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This booklet tells about Sports Epidemic and their mission.

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An Overview of Sports Epidemic

"Love God, love people, love sports"

While living in europe, God gave Pete Ferguson the vision of using sports to reach the world with the life-changing message of the Gospel. In December of 2015, with the assistance of founding board members Doug Miller and Phillip Bailey, Sports Epidemic was born. 

It all began...

Sport Epidemic is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sharing God's Love with the world through Sports

The Basics

Where Sports Epidemic is headed...

Sport Epidemic's desire is for people to know and love God, to love their neighbors, and enjoy fellowship with one another through sports outreach to our community and the world.

Sports Clubs

Monthly fun filled outreach designed to build friendships, learn sports skills, and grow in faith.

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Sports Camps

Day Camp with multiple sports featuring a speaker as well as instruction from coaches and athletes, competition, and small groups.

Community Outreach

Sports outreach event that invites the entire community to get involved through corporate sponsorship, volunteering, group or individual participation, or simply cheering people on.

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Short Term Missions

Taking volunteer teams on short term mission trips to support other churches, organizations, and communities by conducting sports camps and outreach.


To carry out this mission, sports epidemic needs people with who can share god's love with others, whether you are a professional athlete or never played a sport in your life. Go to today to sign up!


Support Sports epidemic with your funds to help provide money for equipment, mission trips, and outreach events. Send a Check or donate online!

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None of this is possible without the support of many prayers. Pray for God's direction, unity, a commitment to love one another, and God's provision.

*This organization was recently started by my father, so much of the information came from conversation and off his laptop, including some of the images.*

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