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My 5th grade reading/spelling teacher, Mrs.Scott, at

Montana Magnet School in Dothan, Alabama.

My Parents, who gave me love and support

My Homeroom Teacher, Mrs.Curry

My Math Teacher Mrs.Glenn

And obviously, the majestic bird, the toucan 

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February 6,2017 in

Mrs.Scott's 5th Grade Reading Class

Montana Magnet School


Chapter                           Title                                   Page                                


      1            Where Does the Toucan Live?                 6

      2     Toucan's Size/Vertebrate or Invertebrate    8

      3                 Toucan's Eating Habits                      10

      4                      Toucan's Adaptation                     12

      5                       Toucan Description                      14

      6                         Interesting Facts                         16

                         About the Author                             18                   



     The place the toucan calls home is


South & Central America.


The toucan also lives in the


canopy layer of the rainforest. Not the


hardest layer to get to or the highest


level of the rainforest, but the canopy


actually helps the toucan in a way.

CHAPTER 1- Where Does the Toucan LIVE?

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(Top Left) Mexico (Central America)


(Top Right) South America



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CHAPTER 2-  Toucan's Size/Invertabrate or Vertebrate


     A full grown toucan


weighs a less than a pound!


Those birds are slightly LESS


than 2 feet long. From head


to toe, they are about 20


inches tall! So, these birds are


lightweight and small!



     These beautiful birds are also


vertabrates (they have a backbone).      


Funfact, all birds are vertabrates.

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CHAPTER 3- Toucan's Eating Habits

     Toucans are omnivores (animals  


that eat both plants and animals). They


will eat bird eggs, insects, fruit, reptiles,


rodents, and surprisingly, other birds of


different species. Toucan's eat a lot of


items that they call food!


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These are plants and animals.

(Top) Plants


(Left) Animals


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CHAPTER 4- Toucan's Adaptations 


     The toucan has 3


adaptations that help


them survive in the wild.


           One adaptation is their


beaks. They are curved


and big enough to pick up


and eat large prey.


     Another adaptation is their sharp


claws. Two claws in the


front and the two claws in


the back help them grip onto




     Finally, their third


adaptation is the color of


their beaks. The beaks help


them blend into their surroundings.  

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CHAPTER 5- Toucan's Description


     Toucans have short


and thick necks. The


bills are large yet


lightweight. The colors,


of the bills, could be


black, blue, brown,


green, red, white,


and yellow. The bright


colors help attract mates.


     They also


have a narrow feather like




     Their noisey


birds and their calls sound


harsh and raspy.

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CHAPTER 6-Interesting Facts


1.  Toucans has small wings that allow them not


to fly very long. That's okay because they hop


around on trees.


2. Toucans are not endangered animals.


3. Because of their beauty, they are sold as pets


4. Toucans have larger bils than any other bird. 


5. The large bill keeps them cool in the hot




6. The bill is not strong and is not a good weapon


against predators but, some animals are


intimidated by its size.


7. The toucans' predators are the forest eagle,


hawks, owls, boas, jaguars, and margays.

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These are the toucans greatest predators.

(Left) Margay

(Right) Jaguar 

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     My name is Nikita


Nimmagadda. I am 10 years old.          


 I go to Montana Magnet School in


Dothan, AL. My 5th grade teacher assined


me to study the toucan, a


rainforest animal. The toucan is


a very interesting animal to me


so, I'm glad I got to study them.


     I am currently a 2nd degree


black belt in karate.It took a lot of work


to reach 2nd degree black belt but, I did it. 


     I also have both a mother &


father who are both originally from India


or have parents from there. And I also


have a 13 year old brother who has a


disorder called autism.