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By: Tazhane Preston

Poetry Project 2k17

In Summertime, our love is hungover, likke roses floating in the breeze. In wintertime, our love is warm, it's memories from hand to toes. If skies are blue our love is terrible, to people missing in the sun. If thunder rolls our love is strung out, a refuge from the coming rain. When spring flowers bloom, our love is bold, like pink petals on a lillie. When autumn leaves fall, our love is bronze, shining bright like a harvest breaking. From Christmas to New Years our love will continue to raise. From season to season I love you always.

Love You Always

Distant Memories

Basketball Life

Although basketball is hard

Be prepared for all the fun things you can do

Come ready to learn the plays

Dribble with the best effort you have

Effort makes you better than you think

Fun times are good times



Orange, Round

Bouncy, Fun, Magnificent

Memories on the court



Nature grows reckless

Hush of wind beckons me close

Blessings without end


Ambitious, Practical, Unassuming, Witty

Husband of Ayesha Curry

Loves playing with his two kids and playing for the golden state warriors

Who is happy ,loving, grateful

Losing a game, Getting hurt, Not making it to the nba finals

Won the 2015 NBA championship

Make it to the NBA Championship every year, not get traded

Born in Akron.OH


All About Me 

Between or between, how lethargy radiates on.

We endure, but only for a while,

As the fireflies are, the mosquitos forgot voraciously.

As the fields are, the parties loved voraciously.

Storms discovered the field above the full time, devotedly but barely.

The unique mosquito marvelously drives a flower.

They never remember the sandals nor the rainbows, with lethargy.



T is for Talented, gifted with ability

W is for Wise, you always have sage advice

I is for Illustrious, bright and accomplished

X is for X-factor, you have it


You Will Be Missed

You will be missed,

All the memories I have with you

All the good times with the team

All because of you

I regret not playing next year

More than you know

Goodbye, Basketball

I’ll treasure all the memories

I love going fishing

It’s so fun and relaxing and fun

It is squirmy and slimy

And lots of gills and fins

It moves when I reel it in


RiveSide Fishing

Rise a shine

wake up in the moring brush my teeth

get dressed 

do my hair

wait until its time to leave

while the car is warming up 

get in the car

arrive at school



My Time Now

The was a basketball player

Who said they would be the best on the team

But thanks to the new kid

He got bounced back

And later that night toke a L

I love Stephen Curry

We’re married; my name is now

Tazhane Curry

Stephen Curry

Basketball :)


Orange bouncing ball

The players really loving it

Scoring getting team winning



Sweet, Delicious

Pleasing, Fatting, Hyping

Making you go crazy, Bouncing down the court

Rolling, Passing, Dribbling

Fun, Bouncy,


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