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MADD was created to decrease and stop drunk driving and people who is on drugs. This organization also support those who is affected by drunk driving and  to prevent underage drinking.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Candace Lightner is the founder for the organization MAAD. Candace Lightner lost her daughter because of a drunk driver hit her while she was walking after a softball game. So she decided to do something about all the drunk drivers and victims by creating MADD, so people can read stories about people that was killed because of drunk drivers. MADD headquarters is in Irving,Texas and was found in September 5, 1980.


MADD organization main focus was to stop or decrease the chance of drunk drivers or someone who is under influence of any drug to not drive, so a accident won't happen.

July 17, 1984: MADD was a good successful organization that they had the legal age for buying alcohol beverages push to age 21.