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Dear ELLA participant:
Welcome to the Engaged Latina Leadership Activist (ELLA) program administered by Latina Coalition
of Silicon Valley (LCSV). Please read the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and become fully
acquainted with the information and dates listed below. All applicants must sign and adhere to the
conditions listed on this contract. If you have any questions please call the ELLA Program Coordinator,
Beatriz San Juan, at (408) 658-7221 or email her at
Please read carefully. Receipt of your signed MOU indicates your acceptance of and commitment to
meet the following participant expectations in every aspect.
What Is The ELLA Program?
The ELLA Program is a six-month leadership program created to help Latinas between the ages of
19-25 gain leadership and civic engagement skills through a series of professional activities, resources,
and mentoring. The program consists of an intensive 3-day retreat, HOPE’s annual public policies and
advocacy conference in Sacramento (Latina Action Day), and a series of civic engagement trainings.
The program will also include workshops to complete a video advocacy group project focusing on issues
affecting Latinas. Through the video projects, ELLAs are exposed to other Latino/a leaders and enhance
their leadership skills by working with a team.
The ELLA Program is a byproduct of LCSV’s mission to create and sustain a network of professional
woman that support each other in the advancement of civic engagement and leadership. The program not
only aims to develop future leaders that can tackle some of the pressing issues impacting Latinas, but
also supports the Latina movement to influence and empower the Latina women of the Silicon Valley.
The ELLA Program requires participant dedication and calls for extensive collaboration,
time-management, and creativity. The program gives young Latina woman the opportunities to not only
learn about themselves and their leadership capabilities, but to also meet and collaborate with other
Latinas who have similar interests and walks of life.
ELLA Schedule of Activities
Thursday, January 18,
6:30 PM to 8 PM
San Jose
Friday, February 2 to
Sunday, February 4
Friday 4 PM, Sunday 3 PM
To Be Announced
Saturday, February 24th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 1
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Saturday, March 10th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 2
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Thursday, March 22nd
6 PM
Networking Mixer
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Saturday, April 14th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 3
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Saturday, May 5th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 4
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Wednesday, May 23th
All day
Latina Action Day
Saturday, June 9th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 5
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Saturday, June 30th
9 AM to 3 PM
Session 6
Santa Clara/ San Mateo
Saturday, July 21st
9 AM to 3 PM
Community Presentation
and Graduation
Santa Clara County
LCSV’s Commitment to you through the ELLA program:
Foster the development of your essential leadership skills and professional development
Increase your knowledge of issues that impact California Latinas
Improve your community, as you put it all to work
Inclusion in the network of Latina leaders throughout the Silicon Valley
Your Commitment to LCSV and the ELLA program:
Attend all activities (listed above)
Complete all assignments in their entirety
Work collaboratively, respectfully, and professionally in your group to complete the project.
Advocate on behalf of Latinas
Make a commitment to Latina Coalition’s mission and support the continuance of LCSV by
volunteering, community organizing, financial contributions or fundraising assistance
Volunteer ten (10) to 15 (fifteen) hours to LCSV upon successful graduation of the ELLA
A $25 non-refundable LCSV membership fee which will cover your LCSV membership fee for
one year (see details in attendance)
$100 deposit (see details in attendance)
Time Requirement
The ELLA program is a six-month leadership development program, which consists of various activities
and sessions between February 2018 and July 2018. Participants are expected to arrive on time to each
program activity and to participate in each session in its entirety. In addition, all participants will be
required to meet on their own time (outside of sessions) in order to complete assignments and work on
special projects. Estimated time commitment is about 2 hours per week starting in February.
Program participants must attend all sessions in order to graduate from the program. A major dimension
of the program is that it is as much a group experience as it is an individual one.
1) Attendance to ALL Sessions indicated in this application. If you have major conflicts attending
any single session listed on this application, then please consider whether it is the best time for
you to participate in the program.
2) In addition to attending every session, you will also be required to meet with your assigned
group on multiple occasions (dates not listed here, since you will coordinate these with your
teammates) throughout the months, more so towards the end when working on the final project.
3) Throughout the program you will be given individual homework assignments designed to foster
your personal knowledge and growth. In addition, as a group, your final project will include a
PSA Video and a presentation with PowerPoint related to your assigned topic and video. Not a
video expert? Don’t worry- you will receive training and learn how to create a video as part of
this leadership program.
4) A $25 non-fundable LCSV membership fee. As a member of LCSV you will have access to
the LCSV network, opportunity to attend exclusive LCSV events and discounted rates when
5) You will be responsible for a $100 deposit. You will be reimbursed your $100 deposit at the
completion of the program under the conditions that you attend every single session (no
exceptions), and turn in every single homework assignment on time (no exceptions). If you miss
a session or do not turn in a homework assignment on time, your $100 deposit will be
automatically donated to LCSV and used to continue moving our mission forward. Deposit will
be due on January 18th, 2018 during the Orientation. Please note that if you miss a second
session you will automatically be dropped from the ELLA Program.
6) Lastly, we expect every ELLA to participate 100%. This means, attending all sessions,
communicating with ELLA Coordinator as needed, communicating with your teammates,
making the effort to meet with your assigned group as needed and taking this leadership
opportunity seriously!
Thank You Letters
The most effective program participants have built ongoing relationships with resource individuals met
during the program. As part of that networking, program participants are expected to send thank-you
letters to individuals who have been particularly helpful during the course of the program. This practice
benefits you in the long run by building your own network and is crucial for LCSV in sustaining good
relationships with funders and the community. Please provide one copy of all thank-you letters for our
Public Role of Participants
You now represent LCSV, and during the course of the program, LCSV expects and appreciates your
help in maintaining and broadening relationships with individuals with whom you will come into
contact. Tact, dependability, and consideration are important both to your interest as well as to the
LCSV. Maintenance of a professional relationship between program participants, staff, and program
contacts is a prerequisite to successful completion of any program. Respect for confidences shared in
sessions is vital. Breach of confidentiality or inappropriate behavior is cause for dismissal from the
I have read the above and understand the commitment needed to make the ELLA program a
success. I pledge to meet all the necessary commitments to the ELLA Program and to the Latina
Coalition of Silicon Valley.
Participant's Name Signature Date