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 In the  scool holiday Lani went to luna park witth her brother and sister they brought some friends along and so did Lani .first Lani went on  the the fiarest wheel .Lani's favourite ride was the dogems.For lunch we had fries and burger.Then lani watched  a  man jump off the tower and dived into huge diving pool.Next we  went on some more rides and made our jurny home and said good by all to her friends.lanis holiday

In the school holidays keira went to a place with her cousin with lots of rides. Then she went on a big  ride that went around and around.After we went  to play on the aquiment and Keira got tickets to go on more rides.` Next they went to a cafe to eat their lunch  then they went home and whatched a movie with my cousins and had ice cream and pop corn then i red a book then i went to bed. keiras holiday

Righto thats all we've got today folks