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Little Red Riding Hood

First in the story....

Little Red Riding Hood leaves home to take some food to her grandmother's house. Red's mother tells her to stay on the path and to not talk to strangers. Off she goes...

Then what happens.....

Red sees some beautiful flowers in the field along the path to her grandmother's house. She decides to go off the path to pick some flowers for her grandmother. Red comes across the wolf. 

The wolf asks where she is heading on this fine day. Red not only tells the wolf where she is going but also how to get there. Red did not listen to her mother. 

After this happens, the wolf decides to take a faster route to grandmother's house. He wants to beat Red there. 

When the wolf gets to Red's grandmother's house, he eats her and puts on her clothing. The wolf wants Red to think he is the grandmother. 

Finally, Red shows up to her grandmother's house. 

The wolf, still pretending to be the grandmother, fools Red and eats her too!

Thankfully, the woodsman passes by to check on the grandmother. After seeing that she is really a wolf in disguise, the woodsman acts fast and chops the grandmother and Red out of the wolf's stomach. 

The woodsman saved the day. Red learned that she should have listened to her mother and to never talk to strangers again.