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People of The Scientific Revolution



Galileo Galilei

Discovered Jupiter's 4 largest moons ; named the "Galilean Moons"

Has been called the "Father of Observational Astronomy"



Wrote "The Assayer": About an exposition of the new scientific method


Blaise Pascal

Invented what is now known as "Pascal's Triangle" in mathematics

He clarified the concepts of pressure

Pencées is a book of Blaise Pascal's collected theology and philosophy


Robert Boyle

Founder of Modern Chemistry

Wrote "The Sceptical Chymist": His hypothesis of atoms & atom clusters

Boyle's Law: Explains gas pressure 


Ambroise Pare

Wrote "On Monsters and Marvels": Attempting to explain brith defects

Designed a number of artifical limbs, even an eye

Paved the way for vast improvements in surgical care


John Wallis

Skilled at doing mental calculations

Introduced the infinity symbol/lemniscate

Wrote "Arithmetica Infinitorum"