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This will tell you about what I think of what it seems.

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A review of Knot What it seams.

Jared Glasel 

In every good story, there are five elements in a story. These are Characters, plot, setting, theme, and point of view. This story has the all of these and today dear reader, you will be able to see how the novel Knot what it seams by Elizebeth Craig. You will also get to see and read what I think of this piece of literature.   

This element is talking about what happens in the story. This story's basic plot is that the main character is going to invite a woman to her quilting and they both are planning to go to a show that The main character's quilting group is competing in. However, The judge dies in a car crash and everyone assumes that this is a murder. So, The main character tries to solve it while also trying to start a romance with the pastor. There is a part of the element called the conflict. This is a more important part of the plot. In this story, there are so many examples of this is when the main character in the story finds put who caused the murder and is being chased.       

Element #1: Plot

This element is referring to the place or time of a story. This includes some of the important parts of the story like the weather, location, and time of the year. This can also include beliefs and values of the time of the story. An example of this in the story is that the plot mainly takes place in the small town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina. This takes place during the spring time and in this particular city, one of the main things that a lot of the women of the community is a part of is a quilting guild   

Element #2: Setting 

This element is referring to the people,animals and all other individuals who are in the story. The author shows us the personality of these characters through a process called characterization. or by describing what the character's physical appearance, thoughts, spoken words, or actions. An example of this from the story "Knot what it seams" the main character, Beatrice Coleman is a newcomer to the town of Dappled Hills. She is a woman with a pride of hill skills in art and a former art curator from Atlanta. She is also a mom to her daughter, Piper. She is a strong willed woman with a nosy mind and a romantic interest in the town's pastor, Wyatt.        

Element #3: Character

This element is referring to the message of the story. This is not about the subject of the book. However, this is about an insight about life or human nature. Some ways of authors state themes. They are stated themes which are stated directly and implied themes which are seen by the characters, plot, and setting. The theme for this is to always be on the lookout and to always love life because it won't last forever. This is shown by seeing how there are 2 murders in the book and how the characters react and go throughout the book will normal life.    

Element #4: Theme

This final element refers to the relationship between the character and the reader. A first person point of view is when you see the story through the eyes of one of the characters. They use the words "I" and personal words. Another point of view is a third person point of view. This is when you see the story from an outside view. They use words like "he, she, and it". The point of view in this story is a third person point of view. This is because we see the story from our own eyes. 

The Final element #5: Point of view 

In my opinion, I think that if this book was rated on the star system (0-5), I would give this book a 5-star rating. The reason that I think that people would love this book is because it has three great genres wrapped in one.They are realistic fiction, romance, and mystery. I also think that even people who do not like these types of genres will like this story because there is the fact that this attracts all types of people to the story. I think this just because of the fact that there is humor spread evenly in the book.  

A Review of this book