) 229-2711
Trainer: Teri Duplass
Red Gate Farm is a full service training facility.
We oer everything from Lessons to A circuit horse shows and have
horses and ponies available for lease. We also provide a fun Summer Day
Camp for ages 6-12.
Red Gate Farm
23836 SE 24th Street
Sammamish, WA 98075 / (425) 392-0111
Trainer: Jamie Smith
Washingtons leading Hunter & Jumper training facility.
Easily accessible from Seattle and all points on the Eastside. We provide top level
training for horse and rider in a comfortable, family atmosphere. First lesson to
the National level, our trainers can support you and your hunter, jumper, and
equitation goals. We will help you reach your full potential.
Parkside Stables
Morgan & Nora Thomas Trainers
13020 NE 39th Street, Bellevue, WA. 98005.
(425) 885-5025
Denison Rauw, Owner/Manager
2056 Palo Alto Road
Sequim, WA
(360) 582-9514
Experienced, quality full-care specializing in retirement, post-surgery, injury, and equine senior care •
Tranquil 20-acre farm provides superior climate for horse health • Year-around pasture board or lay-up stall
board with state-of-the-art barn and field shelters • Vacation board with close access to Olympic National
Forest and Olympic National Park • Partners with Still Creek CPR & First Aid Training for Equestrians www. • Nodaway Farm – Horse Care with Heart.
Nodaway Farm
Hunter Jumper training facility operated by third generation horse trainer, Shelly
Kerron. Quality lesson horse program. Beginner thru accomplished show rider.
Legacy Hunters & Jumpers, Inc.
19802 NE 148th St
Woodinville, WA 98077
(425) 869-1527
Trainer: Shelly Kerron Trainer: Lizzie Kerron
Assistant Trainer/Instructor: Hannah Podgorski
Barn Manager/Instructor: Leanne Wortley
15811 NE 175
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 481-7866;
Home of Molly Martin Dressage Training, Stones Throw Farm with Sarah Lorenz, &
Stephanie Craig and Cherry Blossom Farm Hunter Jumpers. We are a full service boarding
facility with large individual turnout paddocks & fields, indoor & all weather outdoor
arenas, grass jumping field, & covered roundpen. A positive atmosphere for both horse &
rider. Sales, lease & training programs available. Welcoming Kristi Gravrock, now providing
lesson horses for hunter/jumper instruction. Also has openings for training horses.
Five C Farms
10710 S Sherman Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
Owner: Christel Carlson
Manager: Gail Mackie
Phone Mgr. (509) 999 6611 Owner(509) 993 6786
Training, Boarding, Showing, Breeding Farm on 150 Acres. 7 Level 3 USDF Shows, 2 USEA
Events, All levels, Many Clinics, schooling shows and events.
Great lay over just off I-90.
Spokane Sport Horse Farm, LLC
Pacic Moon Equestrian Center
Karen Moore, Owner
23502 Wallitner Rd, Arlington, WA
(360) 403-3035
Dressage training, instruction, rehabilitation and retirement programs.
USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, Karen Moore Dressage Instruction, Coaching and
Clinics. All levels welcome.
Meghan Valenti, Valenti Horsemanship Young horses started & Working
106 January 2019
Summervale Premier Dressage provides an Elite Equestrian Sales experience
in dressage horses for sale. We make dreams come true matching top quality
dressage horses to their partners.
Summervale Premier Dressage
29722 - 22nd Ave E
Roy, WA 98580
We oer training for both the horse & rider looking to compete & have fun
in a team environment. Hunters, jumpers, equitation, sales, leases, & clinics.
Full care boarding & beautiful covered arena.
Sundance Equestrian Industries
18221 236th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98077
(425) 205-3775
USHJA Certied Trainers:
Katherine Wade-Easley & Chelsea Crabb
Assistant Trainer: Danika Green
Beautiful, full service equestrian facility.
Hunter, jumper and equitation.
A great place to ride.
TL2 Farms
3208 300th Ave SE
Fall City, WA 98024
(206) 499-1065
Owners: Loren and Tammy Kaneshige
Trainers: John Turner, Jack Hammond,
Quinn Partridge & Keri Bailey
24221 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond, WA 98053
Mailing address: P. O. Box 816,
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 396-2681 John; (253) 686-0221 Quinn
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, Clinics
Thumbs Up Farm
Theresa Leahy Training, LLC
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(253) 736-4888
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, and Dressage thru FEI. We offer
focused, goal-oriented lessons and training, in a positive, fun
atmosphere. A-Circuit showing throughout the west coast.
Lesson & lease horses/ponies available.
10821 Wacky Nut Way, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 780 1617. Barn Manager: (206) 353 3358
A premier dressage training & boarding facility offering lessons and training at all levels through FEI.
Regular clinics and active show participation. Excellent individualized care includes 4 daily feedings,
stalls cleaned twice daily, year-round turn out, all 15 stalls w paddocks. Indoor arena 80x180 w
excellent footing, mirrors, heated viewing area, outdoor 100x200. All season farm trail. Heated tack
room w private lockers, rider kitchen, heated groom areas. Resident caretaker.
Trainer, Emily Sorensen:
Wacky Nut Equestrian Farm
9368 NE Derby Way
Kingston, WA 98346
Trainers: Cindy Daniels, Sara Petersen, & Lisa Crittenden
(360) 860-1335; (425) 466-5662;
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, School Horse Lessons. Full-care
facility with indoor & outdoor rings, state-of-the-art footing, & daily turn
out. Close to trails.
Woodside Stables
31807 South Carlson Rd
Kennewick, WA 99337
(509) 521-1100;
Three day eventing venue with full professional courses thru Prelim. plus some
Intermediate. Clinics, private camps, & available by appointment for group
schooling. See website for information & calendar.
Tulipsprings Eventing
Sonja Vracko, S Judge, Dressage Trainer, Clinician
14050 18th NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 417-3222;;
View Ridge Farm
Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage
@ Farmhill Equestrian Center,LLC
23118 NE 37th Ave
Ridgeeld, WA
(503) 476-4125
BHSI certied FEI Dressage, with over 35 years experience. Positive and constructive
classical dressage training. Unique ability to create a harmonious working partnership
for you and your horse. Master in the art of long lining as well as in-hand techniques
through piae and passage. All breeds welcome!
Blake Dressage has over 50 years of training and competition experience on
local, national and international levels. We oer instruction, training, clinics and
coaching for all levels thru FEI.
Blake Dressage
Gwen Blake
360 507-9306
Rebecca Blake
360 507-1438
Breeland Equestrian School
Corvallis, OR
(541) 753-4000
USDF Bronze medalist, triple-credentialed teacher, former OSU Horse
Center Director, offers lessons/training in dressage, jump/trails. Focus on
freeing energy blocks in spine & centered riding, releasing true potential.
4H/PC discounts. Customized clinics, will travel.
38206 SE Gibson Road, Washougal, WA 98671
Owner: Rick Bishoprick (360)-831-4304;
We offer full care boarding, blankets and fly mask changing (weather depending),
feeding of Eastern Oregon hay included (grain not included). We are on 86 acres with
access to trails, indoor and outdoor arenas, 5/8 mile race track, cross country course,
several guest trainers, 60 foot lighted indoor round pen, 12x12 stalls, large group or
individual turnout, tack lockers, cross tie tack up areas, and hot water wash racks.
Windy Ridge Farm Inc.
Windy Ridge Farm