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Describing the EM Spectrum ,

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The EM Spectrum


By :

Lizzeth Rubio

In this booklet , you will be learning about the Em Spectrum and different other information related 

Radio Waves 

Radio waves are the largest in the electromagnetic spectrum . They can be as big as a football field , or even as large as a planet . Radio waves are used to tune into the radio , they are mechanical vibrations that make sound . Radio waves are even in our atmosphere and the solar system ! It's incredible how far they travel . We have special telescopes to see these incredible waves in our sky . 

Microwaves are used on TV weather forecasts , news , and most common microwaves . They have a higher fruquency than radio waves . The ' Doppler Radar ' which we use for weather forecasts uses microwaves . We use these waves to study space from Earth . With these waves , we can determine wind speed and hurricanes . They also give us clues to constellations and stars . 


Infrared energy ; it's energy that is present we can't see but it's there . An example is you switching the channels with a remote control . This energy was discovered in 1800's from a scientist conducting an experiment . We as humans emit infrared waves . We aren't so wam , but we still emit them . You can see them with special goggles . 

Infrared Energy 

We can only see a small portion of the EM Spectrum and we call this visible light . The visible light spreads out into being the colors of the rainbow . Violet being the shortest wavelength and red the longest . The Sun itself produces visible light . As the light gets hotter , it produces different colors ; also as it gets colder . 

Visible Light 

UV waves have a shorter wavelength than ultraviolent waves . We with the human eye can't see these waves but other insects can . The Sun provides UV waves , they are very dangerous but absorbed by land . We also get UV waves from stars , believe it or not they are active every minute of the day . Aurorae's are also caused by UV radiation . On the Northern Pole they are ' The Northern Lights ' 

Ultraviolent waves 

X - rays have high energies but have low wavelengths . X - rays were first documented by a German scientist , using body parts ( bones ) . The Sun also produces x - rays inside the corona . 

X - rays 

Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength of the EM spectrum . But , they have the most energy out of ANY waves . Gamma rays are produced by ; nuclear weapons , black holes , lightning etc . Gamma rays are produced in space and can be a threat to Earth . But we have the technology to keep us advanced of how big they are , or how small .

Gamma rays 

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