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The birth and death of fermum

Waking up to a Boom and a Crash, all around him a bright white light our hero was really scared.

He looked up, why where there bubble astronaut people around him, this is all very strange. 

The weird bubble astronauts looked evil, Fermium had to do something about this!

Fermium runs and hides as fast as he can, he starts to notice something, he can glow! Was this his super power?

Our hero is a tight position, he can stay in hiding spot of he can try out his maybe super power, which he dosent know what it is or what it does yet. 

Fermium chooses to be brave, what if these astrnauts try to hurt others? He comes out of his hidding spot, the evil people werent looking and they werent aware, somehow, someway Fermium managed to defeat the evil astronauts!