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The adventures of Timothy and Barbara 

By: Noble and Chris

 Once upon a time, there were two kids who were brother and sister. There was a boy named Timothy and a girl named Barbara. Timothy and Barbara lived in a own named Greendale. It was now winter and snow covered the streets.

On a Friday after school, Timothy and Barbara  were walking home and suddenly, Timothy spots a snow globe face down on the snow. He decides to pick it up and put it in his backpack. The journey home continued. As soon as Timothy got home, he ran up to his room and put the snow globe on his bookshelf.

Later that evening Timothy and Barbara went to sleep. The next morning Timothy got out of bed and looked out her window to see that it snowed over five feet last night. It was as cold as one thousand icicles. Barbara went and got Timothy to show him how much it snowed.

Confused, Timothy and Barbara didn’t  remember it snowing at all last night. Timothy and Barbara called for their parents but no one answered. Suddenly they heard people talking outside and Timothy went to go check. When Timothy and Barbara had opened the door they saw two snowmen talking to each other right outside there house.


“BLAHHHHH,” went Timothy, and Barbara shut the door immediately.  “Whoosh” the wind whispered from the door closing. Barbara looked outside to see the snowmen had never even noticed them. She took her chances and walked out the door with Timothy following her. “Blop!” Timothy had slid on the slippery snow. 

One of the soft, smooth snowmen had noticed that Timothy had fallen and yelled, “ Are you ok?” Timothy was in disbelief.  The soft snowmen slid smoothly to Timothy to help him up. Timothy’s teeth were chattering like a bunch of clams. The snowmen were bigger than a mountain.  They were whiter than the color itself.

They were big, tall and round. Timothy and Barbara didn't know whether they were friendly or not.  As the second snowmen approached, Timothy and Barbara felt a little more comfortable, but they weren't sure what to do. The snowmen looked at Timothy and Barbara and announced, “We aren’t going to hurt you.”


The snowmen convinced Timothy and Barbara to follow them to safety.When Timothy and Barbara arrived, they were in shock. The snowmen had brought them to a village of snowman. There must have been thousands of snowmen.


Timothy and Barbara entered the village and were greeted by many different snowmen. The snowmen kept saying, “welcome to the snow globe.” Timothy and Barbara never took meaning into this until they look up into the sky and see a giant barrier of glass surrounding them. Timothy and Barbara were magically in a snow globe.

One of the snowman, tired and frightened, came up to Timothy and said there was a big problem and they were frightened.  He said that we needed to shake the snow globe in order for the snow to fall so they would not melt. 


So Timothy and Barbara thought as hard as they could to figure out a plan.What they thought of was if they can get the whole town of snowmen to jump up-and-down and create a up-and-down motion the snow globe could possibly start to shake and the snow would start to fall. 






Barbara and Timothy got the whole town to do just that but as they jumped up and down to shake the snow globe they were slowly shaking off towards the edge of the shelf. Suddenly Timothy told all the snowmen to stop jumping up-and-down and the snow globe stopped shaking.


After they stopped they were right on the edge of the shelf and the snow globe started to shake forward and backwards. Everybody started to scream and they were so frightened so they all moved away to the side of the snow globe towards the back of the shelf to stop the snow globe from tipping over.  

Then, gravity pulled the snowmen back down to the edge of the bookshelf and they all rumbled and tumbled down. The snow globe then tipped off the bookshelf and slowly went falling down to the floor.


Right before the snow globe crashed into the floor a big flash. Timothy and Barbara had woken up in their room and they were so confused about what had just happened. Timothy took a glance towards the bookshelf to see if the snow globe was still there but, it wasn't so he looked down on the floor to see if the snow globe had scattered everywhere.


Oddly the snow globe wasn't up on Timothy’s bookshelf nor the ground.Timothy and Barbara both looked at each other. The wildest thing had happened to them.  It was the best adventure but, it must have been a dream…