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This booklet is about the UNICEF. This agency supports and defends children rights. The UNICEF helps children's everyday life, at one step at a time.

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           The UNICEF


By: Alexsandria Mackey

       What is the UNICEF ?

        The UNICEF was created on December 11, 1946 by the united nations. This agency helps women and children. The main objective of this agency is to protect children right each and everyday. The UNICEF helps them with everyday life, including establishing an educational goal. The UNICEF has made a huge effort for children to be given an opportunity to have an education and have a voice. There has been laws placed, as a result of their efforts ( Child marriage and the right to equality and non-discrimination, right to life,survival and development, rights to education and employment, and lastly children marriage  and the right to free expression and information.)

  Educational opportunities 

        Children need educational opportunities, it is important for them to have an education.  The UNICEF gives them learning access in order for them to later be successful in life. They allow girls and disabled children a chance to make a difference in their life, starting with their education. They also give children discriminated by race, ethnicity or migration status an equal opportunity at an education. The UNICEF encourages children to attend school and follow their dreams, no matter what obstacles they have to go through. Each educational opportunity is funded for each child.

Creating a safe place for children

           The UNICEF protects children from child abuse. In this organization, children are protected from violence and abuse. Every child deserves to feel protected and safe in their own home. Without the UNICEF many children would face mental and physical damage, because of the abuse and discrimination they'll faced. Children are affected by their environment, UNICEF makes it a safer environment for the child.

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