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Not should discriminate against people with regard to hiring, dismissal, or procuring or reference fee, since these are or are not citizens us, or because of their status as immigration or employment authorization type.
Every person has all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, economic status, birth or any other condition
Prevention of discrimination
1. not miss someone to a single settlement for its color of skin.

2. the discrimination that did in the past with respect to persons who suffered from diseases like leprosy.

3. the discrimination faced by people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, as the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency (AIDS), gonorrhea and others.

4. the discrimination that suffer from some pupils by other students, either by being poor, having a poor physique, stature average, excessive adiposity, extreme thin complexion, skin color, or other factors, which are set out in the so-called bulling.

5. the discrimination that receives a worker belonging to another ethnic group on a job site, either through actions such as harassment, insults and aggression on the part of employers or colleagues, as well as in regard to his salary and benefits that will be decreased.

6. the differentiation of wages for other workers in the same field and range, sponsored by factors unrelated to job performance, and who are motivated by religious, ethnic, social, ideological, condition factors, or other non-work.

7. the discrimination made for people migrating from the countryside to the city.

Examples of discrimination
Race-it's derogatory treatment and marginalization that is given to individuals and groups because of their ethnic origin.


Sexism-is a type of sex discrimination that tends to be dominated by men towards women, but also in reverse. It is encouraged by prejudices that are considered another genre as inferior.


The sexual-is widespread mainly in the workplace, limiting the possibilities of a person Excel work, earn better income, or a job by the kind of genre to which they belong.


By bias-it's that happening because there are preconceived ideas that we have about a person or group of people, based on stereotypes of different societies, cataloging them of certain form negative, without having a real knowledge of their individual personality or as a group.


Disability-is that derogatory treatment given to people who have disabilities either mental or motor.


By age-is that which occurs against people of different age, usually exercised against children or elders.
Types of discrimination
Referred to as discrimination the different and unreasonable treatment of derogatory character, which occurs between two or more persons, whether to a person, group, or between social groups, giving them treatment adverse, derogatory or harmful, in education, social, legal, labor, economic, etc. by issues such as social, economic condition, religion, sex, colour of skin , ethnicity, physical condition, age, cultural differences, political, ideological or sexual preferences among other conditions that possess the person or discriminated social sector, that give a noticeable difference with respect to the person or group Screener.



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