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Flip Book by Michael Moore

The Chocolate War

By Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War was set at all boys Trinity Catholic High School in the town of Monument Massachusetts. Trinity seems to be like every other high school but something definetly stinks at this one.


Jerry Renault's mom recently died from cancer so he lives with his dad who is a pharmacist. Jerry is a 9th grader at Trinity High. Jerry is the only one brave enough to against everyone in the school and stand up for himself.






Archie Costello is the jerk. He is the assigner of a secret club called the vigils. He assigns people to hurt others and pulll pranks. He is a coward and is the true leader of the vigils.





Brother Leon is the acting head master at the school. He uses his power to get what he wants from the studens. He is very mean and nasty to them. He also spends too much of the schools money on ridiclous thigs (AKA) he's greedy.





Roland Goubert (AKA) Goober. Goober is Jerry's best freind and is upset by the things that are going on at Trinity.













Jerry Renault is a freshmen at Trinity High and is just hoping to fit in with the other boys. There are bad things going on at school and Jerry is getting all tangled up in them. One of the first things is the Goober, Jerry's best freind has to pull a prank of uncrewing all of the furniture in one of the classrooms and it upsets the teacher so much that he has a breakdown. Goober feels really bad that he has made the teacher breakdown and is starting to hate Trinity high. He has to do this because of a secret group in the school called the Vigils has told him too.The Vigils are a bunch of students that run the social scene and if you don't do what the Vigils tell you to do then they do things to you like beat you up and torment you. Archie Costello is the assigner of the group. He is the one that assigns these pranks to the students that he chooses. When he assigns the prank to you, he has a box with white marbles and one black marble in it. If a white marble is pulled out of the box then you have to do the prank, if a black one is pulled out,then Archie has to do it.The black one is never pulled out!


Brother Leon is the acting headmaster of the school because the old one is in the hospital. Brother Leon is a terrible headmaster. He cares more about himself then the students. Brother Leon has spent too much of the schools money and is now in trouble and needs to find a way to get the money back before they find out. The plan he comes up with is to have the students sell 20,000 boxes of choclate. This is twice as many as they sold last year and he makes them sell choclates for double the price too. Brother Leon is afraid of getting in trouble and so he calls Archie in his office and makes him get the Vigils to help him sell the choclates. Archie doesn't want to, but he knows that Brother leon can make sure he gets bad grades if he doesn't help him.


Now Archie gets the Vigils to help, then he assigns Jerry not to sell choclates for ten days. Jerry does not sell the choclate and this makes Brother Leon and other students angry with him. After the ten days are up, Jerry decides that he's not going to sell any chocolates no matter what. Jerry is tired of them telling him what to do and he doesn't want to be treated like crap. Because Jerry does this, the Vigils and Brother Leon are scared that they will loose their power over the students and they have to stop him. The vigils first beat Jerry up and steal his painting he has been working on all year which screwed his grade up. Brother Leon doesn't do anything to stop it because he needs the choclates to sell. Jerry keeps his courage up and he still doesn't sell choclates.


Now Archie is getting very angry at Jerry and he is starting to lose his power in the Vigils. He makes a plan to get Jerry once and for all. He does a raffle for the last 50 boxes of chocolates, and with this raffle the students will win money and boxes of chocolates and get to watch a fight. For every raffle ticket they buy, they can write down what kind of punch they want to see Jerry or Emile give to each other. The punch that wins the fight wins the raffle. Emile is alot bigger and stronger then Jerry. The first couple of punches go as the students say but then Emile gets really mad and starts to beat up Jerry very badly. Jerry is beaten so bad they have to take him to the hospital. Before he is taken away,he tells Goober to do what ever Brother Leon and the Vigils tell him to do. Brother Leon was at this fight and again didn't do anything to stop them because he hated Jerry for not selling any of the chocolates. There is to much evil at this school!


Nothing changed at the school after this, but at least the students seen that someone had the courage do do something different.




Courage to do your own thing-Jerry went against the vigils and brother Leon when he refused to sell chocolates for the school. He kept refusing because he did not believe in what brother Leon or what the Vigils stood for.He had the courage to do this even after he was severly beaten. They stole his water color and ruined his poster and his shoes too.


Power- Brother Leon and The Vigils had all the power at Trinity. They didn't use their power wisely but instead they used it to only hurt people and get what they wanted. They ruled through intimidation and violence.


Greed-Brother leon cared more about getting the money from the chocolate sales to cover himself then he did about caring for his students.He should be more concerned with their spirituality. The students were more concerned with winning the raffle then their fellow students well being.























Robert Cormier wrote this book in the third person.  All of the point of views in the book are from the students, but mainly from Jerry, the main character.  We never really know what the adults in the book are thinking. We only know about them through what the boys say about them.