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ABN No. 299 4291 7014
Terms and Conditions
Subcontractors (Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Astrologers, Personal Coaches, Tarot
Readers) providing on-line telephone services on behalf of ALIZ'S PSYCHIC
SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd are paid by the minute for every minute they are on a telephone
The rates of pay are as follows: $0.80 per minute for the 1900 premium line/service
$1.10 per minute for credit card calls
Subcontractors are paid every Tuesday for all minutes accumulated during the previous
It is important to understand that all clientelle built up during your time with us are
clients of Aliz's Psychic Solutions Pty Ltd and NOT your personal clients. You are 
subcontracted to provide a service to these clients on behalf of Aliz's Psychic Solutions
Pty Ltd. If at any stage you should chose to move on from subcontracting with Aliz's
Psychic Solutions Pty Ltd you may NOT give out your contact details or financial details
(Bank accounts etc.) to any clients and continue to provide services for them outside of
our company infrastructure. This would be considered causing financial loss to Aliz's
Psychic Solutions Pty Ltd. We do the right thing by our readers, and expect the same in
All of us here at Aliz's Psychic Solutions Pty Ltd endeavour to provide a quality service
maintaining trust, confidence and professionalism. Our subcontractors are expected to
maintain such standards also.
Your signature below is acknowledgment that you have read this agreement, that you
understand it and agree to the terms and conditions as subcontractor of Aliz's Psychic
Solutions Pty Ltd.

Name _Angela Bucci________________________ Signed _Angela Bucci_____________________________
Witness _Dina Bucci______________________ Signed _Dina Bucci_____________________________
(address) __740 fifteenth avenue  Rossmore NSW 2557__________________________________________________________
Date __13___ /_07____ /_17____
Please return this signed agreement to
P.O Box 3139
Waurn Ponds VIC 3216
Date Received: ____________________ Signed: ___________________________