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Testing in 4th Grade 

Attendance and owning their learning is very important at ALL grade levels! 

In fourth grade good attendance and focused hard work will help students this year with...

MAP Test 3 times a year to show growth and determine progress. 

MAP test is also very important data the middle school uses. 

DRA test 3 times a year to show reading growth. 

KPREP Test: within the last three weeks of school students 

As a 4th Grader students will be testing in reading, math, language, and science. 

We fully understand testing is not the only way to measure a child's' success and there are many types of intelligence, but testing is something that will be apart of students lives until they graduate high school and college. So being prepared is necessary! 

Daily Communication

We will have weekly folders and a weekly agenda page that in addition to the seesaw app will show you what is going on in the classroom. It is very important way to also communicate between parent and teacher, as well as teach the students responsibility. In this agenda page it will have daily colors, attendance, weekly goals, class assignments/due dates, and anything new or extra going on in the school that week. 

Seesaw App

This app lets you see your students work in the classroom and have constant communication with the teacher and their progress during the year! Any questions at any time can be had to create a great classroom family that supports learning for our kiddos!