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There was once an elf named Justin who lived in the North Pole. He broke everything he touched.

He was as clumsy as a penguin. He kept on falling down.

Justin is a whirlwind because he destroys everything in his path. No one ever went near him.

Justin was as unique like a snowflake. He was different from all the other elves.

On Christmas Eve, all the elves were creating colorful, sparkling ornaments. Justin wanted to help the other elves but no one wanted his help.

Therefore, Justin became very upset and started yelling. His yelling could be heard from a mile away.

He wooshed through the back door where the elves were working. No one noticed him creep through the door.

He was a mouse because he was very quiet. Thud, thud, thud, you could barely hear Justin's footsteps. 

The elves noticed Justin creeping behind the pile of ornaments. All the elves shouted, "Hold it, Justin!"

It was too late to stop Justin. All the ornaments jumped off the shelf and went crash.

"Why did you do that, Justin?" yelled the elves. "I am sorry guys. I just wanted to help," said Justin. All the elves felt bad for yelling at Justin and not including him.

"Why don't you help us make more ornaments, Justin?" the elves asked. "Sure!" Justin yelled with delight.

Justin's happiness glowed brighter than the top of a Christmas tree. Everyone was glad that Justin was happy.

All of the elves started working on making more ornaments together. Finally Justin didn't break something.

Jack and Jill, Justin's best friends, help each other make ornaments. They were having so much fun.

All the elves worked as hard as they could. They finished all the ornaments on time.

Together, they all set up the Christmas tree. All of the ornaments were dancing on the tree.

The elves all held hands around the Christmas tree and sang songs together. The elves singing was as jolly as Santa himself. Everyone was happy and joyful.



The End