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This booklet will tell about texting and driving


Texting and driving has became a big problem in the United States. 49% of people admitted to texting and driving. That percentages is nearly half.

Texting And Driving Percentage 


 Around 23% of car accidents were the cause of using a cell phone while driving. Using your cell phone and riving can take your attention away from the reoad for about 5 seconds. At 55mph you will travel the distance of a football field.

Damage of Texting And Driving

Millions have started to take the pledge not to text and drive. This pledge will help bring awarness of how serious and imposrtant it is not to text and drive. Many celebraties have got involved with this pledge. You can pledge to by going to . By going to this website and taking the pledge you are promisng that you won't text and drive, this could save a persons life. 

Take the pledge


She lost a sister due to texting and driving.

This girls life was stripped away from her because of one mistake.

Not every where in the United States is it illegal to text and drive. Only 46 states have laws against texting and driving. The 4 remaining states without bans on texting and driving 2 prohibit texting by novice drivers. And 1 restricts bus drivers from texting.

Is it illegal?

In conclusion, If you text and drive your putting someones life at stake. Many states have laws against texting and driving. Take the pledge to never text and drive.

In Conclusion