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       Aaron Mcgruder 

                                         Soham Patil 

Orginal comic strip author and illstatour of the boondocks comics

I picked Aaron Mcgruder because he is the most relatable animator in my opinon we btoh grew up in chicago and like hip hop. He is considered a animator pinoerre becasue he is one of the only animators that makes politcal comic strips even though he started as comic strip artist he soon had his show animated in 2005. His comic the boondocks had one of the largest debuts of any comic with it showing up in 160 newspapers nationally.  His comic made controversey right awa

Why I picked 

  • Aaron Mcgruder was born in Mat 29 1974 in Chicago IL
  • He lived in Chicago for about 1 year before thanks to his parents handing manouvering the ened up living in a nice suburb in Maryland 
  • His comic The boondocks premmired for the first time in his college newspaper the diamond back
  • In 1999 it made aits national debut in 160 newspapers
  • It tackled contorverisal topics but even Aaron mcgruder doesnt touch some topics. The reason for this is because Aaron wants to work in hollywood
  • But one topic he didnt dodge was 9/11 which almost had the boondocks taken off.
  • In 2005 The Boondocks animated tv show dropped and became an instant hit 1.5 million veiwers checking in to watch the premier the most adult swim has ever seen for a preimere show. 
  •  The show mostly revolves around two chicago kids Huey and Riley and there grandad grandad with there racist friend uncle Rukus no relation. 

   Aaron Mcgruder           early life 

His Best creations  

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