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Dream Addresses for Darien Commuters

The  Walk-to-Train Guide

Information, interactive maps and a list of all streets in Darien that are within walking distance to each of 5 train stations serving Darien commuters: Noroton Heights Train Station, Darien Train Station, Rowayton Train Station, Glenbrook Train Station and Talmadge Hill Train Station. 


Prepared by longtime Darien residents and Houlihan Lawrence realtors Alison and Dick Meloy, to simplify your Darien home search.

Are you a commuter, considering a move to Darien? 


If so, close proximity to the train is probably near the top of your dream home wish list.


As you begin your Darien home search, we thought it would be helpful to have a guide to streets within a 15-minute walk to one of the 5 train stations serving Darien commuters. 


If you like, we will also send you an email alert the moment a new listing appears on one of these streets. Our pleasure.






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darien train station

Originally known as "Darien Depot," Darien emerged as the commercial center of the town that also includes Noroton and  Noroton Heights.


The Darien train station, in the center of town, is just two stops from Stamford Station, from which many trains run 'express' into New York City's Grand Central Station. 


The 'express' commute from Darien to Grand Central Station in New York City averages 55 minutes.

33 West Avenue

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noroton heights train station

The name “Noroton” is derived from the Indian name for the river that divides Darien and Stamford, CT.  It refers to the southwest area of Darien bordered by the Long Island Sound.  Noroton Heights abuts Noroton, to the North.


The Noroton Heights train station, on the west side of town, is just one stop from Stamford Station.  From there, many trains run express to Grand Central Station in New York City.  The total time from Noroton Heights 'express' to Grand Central Station in New York City averages 50 minutes.

325 Heights Road

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12 Crescent Street & 502 Glenbrook Rd, Stamford

glenbrook train station

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Glenbrook is a pleasant neighborhood in neighboring Stamford, CT. 


Ulysses S. Grant used to play poker with his business partner in Glenbrook, until he discovered the fellow was cheating clients.  The firm folded, and Grant went bankrupt.  At that point Grant set to writing his memoir of the Civil War solely to try and leave something of value to his wife after discovering he had cancer.  With support and encouragement from his friend Mark Twain, Grant finished the masterful account just days before he died.


The Glenbrook Station is the first of four stops on the New Canaan extension line, requiring a train switch at Stamford.  The average commute between Glenbrook Station and NYC is one hour.


1 Talmadge Hill Road, New Canaan, CT

talmadge hill train station

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On the Darien border with its northern neighbor, New Canaan, lies the Talmadge Hill Station.  Named after the man who donated the land in 1868, the station is the third of four stops on the New Canaan extension, requiring a change of trains at Stamford Station.  The commute to Grand Central averages 65 minutes.


299 Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk, CT

rowayton train station

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Rowayton is a shoreline section of Norwalk that borders Darien to the east. 

It fronts Long Island Sound as well as the Five Mile River, which empties into the Sound. 


The Rowayton train station is the stop immediately following Darien.  The total NYC commute from Rowayton Station averages one hour.


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ABOUT Alison Meloy

Alison and family moved to Darien 30 years ago.


“From the first PTA meeting to the last field hockey game, Darien has offered us everything we could have hoped for. It is a vibrant and beautiful town, with gorgeous beaches and proximity to all the culture NYC has to offer.” In return, Alison has immersed herself in volunteering for school and community organizations.


As one of the founders of The Depot, Darien’s teen center, Alison led a major renovation of the facility that included acquiring the railroad car for the Noroton Heights location, which mirrors the Depot’s theme!


Alison also built a successful decorating business to satisfy her artistic leaning. “I find that decorating and real estate can complement each other. Buying someone else’s home requires a vision of how to make it your own, and decorating can be an important part of that vision.”


Alison is a graduate of Northwestern University. She originally worked in real estate sales on the North Shore of Chicago.


ABOUT Dick meloy

Dick joins his wife, Alison, in teaming with Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate.


“As a family-run business, Houlihan Lawrence embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that appeals to both of us.”


Dick’s career has included roles in commercial banking, energy project financing, real estate asset management, and management consulting. In addition, he has led an energy technology startup.


“The financial services and energy industries have shaped my career, but real estate has always been a personal interest. In my spare time, I managed a vacation property and developed a site condominium on Lake Michigan.”


In Darien, Dick managed his daughter’s Little League softball team, and proudly served the committee that helped develop Darien girls softball into a Little League playoff power.


Dick has an undergraduate degree from Trinity College and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He served as an officer in the Navy.