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Walt Disney 

BY Kerry Nabors

Walt disney is very famous for the theme parks like disney world and disney land but he was also a very good animator too he created the very famous mickey mouse which was originally named steamboat willie which can be seen at the beginnings of certain disney pixar movies.

walt disney was born on December 5 1901 which was a pretty long time ago but people still remeber him for a lot of his famous things he must of made a lot of money because of Disney world and disney land and all the merchandise that has come from there. He has a brother named Roy Disney and he co-founded Walt-Disney productions which was one of the most well known motion picture production companies in the world.

Lots of people liked Walt and he was a very likable guy says TIME and he said that '' I'm happy, just very, very happy. another thing about him was that he was the first person to make a fully animated movie.His have shaped our world 

At the age of 16 Walt joined the Red Cross Ambulance corps during World War 1,during this time he still was drawing and when he got tired of that then he went to be a commercial artist in Kansas City.

Lets talk about the famous mouse, Mickey Mouse. Mickey was a big success for Walt and mickey wasn't the only animal that he created there was a bunny named Oswald and he was made around the same time that mickey was. But even though Oswald was still important Mickey was the all star.

Walt Disney was a very famous animator, lots of people liked him and he made a lot of money. He is so famous for his disneworld and disneyland, mickey mouse and other characters but it was very sad when he died but his memorie live on just like his theme park and characters.