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Facilities Highlight Report – April 2017

Engineering and Environment and Decontamination Team


The ELM Learning Contract is a joint agreement between you, as the ELM Participant, and your Line Manager to demonstrate a commitment to

Daily tests – user

1. Automatic control test 12.4 to 12.8

2. Check spray arm rotation for free movement

3. Check spray nozzles for blockage

4. Remove and clean strainers and filters etc

Norman McLean

Manager – Validation & Associated Projects (Decontamination)

The accuracy of the calibration work carried out by the Validation team on behalf of NHS Scotland Health Boards is dependent on the accuracy of the test and calibration equipment used to carry out the tasks. Annual UKAS assessments provide an assurance that the work carried out by the team is accurate and reliable. In order to ensure that the HFS Validation team’s results are accurate to within ±0.5°C, as required in SHTM 2010 and SHTM 2030, the team are equipped with high quality test and calibration equipment.