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Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)

 The main purpose of this program was to help Americans that were really struggling for money in the Great Depression. Money was distributed among needy families. 

Help to all who help themselves 

Lexie Larson

This organization helped people during the Great Depression in the 1930's by handing out funds to people who were struggling. Families could also get a meal here, as shown in the picture. This was a form of relief because people could get money here to support them and their families without worries.

Started - May 1933

Ended - December 1935

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration was responsible for passing out 500 million dollars to families in need. A lot of people were stressed about feeding and clothing their families so this organization gave Americans a lot of relief and joy. FDR set this program up to help the states a fresh start. The FERA also provided Americans with over 20 million new jobs to women and men before 1935. Women were then introduced to the workforce and still are working today. This administration was replaced by the Works Progress Administration and the Social Security Administration in 1935. America still has the Social Security Administration today.

Facts about FDR

- He started a stamp collection when he was 8 years old.

- He was the longest serving president.

- FDR didn't win the first time he ran for president.

- He dropped out of law school.

-He had a Scottish- Terrier named Fala.

-Before he was president he was governor of New York.

-He has 5 children and 27 grandchildren.

-FDR had polio.

-He died when he was 63 

- He is buried in the Rose Garden at Hyde Park

Unemployment Rate-  decreasing

Government Spending- increasing

GDP- decreasing

Confidence Building- increasing

Role of Government - increasing

Per Capita Income - increasing

Populations it affects - most of America