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Working Towards A Sustainable Future

David Suzuki Foundation  

Water Conservation

by Trinity Guppy

Our environment is connected by water in forms of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater that flow through our communities. We use water for many different things like drinking water, showering, to support industry and for growing food. Natural water ecosystems provide a habitat for a variety of plants and animals that we like to eat like fish. There are challenges that could prevent our water ecosystems from being healthy and from having the water that we need, like pollution, exporting water, water withdrawals, diverting water flows and climate change. The David Suzuki Foundation is working to protect natural water ecosystems to maintain water availability and to preserve biodiversity in Canada by doing three things. One thing is by partnering with communities to protect water in two of Canada's most valuable watersheds: the St Lawrence watershed and the Fraser watershed. Another thing we are trying to do is strengthen provincial laws in British Columbia to ensure that there's some water left in streams for fish and to keep water ecosystems healthy. The last thing is ensuring that the federal Fisheries act is adequately enforced to protect water ecosystems. 

Mission: The mission of the David Suzuki Foundation is to protect nature's diversity and our quality of life, for now and for the future. 

To help resolve the issues that are affecting our loss of water and its' quality, you can do a few simple things. 

How to Help

- take shorter showers 



- use biodegradable cleaning products 



- use water conserving icemakers 



- limit how much you use your sprinklers 





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