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Newtons Laws of Motion

Brent Simon

5 and 6 grade science



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Newton's Laws of





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He was a math astronomer.

He was the one to figured out the laws of motion.

Isaac Newton

He wrote a book on science and math.


Law 1

This picture is saying that it takes more force to push a bigger object.

Law 2

Law 3

Isaac Newton's laws of motion.

This picture is saying that there is a equal and oppisite reaction.

This is the 3 law of motion.

The  first law of motion is inertia.

This picture is saying that it takes force to acceleration this object.


Newton's first law of motion is called inertia.

First law of  Motion

Example-if you put a toy man or woman in a truck bed and you let the truck go down a hill and if there is a wall at the the guy will fly out.

The meaning of inertia is that a object at rest will stay in rest unless it is acted on by a moving object.


Newton's 2nd law of motion

Newtons second law of motion is with acceleration.

Example- if you tap a stray to a balloon and put the stray and balloon to a string that the string to the end of two chair and let the balloon go it will have acceleration from the air.

Newton's 3rd law of motion states that for ever action there is a equal and apposite reaction.

Newtons 3rd law of motion

Example- if you tie a string to balls and tie the other end to wood and if you put one ball back and let it go the ball on the other end will go flying.


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