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It's about a famous animator John Kahrs that created PaperMan and worked for Disney and Pixar.



   John Kahrs is very skilled in his own way that is onushuwell to most and I like his work. He won a oscer in animating. His work was even put in Disny pruductions and Pixar. He is a pioneer for macking a person entertaind by his work. His animation makes me have emotions over his nontalking shorts.  

   John Kahrs was in Pixar and Disny for many years since 1987 to 2015. Being the star animator and lead of the pruductions made him famous. For a long time he was in art school and animating class wich gave him the skills he needed even to day. One and his ownly most famous animations is Paper Man he made in 2012 , part of Monsters Inc he helped in 2009, and frozen he helped in 2014.

  I got some of my information from who McNary

made in January 22, 2014 and I viewed in september 13, 2016. from Chistina published in November 3, 2012 and sean in September 14, 2016. by Lan Fails published in January 31, 2013 and sean September 14, 2016.

  I chise John Kahrs because I though he was a intersting animater. I also like his work and art. He enpired me by the way his animations can move people. He describes things you do every day that way.