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 * SCIRT Overview and 12d Model


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     - 12d  Model and SCIRT 2012

     - 12d  Model and SCIRT 2014

     - 12d  Model and SCIRT Overview



The $2 billion rebuilding of Christchurch is one of the biggest and most complex civil engineering projects New Zealand has ever seen.

The city was hit by four major earthquakes over 10 months, the magnitude 6.3 quake in February 2011 being the most destructive.

It resulted in the loss of 181 lives, and caused unprecedented damage that left the 376,000 residents without even basic infrastructure and services.

The massive rebuild task has started, and the design teams at work on restoring the devastated infrastructure could have used any civil software.


But they chose 12d Model -- because it provides the best integrated package for surveying, preliminary and detailed design, construction and producing as-built drawings

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“12d Model is being used as the civil engineering database and for all the civil engineering functions including the surveying, drainage and sewer design and road design,” 12d Solutions Managing Director Lee Gregory said.


 “All the surveying is being done for SCIRT by consultants using 12d Model,” he said


The project is being carried out by the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT), an alliance involving Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), City Care, Downer, Fletcher Construction, Fulton Hogan, and MacDow New Zealand. It will also see major involvement from Beca, Opus, Aurecon, GHD, Jacobs, Aecom just to name a few.

2012 SCIRT 12d Model 

2014 SCIRT 12d Model 

12d Model Overview