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It is in Catania in Viale Africa

In January 18, my class and I went to Catania to visit the landing museum, “ Museo dello sbarco” 

 The landing of the allied armies took place in 1943 when the American and British 

 helped the Italians to put an end 

to the fascism regime and the Second World War.

This museum, hosted in the “Ciminiere building” in Catania ,has a large collection of pictures, 

articles, videos telling the detailed landing event, an exibihition of the allies military uniforms and 


 The most beautiful and interesting thing to see  was the Bunker 

because it made us  feel the sufferings, the fear and

 the disastrous horrors  that people lived at that time

A small village before the war...

"To believe, to obey , to fight" was the motto of the fascist Benito Mussolini.

The typical bedroom of the time

The typical living room of the time

"Husky" operation

The landings in the British sector

Simulation chamber of the bombings of the second world war 

Soldiers shooting  the enemies from a bunker

Image of the destruction of the  houses after the  bombings

The British military uniform

The medical guard who took care of the wounds of soldiers brought in from the Second World War.

 The fighting comes to end .The armistice is signed in Cassibile near Siracusa

"Nothing is lost with peace, all is lost with war"

This booklet aims to be a short presentation of our impressing experience in the Landing Museum, which collects  different types of information in order to  warn  the  future generation to  avoid war and preserve Peace.

This booklet has been produced by :

Marika Modica,

Antonella Stracquadanio,

Giulia Pannuzzo,

Francesco Sortino. 

 3A Students -Human Science course 2018