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Oliver's life was a normal life until a unexpected set of twists threw his life out of the box. Watch as he tries to stay normal in a world that is full of the supernatural and learns a very important lesson, Life is never normal.

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Chapter 1
My life was just a normal 11th grader's, I would play sports and video games and go to parties. Of course I was the odd one out in all of my classes and had almost no friends, but the ones I had I would give the world for. Well my life was like this until I had met her. It was a average Tuesday, I was about to get changed for P.E when I got a letter that said something along the lines of

Hey come to the equipment storage for a surprise.
From Mia

It also had a drawing of a girl winking. I was so excited for nobody ever showed interest in me ever.  The whole encounter was very abnormal to say the least,

I showed up at the storage room as soon as possible to find a shocking sight. A nice looking girl with brown hair, green eyes, and the fairest skin you have ever seen.  She was shy at first but she managed to say hi, as we talked we got to know each other pretty well. It turns out that she likes music and art (Just like me) and she is really cool.  She also is a science fan, "how could today get any better I thought?" well it did get better, but from there only went downhill. So asked her "Hey, can I call you after my classes?" and she said "Sure but one thing, do you like vampires?". I didn't even know what to say so I just said yeah, then she kissed me on the neck... or at least I thought it was a kiss until I saw blood on her lip. I said "DID YOU JUST BITE ME YOU PSYCHO!!!". She said "I'm sorry, I'm just so hungry and all I could think about is blood. I'm half vampire so........".

Chapter 2
I looked at her with a look of shock and confusion "Are you serious right now?" I asked to which she replied to with a confused look "I just drank some of your blood, do you think I'm joking?" she then explained that she can only get nutrients from drinking healthy and strong people's blood. She then added that she really does like me she just needs to drink blood once a week. Oh great my dream girl is a vampire, what's next her dad is Dracula, well we will find out later.  "Anyway I got to go, here's my number." she then told me her number as I typed it down. She then walked away and turned around and blew me a kiss. That was the closest thing to a kiss I ever got, today is gonna be a good day. After school I get a text from Mia, it says to go to the back of the school by the alleyway. I head over there and lean against the wall, she still isn't here.


Chapter 3

She finally arrived about 5 minutes later but as I started to move from the wall she grabbed my wrist and dragged me off through the alleyways all the way to main square.She then walked me from main square to her house. in total about a three mile walk, anyways once we got to her house I had a glass of water while she had my blood. She than said to wait downstairs while she gets changed. She then sent me a text telling me to come up to here room so I did. I entered the room to the most stunning sight, Mia was wearing only a set of white lingerie and yoga pants. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards her and pushed my head into her D-cup chest, her chest felt like a pillow made with a skin cover. She then said that tonight we are going to cuddle and watch Netflix. Keeping my head in her chest she laid us down on her bed and grabbed her laptop and started watching movies.


Chapter 4

After lots of cuddling and feeling and laying my head between Mia's chest the movie was over and it was time for me to go. I kissed her goodbye and told her i love her before i left. On my way home i got a call from my best friend Keith saying "Dude, we saw some hot chick drag you into the alleyways did you finally get lucky?" To which I replied "Yeah that was just my girlfriend taking me to her house to watch Netflix and cuddle, we did feel each others body but the craziest thing that happened was my face between her boobs. So no but i'm still happy." and so he said "Girlfriend?! Talk to me at school tomorrow!"