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Spring break is always fun! We get to spend time with our families and enjoy the outdoors. I had a lot of fun spending time with my Mom, my Dad, and my brother Vincent.

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Spring Break Fun!

By Blair

During spring break, my family and I drove to Whistler. We were very excited, it was our first time going. We all loved the drive from Vancouver. Mom let me sit in the front seat, so I could get a few good shots of the scenery. 

When we arrived, we were all excited to see some snow!! 

The first thing we did was check out the town. We walked all around, looking at the sights. 

Mom and Dad gave my brother and I each $20 to buy a souvenir. I really liked the shops in Whistler, they had some pretty neat things. 

After shopping we had lunch. I really liked spending time with my family.

After lunch we walked to the Olympic rings. It was fun climbing on them with my brother, Vincent. We asked a passer-by to take a family photo. 

Next Mom, Vincent and I tried to climb into a bobsled. Vincent was not too happy.

I really liked going to Whistler with my family over spring break. Spring break is fun! Maybe, next time we visit we can go............ ZIPLINING..!!!!!! But I would REALLY have to convince my mom!

The End.