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The Princess Tale

School Name

St. Jerome

Dedicated To

Larissa's pets

 Rudy, Ginggr, Jol, Jade

The princess was asleep then suddenly the dragon came and stole the princess. The princess was sad, scared and missed the knight.

The scary dragon spit fire at the castle. The dragon was very tired and had no more fire left.

Then The dragon was scared because he saw a fox and the dragon flew away.

Then the princess was happy. The princess said "I missed you!!!". The knight said to the princess "i love you".

They went back to the castle and got married then the dragon came and said sorry to the princess. The princess said "its okay".

The dragon said "can I be your pet dragon". The princess said "mmmmm". Then the princess said "sure".

The dragon said "I like this castle. I won't burn it down!"  Then the princess said, "I have some fire breath because I have another dragon last spring." 

Then the dragon said "that's excellent.  Can I marry her?"  The princess said, "yes you may!"  The knight said I'm hungry can I have some pasta please and thank you.  "No!" said the princess.

the girl dragon said "is that guy here to live with us?" the princess said "yes!" the knight said "I do not want  the boy dragon to stay." 

About the author

Name: Larissa Boxwell

Age: 7

what I like to do most is: to play with my friends

my favourite book author is: robert munch

my best subject at school is science/math because: it is fun 

hobbies: I like to play and do math

when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian and a teacher