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The Start of a New Nation

BY: Destiny Irwin

Several score and many years  ago,  the United States was just a handful of colonies.  The colonies had just beaten Great Britain in a vicious war for their freedom, but they had no way to govern themselves.  


So the Founding Fathers gathered together in Philadelphia in 1781 to ratify a set of papers called the Articles of Confederation.

The Articles were practically useless, but the Fathers didn’t think so at first.  They were scared of large places of power, so they gave the individual states control.  Congress had to ask permission to raise an army, and it couldn’t tax anybody. 

In fact, some of the only things the Articles allowed Congress to do were to make treaties, establish post offices, and settle disputes between states.




After a few short years of the Articles, the Fathers decided to write a new set of documents to govern America.  The convention resulted in the Constitution of the United States, the very same one we use today.

The Constitution outlines all the rights we have in the Bill of Rights.  It also gives the government the right to make money, delcare war, have a military, and create laws.  Since 1789 the Constitution has led our country in the ways of democracy, much better than than the Articles of Confederation ever could.  

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