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Sneak Peak


New Orleans " the Birth Place of Jazz"

Oversized matchbook.

Universal Match Co., New Orleans, LA 

1960 's Del Web Sahara Tahoe Hotel and Casino

Diamond Match Div.

1970's First Georgia Bank matchbook

Atlas Match Corp., Atlanta, Ga


1950/60's Lincoln Trail Motel & Restaurant 

Tell City, Ind

Universal Match Co.


American Manufacters matchbook

Lion Matc Co. of America, New York

1970's Brittish West Indies Postage Stamps matchbook

Ohio Match Co., Wadsworth, OH

1960's El Capitan Lodge & Casino 

Hawthorne, NV

Atlantis Match Co, Chicago, Ill

1970's Hotel Concorde La Fayette - Paris 


1970's Cindy's Fish House , Brandon, MS



1980's Trump Castle Hotel & Casino 

Atlantic City, NJ


1970's Union Plaza Hotel & Casino 

Downtown Las Vegas

Universal Match Co., Las Vegas


9170's Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV

Atlas Match Co


1970's Marshall &Ilsley Corporation 

Northern Banks 

Universal Match Co.


1970's Union Plaza Hotel & Casino 

Downtown Las Vegas

Universal Match Co



1970's Carson Nugget Casino matchbook

Carson City, NV

Diamond Match Co


1970's Credit Union of America matchbook

Atlas Match company, Oklahoma Cit, OK


1960's La Canada Country Club matchbook

Seabury Company, Los Angeles, Calf


 1970's Comstock Hotel Casino matchbook

Diamond Match Div., Sacamento, Calf


1970's Kyoto Japanese Food House matchbook

Kaeser & Blair , Cinti., OH


1960's Ormsby House and Casino matchbook

The Mild Wild West

American Match Company, Reno , NV


1980's Cliff Castle Casino matchbook

Atlas Match company


1970's Citizens National Bank of Evensville matchbook

Universal Match Co.




1970's Stone Mountain Park matchbook

Stone Mountain, Ga

Universal Match Co., Atlanta, Ga

The Peabody matchbook 

Memphis, Tenn.

Universal Match Corp, St Louis 


Lynches Landing Bar & Grill matchbook

Longboat Key, Fl

SIS Brandon, Fl


Seven Springs matchbook

Champion, PA

Universal Match Co., Pittsburgh, Pa


1970's Paddlewheel Resturant and Lounge matchbook

Naples, Fl

Universal Match Corp., St Louis



Aku Tiki Inn matchbook

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Best Western Motel

Universal Match Corp., St. Louis


Universal Match Company matchbook...

Sales Represenative sample matchbook

American Manufactures matchbook...

Printed by

Lion Match Co. of America, New York 

New Condition

The Flame matchbook.  Universal Match Co., Chicago, Il

Home of the "Rat Pack" on the Vegas Strip 

1970's Sands Hotel & Casino matchbook

Las Vegas, NV ..

Printed by Maryland Match Co. 

1970's The Sands Hotel Casino,

Las Vegas, NV

Atlas Match Corp., Los Angles

1970's Showboat Casino, Las Vegas, NV

downtown Las Vegas 2800 Fremont St

Diamond match Co., Phoenix, AZ


1970's The Boat House, San Diego, CA. 

Universal Match Co., San Diego, CA

1980's The Emperess Lilly match box,

Lake Buena Vista, FL

Walt Disney Corp...


 1960's The Lido of Paris matchbook

Paris, France..

Front Striker


1970's Loveless Motel & Cafe' matchbook

Nashville, Tenn

Ad Match Co, New York



Political matchbook

1966 State of Indiana 

Richard Wells

for Superintendent of Puplic Instruction

Universal Match Co. Chicago, Ill

1960's AAA Jackman Motel matchbook

Jackson Station, Maine

Mercury Match Co., Zainville, OH


1960's Bridgeport Inn matchbook

(oversized) Front Strike

Bridgepot, CA

Monarh Match Co. San Jose, CA


1980 The Phoenican Resort matchbook

Phoenix, AZ

Atlas Match Co. San Diego, CA

1970's Cultra Motor Inn matchbook

Union City, Tenn

Newton Mfg  Co, Newton. IA


1987 Birmigham Turf Club match box



1960 - 70's New Orleans "French Quater" matchbooks

World famous " Brenna's 

Pete Fontain's "French Quater Inn"

"The Court of Two Sisters

"French Market Grill"

and "At the Levee" ...

1970's Truffles at Thisle Lodge matchbook

Sanibel Island, FL

Edward Don and Company, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Aloha ! 1970's Hawaii matchbooks and boxes

"Kimo's Restuarant" Poipu, Kauai

(American Ace by Universal Match Co. Honolulu)

"Sheraton Hotel" Waikiki

(Columbus Match Co. Cleveland, OH)

"el crab Resurant" Poipu, Kauai

(California Match Co, Japan)



Christopher's matchbook, Internation Market Place 

Universal Match Co, Honolulu, HI


1950/60 Christie Motel maatchbook

Steamboat Springs, Co