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Foods Nobody Loves



Tuna Eyeball.............6-7

Carolina Reaper..........8-9


Fugu (Pufferfish)......12-13

Black Licorice............14-15

Chicken Feet............16-17



Dried lizards...............20-21

A-Ping (Fried Spiders)...22-23

          id you know that there is a food that you need to go                             through 3 years of training to make. That are foods which are still moving on your plate as you eat it. This is a list that has foods that nobody loves. It can be because they're bad looking, tasting, or too hot to handle. These foods are intriguing, so here is a bunch of foods nobody loves.



    alut is a food commonly encountered in the Philippines and it is a developing bird embryo. This food is sold as street food there and it is simmered and eaten from the shell. 

   The word balut means wrapped. Balut also has to be eaten at a certain time so the bones are squishy enough to chew through.



      ostly eaten in Japan, this food is                  accessed in most pharmacy stores there. This food is commonly made into soup. 

   This food is also very low-priced and a lot of adventurous eaters find it quite appetizing. This food also comes surrounded by fat and muscles and many people say it feels like squid.


Tuna Eyeball

     The Carolina Reaper is a fire tornado inside your mouth, this is the spiciest pepper that was ever tested by Guinness World Records. This peppers SHU (scoville heat units) is commonly between 1,500,000 - 2,000,000, this may seem high but even higher when you realize that the jalapeno is only 2,500 - 8,000. 

    According to most pepper eaters the Reaper has a excellent taste paired with its heat. This pepper is also very tiny, it is only the size of a ping-pong ball when fully mature. The Carolina Reaper is made from a cross breed between a Bhut Jolokia and a Red Habenero. This pepper was bred by a professional breeder named Ed Currie. This Reaper also is one of the only peppers with its "scorpions tail."

Carolina Reaper

    This food is considered a super-food because it is very healthy. Nobody really likes this food though. This is mostly because it looks unbearable, and in most peoples mind, tastes terrible. 

      There are many different ways to eat this food like in soup, cooked, etc. This food is also very common to find in butcher shops everywhere. Liver can also be very poisonous. This is because it it can have too much Vitamin A. But this food, unlike other meat, can be eaten raw.



      ugu is a food that may look fancy (and cost a lot) but if  made                    wrong, can seriously hurt you and even kill you.


     To make this food you need to go through 3 years of vigorous training and at the end you need to make it for yourself (only few deaths have been reported). This food is found in elaborate restaurants in japan. Also, Fugu is commonly eaten by being cut into paper thin slices. The poison in the fish if cooked raw is over 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide (whatever that is). There are Also 40 varieties of fugu are caught in Japan.

Fugu (pufferfish)


       lack Licorice is a food that nobody loves because of its taste. Black Licorice was a very popular food a while ago and that is why most adults like it.                  

   Most people don't know that this sweet can be deadly. This food contains high amounts of Glycyrrhizin. Having too much of this means you could get horrible illness, or even die. This food is made from a licorice root and that root has a lot of the Glycyrrhizin. But the other thing is that the root gives is some benefits to things like: Heartburn, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, etc. This food can be like a wrecking ball to your health, but it also can be good for you if eaten correctly.

Black Licorice

      Chicken Feet  are eaten with skin and tendons, there is not supposed to be any muscles while eating this. A lot of people who ate this claim that it is gelatinous, and is commonly made into soups.                                                                                                                                                                                            This food can (surprisingly) be found commonly in many countries around the world. Many people do not like this food because it looks and sounds gross, but this food has a lot of protien, calcium, collagen, and cartilage. These things can help make you very healthy and are a reason more people should eat chicken feet. 

Chicken Feet

   San-nakji is a food that is made from the freshly cut limbs of a long armed octopus. This food id eaten raw  (obviously) and this type of food is called Hoe. This food can be found in restaurants in japan                                                                                          Even though the octopus is killed before being served, the nerves in the tentacles are still moving so that make the tentacles move like that. This food, because it moves, is a health hazard because the tentacles are still moving, the suction cups can stick to your tongue and choke you.


       Dried lizards are not really considered food, because they are used in soups, but  This "food", that you find in Hong Kong, is put into the soup water as it is boiling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            many people believe that this "food" is medicine though. This food does give many health benefits though. some of these are that it can increase stamina and boost energy, it can cure a cold or cough, it can help loose weight, it can protect you from a fever, makes your bones healthy, gives you the nutrition you need, and it also keeps your digestive system clean.

Dried lizards

    There are many kinds of fried spiders but the kind known as A-Ping is fried tarantula. This gross food is eaten like candy in Cambodia. 

     The tarantulas that are used as food are about the size of an average human's palm. This food became popular in Cambodia after they had a food shortage, people ate this as a last resort, but afterward they decided to eat it because it tastes good. This food can also be bought at very cheap prices.

A-Ping (fried spider)

I really hope you enjoyed this book, maybe you learned new things about these foods or you may have even learned about an entirely new food. I hope you had fun and you may even want to try some of these foods. Thank you!!!