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The wine

To realize our natural wine they serve different peolple for the grape harvest, which is cut in September...


°After that was done the  harvest, the grapes after which it is ground, following is left to macerate in a concrete tank, after about a week depeding on the degree of sugar is put inside a press that crushes the grape remains by venting so the much.


°The mash is pored into a wooden barrel that for a month is left uncoriled to ferment, after which it closed and is left to stand for 2 month. The next step is the transfer of wine from the first barrel in a second.


In the and the wine is ready, it is put into the bottle and consumed.

A meal without wine is like a day withoutsunshine ;)


Our wine is typically used by families during lunches and dinners , we advise you to buy it and try it you too, maybe with a nice piece oh chees, do not miss the chance and celebrate in the company of our wine.